Tired of managing multiple calendars manually?

Are you tired of managing multiple calendars on multiple systems?  Many hostels, hotels, and B&B’s we speak to are maintaining their calendar on at least half a dozen booking sites.  One even recently sent us a timesheet indicating how many hours they spend managing calendars on each website.  Now, you know that you’re spending a lot of time performing a task if you maintain a timesheet.

Instant World Booking offers an easier way.  Upload your calendar directly to our system.  We have an interface that allows both receiving and sending your calendar updates via an automatic feed.  So, if you currently use a calendar management or property management software to manage your calendar, contact your service provider today.  Tell them that you want them to interface with Instant World Booking.  Most propert management systems will be happy to accommodate their clients’ requests for integration.

So remember, contact your front desk or propery management provider today, and ask them to integrate with Instant World Booking.  Send them the following link to help them get started integrating with us: