How to use LinkedIn to Promote your Hotel, Hostel, or B&B

is excellent for professionals to promote their businesses. But what about hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfasts?  Many don’t know is how effective it can be for both marketing and SEO.

The key to LinkedIn is to set up a complete user profile.  There are many sections within LinkedIn that enable you to enter targeted keywords and promote yourself as not only an accommodation manager, but also as an expert in the tourism field.

Concentrate on these main areas:

Name and Headline – Show your full name. You may be able to establish yourself as an expert in the .  So, use your full name to increase searchability.  Headlines should include your name and accommodation name.

Summary – Summarize your experience and specialties. Include specialties of your property.  Market your accommodation along with your personal expertise.  Including targeted keywords in the Specialties section increases the searchability of your profile.

Experience – Import your resume if possible to fill out this many of the sections within your profile. This not only makes completing your profile easier, but also enables you to review the final result for more accuracy.  Make best use of any opportunities to include keywords or language promoting both you as an expert, and your accommodation’s best features and services.

Skills & Expertise – LinkedIn allows 50 separate skills and expertise phrases.  Take advantage of this to enter keywords or phrases to enhance SEO.

Groups – Join LinkedIn’s groups, which allows you to interact with others in your tourism and accommodation profession.  But, also take advantage of the opportunity to create your own group.   This will enhance your own , and the notability of your hotel, hostel, or bed & breakfast. Groups are one of the main items that come up when people search the site.

Definitely maximize the visibility of your web presence by including your Website link and your connections. Instead of just showing the link to your website, LinkedIn allows you to place keywords as anchor text to your site.  So, don’t show just http:///, show your anchor text as “My Hotel”.

Connections won’t help directly with SEO, but they are absolutely important in helping you with ill definitely help you with online marketing.  People sometimes forget that LinkedIn is not just a business site, but is still one of the most visible social media sites.  Get your profile to work for you by connecting with others in tourism and travel.  Form alliances with complementary businesses, like transportation companies that can provide benefits to your customers.  Grow your connections by including people from past jobs and work experiences.

Follow these examples, and you can very quickly establish yourself as a tourism industry expert on LinkedIn.  This will also be a very effective tool for both SEO and your overall marketing effort.

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