Introducing IWB Front Desk 2.0

IWB Front Desk offers all the features you need from a Property Management System (PMS). Suitable for Hotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, and more.

A free trial is available only to IWB members. This offer is available for a limited time, so sign up for IWBFrontDesk today.

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IWBFrontDesk has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Listening to the needs of our clients around the world, our next-generation system (property management system) offers all the tools you need for your front desk in the 21st century.

At Instant World Booking, one of our core principles is that technology should not only make your life easier and more efficient, it should also reduce your costs. IWBFrontDesk certainly achieves these goals.

IWBFrontDesk is significantly cheaper than many popular property management systems (front desk software). Compare today for savings of 40% – 85%.  Sign up in just minutes.  Start managing your front desk more efficiently now.

Sign up in just minutes. Start managing reservations today. Managing your front desk has never been easier.

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IWB Channel Manager now connects to

IWB Channel ManagerNew Service Announcement: IWB Channel Manager now connects directly to and is one of the most popular booking sites today. Now you can connect to at no additional cost. We’re constantly adding new booking channels to choose from. A few months ago we added Expedia. This month, we’ve also added In total, IWB Channel Manager gives you more than 150 booking sites to choose from.

If you haven’t tried Channel Manager before, now is the time. The cost is only $14 per month. Eliminate hours and hours of work each week. If you already use a channel management service, now is the time to consider switching. Stop paying too much. Instant World Booking offers incredible savings and convenience.

Why sign up for Channel Manager today?

Less than $14 per month
Update your calendar on over 150 booking sites, plus the GDS, for one low price
All major hostelling sites included, even, Hostelbookers, etc.
Save time and money by managing your calendar only once
Multiply your exposure with premium sites like,, Expedia, and many more

Sign up today, and have all your calendars synchronized by tomorrow. You can purchase just one month at a time, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it.

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IWB Front Desk 2.0 next-generation Property Management System

Instant World Booking has recently announced it’s 2013 release of IWB Front Desk 2.0, a next generation of property management system (PMS).  Redesigned from the ground up, IWB Front Desk offers all the features demanded by accommodation properties around the globe, including a complete wishlist of tools requested by IWB’s clients.

The release of this groundbreaking software is very timely.  In the wake of price increases across the board by many competing front desk solutions on the market, Instant World Booking has chosen to hold prices for IWB Front Desk at the low end of the pack.  Price increases for competitors like Rezovation and others in 2012-2013 are in the 10%-11% range.  This represents a dramatic increase in prices year on year.

To demonstrate the approximate savings Instant World Booking can provide versus competing PMS solutions, here are the typical savings hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfasts may achieve by switching to IWB Front Desk:

Rezovation GT Online      64% – 84% typical savings

HostelOffice                  56% – 83%

SuperInn                       42% – 62%

Resnexus                       68% – 86%

RezStream Pro                       69% – 85%

A winning property management system, Here are some of the features provides:

  • Availability Calendar Management
  • Guest Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Billing Statements
  • Fully online solution (no backups or software updates needed)
  • Attractive, Uncluttered, and Effortless Interface
  • Full Customer Support
  • Full integration with Instant World Booking
  • Full integration with IWB Channel Manager

To learn more about IWB Front Desk, and to get started, please read more about Property Management Systems

Un Regalo de Año Nuevo de IWB Channel Manager

Un regalo de Navidad: Más de 150 canales!

Gerente de Canal IWB ha añadido nuevos canales de reserva. Ahora puedes cargar tu calendario de disponibilidad a más de 150 lugares de distribución a la vez.

Previamente, unos 30 canales de reserva estuvieron disponibles por un costo mensual de unos 14 dólares (€11). Esta fue una gran oferta.  Ahora, hemos añadido 5 veces el número de canales de reserva, todos al mismo precio. Este es un valor sin precedentes.

Regístrate ahora.
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Ventajas de IWB Channel Manager

-Menos de $ 14 (€11) por mes
-Actualizar su calendario en más de 150 sitios de reserva, además de los GDS, por un bajo precio
-Todos los sitios Hostelling importantes fueron, incluso, Hostelbookers, etc.
-Ahorre tiempo y dinero mediante la gestión de su calendario sólo una vez
-Multiplique su exposición con sitios premium como, Expedia,, y muchos más

Si usted no ha intentado Channel Manager antes, ahora es el momento.  Eliminar las horas y horas de trabajo cada semana. Si ya utiliza un servicio de gestión de canal, ahora es el momento de considerar el cambio. Deje de pagar de más. Instant World Booking ofrece increíbles ahorros y conveniencia.

