Omnibees now Connected to Instant World Booking

We are pleased to announce that Omnibees now connects to Instant World Booking.  This means that any hotel listed with Omnibees can manage their calendars just once, and their availability will automatically be updated on Instant World Booking’s (and HostelTraveler’s) network.

Omnibees’ integrated hotel revenue management offer 6 excellent tools in one pack.  This includes Mobile, , , , Yield Management, and CRM.  These services are designed to be compatible with hotels of all sizes.

Where does Omnibees get their name.  Here is how they describe the concept:

We love bees. Not only because if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t exist, but also because they love their work. They are always working.

Imagine having somebody (or some little things) doing all the not so easy parts of hotel management, especially the online presence…

That’s were Omnibees comes in. That way you can take care of the cool part of hotel management – filling your hotel and giving your guests the best vacation experience they’ve ever had.

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