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If you have a website, you probably already know that obtaining external links is very important. In fact, experts always include link-building among the top 3 priorities in marketing a website. More quality links from 3rd party websites result in higher rankings for your website. Higher search engine rankings results in more traffic and more opportunities for you to increase earnings. So it’s simple. You need more links.

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To maximize the profit potential of your website, Instant World Booking offers paid links. Paid links are better than free links, since they allow the user to be re-directed to your website. When users click a paid link on you property’s page, they are taken directly to your website. The value of direct links from quality sites like the 100+ Instant World Booking websites is significant. Paid links from Instant World Booking also bring highly targeted traffic, since users browsing your page on our website are ready to make reservations.  Please note that Instant World Booking’s paid links do not transfer PageRank, and are created in complete agreement with Google’s guidelines on paid links.  See:
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