Free WiFi for Everyone

A recent Instant World Booking tour of Spain and France included many cities as well as a broad selection of hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and hostels.  We were surprised to find that less than 1 in 5 properties offer free WiFi to their guests.  One of the best conveniences to offer guests these days in the war to win over new business is free WiFi.

As business travelers, the ability to maintain constant contact with office and associates is critical.  As tourists, we also know the value of keeping up to date with friends and family, especially when on an extended tour.  In fact, while traveling Spain and France, we found it not only difficult to connect while in our hotel rooms, but also as we tried to find backup WiFi internet connections within the city.  For example, in Toledo, Spain, while some hotels offer WiFi to their guests only, ours did not.  We had arranged a stay in one of the city’s nicer 3 star properties, which was also a historic landmark.  While the hotel advertised WiFi, we were disappointed to learn that the service offered was a public network offered at a prohibitive price.  The only backup choice was a bar in the central of the historic district.  The major lesson learned is that our team in Spain vowed never again to book at a hotel that did not offer convenient, free WiFi in the guest room.  We’re sure many other travelers are exercising the same decision-making, especially in these days of excess hotel rooms available.

So, we want to inform all our hotel and lodging partners, offer free WiFi to your guests!  Advertise with a sign at your entrance or lobby, displaying your choice to offer “free WiFi” to your guests.  If you are a hotel that already offers internet access to your guests at a cost, remove that cost immediately.  Intelligent travelers these days know that it costs no more than about $50 to purchase a wireless router and set up wireless internet at minimum in a hotel lobby.  To charge for wireless these days is a message to prospective customers that your are going to be cheap and nickel and dime your guests for every last item.  That’s a real turn-off these days in a troubled economy.  If you operate a street front restaurant or cafe in conjunction with rooms for rent, hang a sign outside offering free WiFi.  This will surely start bringing in additional customers for a bite to eat or coffee.