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You may already know that advertising your hotel, hostel, or B&B on our leading network of travel websites has no cost. After all, more traffic is better than less, right? However, you may not know that we are the only full-service reservation service that also offers the cheapest booking engine available for your website, and also a complete payments system.

Booking engines for your website        Payments systems

1. Add your property at our website. If you’re not yet taking advantage of free marketing on our network, chances are your competition is. With over 10,000 active listings worldwide, other properties in your region or city are already increasing their reservations with us.

2. Check out our booking engines for your website. We’re so confident that our booking engine is cheaper and better than your current provider, we’re even offering a rebate of up to $200.00 if you switch now. Save money and get better service and technology. With no commitment or obligation when trying our service, you can’t lose.

3. You may already accept credit cards from your guests, but if you’re looking for a new and economical way to charge credit cards for reservations, cancellations, no-shows, and extras, look no further. IWB Payments offers an economical and alternative payments solutions for travel services.

Increase reservation profits and save money today.  Contact us today.

Top list of online marketing steps for your hotel website

We recently came across the following top list of steps you should be taking to improve your hotel website’s online marketing strategy:

  1. Send emails to targeted opt-in subscribers/guests to increase sales and repeat visits.
  2. List your site in search engine friendly web directories to increase the amount of links pointing to your site.
  3. Add a blog to your website, and take advantage of the SEO and other marketing benefits that blog marketing has to offer.
  4. Write content articles about your accommodations, area, and local businesses.  Also virally promote in article directories.
  5. Social advertising on Twitter?  Every hotel needs social advertising as part of their online strategy.
  6. Is your site listed where the guests and customers are, in online directory sites or shopping sites for your local area.  What about other content driven web sites with content geared toward travel in your region?
  7. Sending targeted redirected expired domain web traffic direct to your site.

If you can check off each item on this list, traffic to your hotel website will certainly grow.

Email Marketing Basics for your Hotel, Hostel, or B&B

With the explosion of social media marketing in 2009, email still remains a king amongst a court of princes in online marketing tools.  No matter what methods you use to market your hotel, hostel, or B&B, building loyal customer relationships is on top of the list of ways to grow your business.

Email marketing is still on top of relationship building.  Email creates a private dedicated moment with your customers.  People are picky about which emails they read.  So, if they open your email, you know you’re going to have their attention.

Email also commands a very high ROI.  Recent reports indicate that email can return as much as 45x the amount you spend on it.  It’s cheap and effective, and can build loyal customers.

Email is not going anywhere.  It is the de facto method of business communication, and will be for years to come.  Serious business people use email to communicate, not Tweets or Facebook.

Email complements social media marketing.  Good content is more important than frequency of postings.  Your email newsletter should be a centerpiece of for your communications, offering practical advice and meaningful insights that your audience finds important.  Social media is used to spot customer trends, mine ideas for future newsletter articles, respond to customer concerns, and find new mailing list subscribers.

Two-way communication is key to your business growth.  Good communication is more than talking about your hotel or B&B.  It includes listening to your guests and inviting them to communicate back with you.  Keep track of the temperature of your customers.  Smart hotels frequently survey or poll their guests in their email marketing campaigns.

Personal touch is invaluable and very effective.  The best performing hotels and hostels of 2009 made genuine connections with their guests, and turned many into repeat visitors. They communicated in a personal voice when they wrote their email newsletters.  It always helps to make customers feel like people, not just subscribers.

Post your Hotel Videos Online for Free Marketing

Instant World Booking now features a great new service for free marketing of hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts.  You’re invited to post your videos on our blogs.  This is an excellent way to maximize your online marketing presence, and yet another free service that Instant World Booking offers (boy, we love giving away free stuff).  You don’t even need to have a listing on our service.

If you wish to post your videos on one of our blogs, it’s easy.  Just decide which blog you wish to post to:

For hotels of all kinds:

 – Instant World Booking (you’re here)

For hostels and budget lodging:

 – HostelTraveler.com (go to the HostelTraveler.com homepage, and proceed to the blog)

For bed and breakfasts:

 – BedBreakfastTraveler.com (go to the BedBreakfastTraveler.com homepage, and proceed to the blog)

Instructions for posting videos on our blog:

Our Blog allows you to share YouTube videos with ease, and supports the latest high quality video protocols (360p and HD quality 720p).  It will even be viewable on iPod and iPhone.