Regístrate hoy y tienen todos los calendarios sincronizados para mañana. No hay nada que perder por intentarlo. Sólo tienes que entrar en su perfil en y pasar a la página del Administrador del Canal.

Obtener la lista ahora?

Obtenga más reservas de su sitio web

Obtener un nuevo Motor de Reservas para su sitio web. Administración del calendario una vez en su sitio web y todos los sitios externos de su reservación.

Instant World Booking tiene el menor precio garantizado. No hay excepciones. También tenemos más opciones que la mayoría de los proveedores. Contacte con nosotros para un presupuesto personalizado.

Si no podemos reducir su costo actual, se obtiene nuestro motor de reservas gratuito por un año.

Esta oferta es prácticamente un “cambio de juego”! Elegir un plan con o sin depósitos de clientes. Personalice sus pagos. Instant World Booking ofrece más servicios y opciones de pago que cualquier otro proveedor. Comience ahora! No hay ninguna obligación.

Obtenga su motor de reservas ahora?

Envíe su hotel, hostal o albergue para empezar ahora

Soluciones de alojamiento: Software Recepción – Motor de Reservas – Pagos – Gestión de canales. Estar en la lista para empezar.


IWB Channel Manager now connects to over 150 channels for $14 per month

New Service Announcement:  IWB’s Channel Manager has added new booking channels.  Now you can upload your calendar of availability to over 150 distribution sites at once.

Previously, about 30 booking channels were available for a monthly cost of about $14.  This was a great offer.  Now, we’ve added 5 times the number of booking channels, all at the same price.  This is an unprecedented value.  Sign up now.  Simply log into your profile at our website, and proceed to the Channel Manager page.

– Less than $14 per month
– Update your calendar on over 150 booking sites, plus the GDS, for one low price
– All major hostelling sites included, even
– Save time by managing your calendar only once
– Multiply your exposure with sites like, Expedia, and many more

If you haven’t tried Channel Manager before, now is the time.  Eliminate hours and hours of work each week.  If you already use a channel management service, now is the time to consider switching.  Stop overpaying.  Instant World Booking offers incredible savings and convenience.

Sign up today, and have all your calendars synchronized by tomorrow.  There’s nothing to lose by trying it.  Just log into your profile and proceed to the Channel Manager page.

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IWB Channel Manager is now Faster

Important Service Update for IWB Channel Manager

We are pleased to announce that IWB Channel Manager is now 8x faster.  This week we have introduced several important enhancements to our channel management processing.  Now, your calendar updates will be much faster.  If you have been using IWB Channel Manager, you will now notice that your updates on our calendar system will be lightning fast.  In fact, speed improvements have been enhanced by as much as 8 times.

If you’ve enjoyed using IWB Channel Manager until now, we’re sure you will be very pleased with our new faster service. Brings Power to Guest Management

IWBFrontDesk can replace Infusionsoft with the following functionality (see below). And best yet, it’s fully integrated with Instant World Booking’s ( calendar services, including Channel Manager and Booking Engine for a B&B website.

IWBFrontDesk has several automated client management features that you can configure to send emails to:

– Confirm a booking

– Acknowledge a payment

– Send a balance payment reminder

– Send a “thanks for staying” email

Each of these can be customized to say whatever you wish. You can include placeholders like [guest_name] to include dynamic content within each email.

You can also export all your guest details to a spreadsheet file which you could then import into something like MailChimp or ConstantContact to do further email marketing to your guests. Or, manage your client and mailing lists yourself using MS Office, or any other method you prefer.

A New Year’s Gift – Newsletter January 2012

A New Year’s Gift !

Manage your calendar just once, yet update dozens of booking sites at once. Save hours and even days each month managing calendars on multiple booking sites.

Priced at under $14 per month, channel management is now affordable. Other services charge more than 10x this amount. Publish your Hotel or B&B on many numerous distribution channels.

What about Expedia,,, Travelocity, and others? Yes, you can publish on these sites and more than 500 IDS and GDS distribution sites.
What about the hostelling sites like HostelWorld and HostelBookers? Yes, they and many more are included.

