New XML API version 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Instant Word Booking  version 2.0.  The new version now includes complete functionality for both retrieving and setting calendar allocations for lodgings of all types.  Now, channel managers, property managers, booking engines, consolidators, and affiliates of all types may both send their allocations to IWB and receive their allocations from IWB.  This means that end-user lodgings can effectively manage their calendars on IWB and send it to other systems, or manage their calendars elsewhere and feed it to IWB.

To get started with our API, begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

For more information, contact us today at:

If you have a lodging property of any type, and wish to upload your availability directly to Instant World Booking, contact your calendar management system today and ask them to integrate with Instant World Booking.  Just send them the link to this page.

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