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For those who have a demanding job and find it difficult to take more than a few days off, a short break to a European city can be just the ticket. Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Budapest and Istanbul are just some of the exciting destinations you can choose from. Regular flights and short flight times mean they are handy and inexpensive for travelers and tourists, and with the convenience of online hotel booking you can save time and energy for your holiday.

One of the most fashionable destinations in Europe for a city break is Barcelona, although only a few days exploring this historical city overflowing with art and culture is probably not enough. It has a distinctively different feel to other traditional Spanish cities due to its location in the Cataluña region where they speak a separate language. With its Mediterranean coastline and architectural wonders it is no surprise thousands of tourists arrive here every week. The Gothic Quarter, home to Barcelona Cathedral, dates back to the 13th century and is a busy area with cafes, art galleries and boutiques jostling side by side for space. Walking through the area you will see a selection of street performers and various entertainers each with their own unique act competing for your attention.

Barcelona was the residence of Picasso for a number of years and there is a museum dedicated to him with a collection of his early works on show. If you have never seen any of Gaudi’s creations before then you will be enthralled by his exceptionally distinctive architectural style incorporating mosaic tiles, twisted sculptures and curved stones.

Las Rambas is an avenue of street entertainers and artists, pavement cafes and restaurants. Leading down to the newly designed waterfront you’ll find more restaurants, a beach and a movie theatre. Evening time presents plenty of opportunities too, head to a nightclub at the waterfront or visit the Montjuich Castle where you can view the spectacular Magic Fountains with a fantastic display of light, water and music. It is possible to book Spain hotels online, a service that is quick and convenient for those with little time to spare.

Another popular destination for a short break is Italy. Milan, Venice and Florence are all beautiful cities to visit and each has its own diverse character. Rome has managed to maintain its renaissance and baroque architecture in a modern and stylish atmosphere. The city centre has lots of interesting squares where the locals and tourists congregate for lunch, to socialize, and watch the various events held here. The Basilica Cathedral is a medieval masterpiece, The Colosseum, was the site of gladiatorial and animal combats and The Pantheon is the best preserved Roman building in the world, ensure you don’t miss The Forum for the ultimate exploration of Rome’s ancient past.

Many people of course come to Italy for the shopping, all the designer names can be found here from Armani and Prada to Dolce and Gabbana. For some serious shopping however you need to book a trip to Milan. Well-known for its fashion houses the city screams glamour and style. The main attractions here are The Duomo Cathedral, the world-famous opera house La Scala and Santa Maria delle Grazie Church where Leonardo da Vinci’s mural of the Last Supper can be viewed.

Paris is a hit with people of all ages. The international capital of art, fashion and style can be a romantic destination, fun for families with kids, or perfect for a group of friends seeking entertainment. There are a number of beautiful gardens and parks in the city centre that during the autumn months are full of color and flowers and in the summer months buzz with festivals, fetes, events and shows. You can’t visit Paris without paying a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

It is very easy to book hotels in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, or any other worldwide destination, just look online for a company that deals in online hotel reservations. It couldn’t be any easier and you can have your reservation confirmed in just a few minutes, by far the most convenient way to make an online hotel booking.