Hotel and Hostel Information Translated into 14 Languages

Instant World Booking wants to introduce a major enhancement in service to our hotel, hostel, and B&B partners worldwide. Now, when you list your property with us, we translate the information you submit into 14 different languages. We then publish your property on 14 individual multi-lingual webpages, each featuring only your property.

This is a major level of service that only Instant World Booking provides for free to hotel and hostel partners. In fact, it’s a must-have service for any lodging who wishes to gain serious exposure on the internet. As always, Instant World Booking’s services are free for lodgings to use.

Consider that your hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast can quickly and easily have 14 new pages, dedicated only to their property, in the most used languages on the web. Each of these pages is uniquely search engine-optimized to rank high for multi-lingual searches.

If you haven’t listed yet with Instant World Booking, this new level of service is yet another reason why no competing service offers more to hotels around the globe.

New also is the ability for you to submit your listing information in the language of your choice. If English is not your first language, no matter. You can submit your property information in any language you wish, whether it’s Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, etc., Instant World Booking will then take the information you wrote, and translate it into 14 of the most widely used languages on the internet.

To increase bookings, you need to increase your exposure. Get 14 translated listing pages for your property up and running on the web now. List with Instant World Booking today.

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2 Replies to “Hotel and Hostel Information Translated into 14 Languages”

  1. nous voulons savoir comment traduire une page en anglais en francais.
    nous sommes deja partenaire avec instant world booking sous le nom Casa cottage bangalore india.


  2. As an update, Instant World Booking now offers 15+ translations for listed hotels, hostels and B&Bs. This is an increase from the previous 14. Again, each listed hotel gets 15 or more unique, search-engine optimized webpages for their property. This is unprecedented among online booking providers.

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