Step 1:  Register at our blog:


Step 2:  Submit a post about your property at the following page:


Step 3:  Insert a video link in your post

To insert a YouTube video in your posts, paste the YouTube video URL directly into the text of your post with a prefix of httpv:// (notice the ‘v’).

Important:The URL should just be copied into your post normally and the letter ‘v’ added, do not create a clickable link (i.e., with <a> tags)!

Example:  httpv ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKjgajXePd8

If you want to embed high quality video (for videos that have them) use httpvh:// instead (Video High).

If you want to embed HD Quality (DVD quality 720p) video use httpvhd:// instead (Video High Defintion).

To embed playlists use httpvp:// (eg. httpvp ://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=528026B4F7B34094)

–  httpv:// – regular video

–  httpvh:// – high quality

–  httpvhd:// – HD quality

–  httpvp:// – playlist

Free WiFi for Everyone

A recent Instant World Booking tour of Spain and France included many cities as well as a broad selection of hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and hostels.  We were surprised to find that less than 1 in 5 properties offer free WiFi to their guests.  One of the best conveniences to offer guests these days in the war to win over new business is free WiFi.

As business travelers, the ability to maintain constant contact with office and associates is critical.  As tourists, we also know the value of keeping up to date with friends and family, especially when on an extended tour.  In fact, while traveling Spain and France, we found it not only difficult to connect while in our hotel rooms, but also as we tried to find backup WiFi internet connections within the city.  For example, in Toledo, Spain, while some hotels offer WiFi to their guests only, ours did not.  We had arranged a stay in one of the city’s nicer 3 star properties, which was also a historic landmark.  While the hotel advertised WiFi, we were disappointed to learn that the service offered was a public network offered at a prohibitive price.  The only backup choice was a bar in the central of the historic district.  The major lesson learned is that our team in Spain vowed never again to book at a hotel that did not offer convenient, free WiFi in the guest room.  We’re sure many other travelers are exercising the same decision-making, especially in these days of excess hotel rooms available.

So, we want to inform all our hotel and lodging partners, offer free WiFi to your guests!  Advertise with a sign at your entrance or lobby, displaying your choice to offer “free WiFi” to your guests.  If you are a hotel that already offers internet access to your guests at a cost, remove that cost immediately.  Intelligent travelers these days know that it costs no more than about $50 to purchase a wireless router and set up wireless internet at minimum in a hotel lobby.  To charge for wireless these days is a message to prospective customers that your are going to be cheap and nickel and dime your guests for every last item.  That’s a real turn-off these days in a troubled economy.  If you operate a street front restaurant or cafe in conjunction with rooms for rent, hang a sign outside offering free WiFi.  This will surely start bringing in additional customers for a bite to eat or coffee.

Hotel and Hostel Information Translated into 14 Languages

Instant World Booking wants to introduce a major enhancement in service to our hotel, hostel, and B&B partners worldwide. Now, when you list your property with us, we translate the information you submit into 14 different languages. We then publish your property on 14 individual multi-lingual webpages, each featuring only your property.

This is a major level of service that only Instant World Booking provides for free to hotel and hostel partners. In fact, it’s a must-have service for any lodging who wishes to gain serious exposure on the internet. As always, Instant World Booking’s services are free for lodgings to use.

Consider that your hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast can quickly and easily have 14 new pages, dedicated only to their property, in the most used languages on the web. Each of these pages is uniquely search engine-optimized to rank high for multi-lingual searches.

If you haven’t listed yet with Instant World Booking, this new level of service is yet another reason why no competing service offers more to hotels around the globe.

New also is the ability for you to submit your listing information in the language of your choice. If English is not your first language, no matter. You can submit your property information in any language you wish, whether it’s Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, etc., Instant World Booking will then take the information you wrote, and translate it into 14 of the most widely used languages on the internet.

To increase bookings, you need to increase your exposure. Get 14 translated listing pages for your property up and running on the web now. List with Instant World Booking today.