With over 500 booking sites at your fingertips, IWB Channel Manager gives you unprecedented distribution capability. And, you’ll be saving money while your at it. IWB Channel Manager is offered exclusively to properties with free Instant World Booking membership.

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New PMS is a property management system (PMS) that will save you money. Enhance your front desk operations by managing your reservations, guest communication and other functions more efficiently.

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Start booking reservations today.
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If you haven’t yet re-evaluated your front desk software or other operations, 2012 is the time to get started. For example, Rezovation®, Webervations® and have been services of choice for Bed & Breakfasts and many hotels for years. But prices have gone up dramatically this year. Many other companies are following this trend. See Price Comparison. has been designed as the perfect alternative to these popular Front Desk Reservation Systems.

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Online Reservations “Game Changer”

Get a new Booking Engine for your website.

Instant World Booking has the lowest price, guaranteed. No exceptions. Just contact us for a personalized price quote. If we can’t reduce your current cost, you get our booking engine free for a year.

This offer is a virtual “game-changer”!  IWB’s Booking Engine is fully integrated with IWBFrontDesk, or optionally with your current front desk system. Choose a plan with or without customer deposits. In fact, Instant World Booking now offers more service and payment options than any other provider. So why not switch now?

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Why Online Reservation Management is Better than your Desktop Software?

We speak with dozens of innkeepers and small hostel and hotel owners each year.  Many of them have built or adapted homegrown software solutions for their reservation or client management.  Most of these solutions consist of desktop software.  These innkeepers and managers are mostly proud of their solutions, and boast that they don’t have ongoing costs or commissions.

But, the reality is that these desktop software solutions have a limited life.  How can MS Access have a limited life they ask?  It’s not that the MS Access brand has a limited life, it’s that your particular version of MS Access has a limited life. For example, I personally used MS Office 2003 up until about 2008, then upgraded to Office 2007 (not an insignificant cost). I think Office 2007 is an outstanding product, but unfortunately it’s already obsolete, and I’ll need to upgrde soon. Why upgrade software that is running perfectly? Because my desktop will soon need to be replaced (desktops and latops last no more than about 5-6 years on average). If I need to replace my current desktop, which runs Windows XP, I’ll need to purchase upgrades to most of my software since Windows XP has been replaced by Windows 7 on all new computers, and it won’t run my old software.

The moral of the story is that software purchased for desktop use in a busines environment always needs to be upgraded periodically (costly), and if not the software, then the hardware, which will force a replacement of the software. Online solutions don’t have this problem since you always benefit immediately from constant software upgrades (unless you have selected a service that charges maintenance fees, and most do not). This is not to mention the problem with backups. Many users say they maintain backups, but have you ever had to restore a backup of deskop software when a computer crashed? Not a very pleasant task.

Online solutions today eliminate all of the problems associated with the above. And if you still believe that online reservation systems always have a high cost or commission, I encourage you to read this article:, Rezovation, and Webervations Raise Prices

Check out Instant World Booking for a PMS or booking engine solution that’s surprisingly affordable and trouble-free.


A New Year’s Gift for you – IWB Channel Manager

We have a New Year’s gift for you. We now offer channel management to our members.

This means you only have to manage your calendar once, and you can update all your booking sites. The advantage is incredible time savings and convenience. Eliminate many hours of work each month in managing calendars on multiple websites.

Even more incredible are the savings.  Instant World Booking is well known for providing services at a cost much cheaper than the competition.  For less than $ 14 per month, submit your calendar to dozens of booking sites.  At a price this low, there’s nothing to lose.  Try it today.

Want to learn more about getting started? It’s easy. Just log in to your profile at our website. Then proceed to the Channel Manager page.

What about major sites like Expedia,,, Travelocity, Priceline, and others?  Yes, you can publish for bookings on these sites as well.  In fact, Channel Manager enables you to submit your property and availability to more than 500 booking sites, including the Global Distribution System (GDS).

Don’t waste time with multiple calendars on multiple websites. Save money and get the exposure you really need. Log in at our website and sign up today.

To get started, simply log into your accommodation profile at our website. Then proceed to the Channel Manager page. If you’re not yet listed with Instant World Booking, list for free at: