Can You Take a Bottle of Wine on your Flight?

In short yes.  However, taking or other bottled drinks you’ve purchased on your trip has become more difficult when traveling by air.  I recall an all-inclusive resort I stayed at in Mexico.  Everything you could possibly think of to eat and drink was included in the one price I paid.  At dinner, if you wanted a bottle of , they brought you your choice.  If you wanted a spare bottle to take back to your room, that was included as well.  If you were in your room, and wished to order a bottle, you could have your pick.  At the end of the trip, I was left with a few unopened bottles.  Well, I packed them between my laundry in my suitcase, and off we flew.  No problems.

Today, transporting wine while traveling is a bit more complicated.  So, you may want to make sure the bottles you intend to bring home are worth the effort.  U.S. Customs allow travelers to bring just a bit more than one bottle’s worth before you may incur duty fees.  And remember, wine bottles may not be carried on board in the passenger area, so it will need to be checked as luggage (or stuffed between your laundry).