For more information, and to list your property, please see:


How to Build a Successful Hotel Website

Doing business in the 21st century will eventually require every hotel or bed and breakfast to have a website in one form or another. Whether your site is interactive or simply informational, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re on the right track to creating a successful web presence.

1. Perform a Business Analysis

What is a business analysis? Simply put, review your business requirements and your objectives. What do you want to accomplish? How does your website fit into your overall business plan?

2. Perform some research.

Research your competition and other hotel websites. See what kind of competition is out there. What kind of marketing does your competition engage in? Take a look at how the current market works; develop a list of pros and cons about your competition and then make your web presence work better.

3. Develop a concept and a design.

Finally time for the creative stuff! This involves the selection of specific content, the layout of the site structure and navigation and the overall “look and feel” of your website. Remember to pay special attention to your navigational structure. If visitors can’t navigate your website or feel lost when doing so, your “pretty” site will have been a waste of time; don’t go there, keep the navigation simple and for SEO purposes, make sure your navigation is text based. Many hotel websites today feature Flash-driven introductions. Don’t use these unless you fell it’s absolutely necessary. These flash introductions usually take some time to load in browsers. Guests will quickly become bored with this, and simply bypass your site.

4. Develop your website.

When considering which technology to develop your website, think cutting edge technology, not bleeding edge. Make sure the technology you use, such as ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, will be useful for the next three to five years. An SEO friendly CMS will utilize real URLs, not strange looking query strings with lots of strange characters and question marks. Search engines despise query strings and rank these site accordingly.

5. Choose a host provider and implement your website.

When deciding on a host provider, make sure the host is not only reputable, but has been in business long enough that you can be sure they will be in business next year. Also, ask about site uptime. If your site is down for any reason, this will not only affect your potential and current customers, but the search engines as well. If the search engines decide on a given day to spider your site and it is unavailable, it could cost you your rank.

6. Promote and market your website.

Register your site with the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Initiate other marketing activities such as an email blasts to prospective customers. Consider “Pay per Click” advertising with the major search engines and don’t forget about a long term SEO campaign to drive targeted traffic to your site.

7. Finally, maintain your website.

Probably the most important long term step is continuing to provide current and relevant information on your website. Keep your site content current to encourage return visitors and give them something to return for! Related to SEO, search engines just LOVE sites which provide new content on a regular basis and rank such websites accordingly.

Overall, remember, your website is not just a marketing tool, it’s a business tool, and it should be generating a constant flow of reservations from guests, and therefore a revenue stream for your business.

New Feature – Add As Many Photos as you Want on the Web

Instant World Booking is working hard to continue to innovate and lead online booking technology around the globe. Our latest innovation is a simple one, but unmatched elsewhere for online reservation services.

Hotels and hostels who advertise on our network can now upload an unlimited number of photos to their listing. You heard right — Unlimited! This feature is free, and as always, maintaining a listing with the Instant World Booking is free.

So what does this mean exactly. We have a again pushed above the service level of competing booking services. Look at typical hotel pages on most services. You’ll see maybe 6 or 7 of a property’s best photos, in a small image barely larger than a thumbnail. This does very little to sell your rooms and beds.

If you’ve been advertising your hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast on the web for a while, you know that photos sell rooms! And, the more photos you have the better. Don’t include just photos of your guestrooms, but of all areas of your property. Give a real sense of what it’s like to stay in your hotel. And what about your environment? Include photos of the surrounding neighborhood and views from your property. This really sells rooms.

To add your photos, simply sign in to your listing at Instant World Booking, and proceed to the MANAGE PHOTOS page. You can upload an unlimited number of images. And, you can submit images as large as 8MB! No more re-sizing and touching up your photos. Our enhanced system will handle that for you. As a bonus, don’t worry about the format of your pictures, you can now submit JPEG/JPG, PNG, and GIF images.

So get online today, and add your photos. Remember, good photos increase reservations. If it’s been awhile since you’ve refreshed your pics, get your camera out, and start taking new photos.

As always, Instant World Booking looks forward to seeing you on the web. To get listed with our network, simply go to: