Paid Translations from Instant World Booking

As a hotel, B&B, or hostel, you may receive a notice from Instant World Booking that “Paid” Translations are available for your property information.  This means that either your translated material is out of date, or that more are available for your property. 

are an important and unique service of Instant World Booking, not available from other providers.  Each property already gets a few translations at no cost.  But, increasing your translated content can maximize your online exposure and help gain an .  Updating your translations more frequently will also ensure that and other search engines refresh your content in their index.

Update your content now in 15 for only $ 9.99.  Just log in to your profile at our website, and check that your property information is up to date.  Then, proceed to the ‘TRANSLATIONS’ page.  Purchase your paid , and we’ll handle the rest.  There’s no limit to the amount of content that we’ll translate for you, so make sure your property information is completely filled out.  For a price this low, there’s no reason to wait.

There are more reasons why translations are so important.  If you’ve updated your profile recently, your translated material may now represent old or inaccurate content.  With additional translations, you will also gain placement on many more pages, which is important for .  For example, most properties have placement on at least 15 websites in our network.  If you purchase paid translations to 15 languages, then you automatically get 225 (15 x 15) distinct pages on our network, versus only 15 pages if you only have English material.

Finally, you may use your translated information for multiple purposes.  Once we translate your material, you can copy it to your own website, marketing material, and also other booking sites.  There are no limits on how you may use your translated material.  Get your paid translations now.