Top 10 Reasons Instant World Booking’s Booking Engine is Best

Considering a new booking engine for your website.  If you operate a hotel, bed & breakfast or hostel, you’re probably paying too much for your website’s booking engine.  But, price is not the only distinguishing feature of Instant World Booking’s latest booking engine.  Here are 10 reasons to switch to IWB’s online reservation system for your website:

  1. Multilingual – Allow your guests to book with you in their own language.
  2. Multi-currency – Guests view rates and payments in their own currency when reserving.
  3. Protection against No-shows (failure to arrive) and Cancellations – Here’s a service you won’t find from competing services.  Increase the security of your bookings with guaranteed deposit payments. Never worry again about late cancellations or guests that don’t show up.
  4. Multiple payment methods – Choose how you wish to receive your payments.  We offer multiple electronic payment methods that make it easier to receive your funds, in virtually any region of the world.
  5. Total integration with your website – Our booking engine is fully customizable and integrates prefectly into your website.  Check out our demos for examples:  Booking Engine DEMOS
  6. Free setup and installation assistance – We’ll provide advice, assistance, or even install it for you for free. You choose.
  7. Collect any deposit amount – Only Instant World Booking allows you to choose the deposit amount you wish to collect from your customers.  And unlike amateur services, we don’t force you to use PayPal or your own Merchant Account.
  8. Collect balances from guests by credit card – (optional) Use our optional payments system to collect balances at a later date from your customers.
  9. Client reviews – (optional) Collect reviews from your customers and display them on your website or booking page.
  10. Best Economics Guarantee – If you currently use another provider’s booking engine for your hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast, we guarantee that we can offer the same or improved service for better economics. All you need to do is contact us and ask. So, why not start saving today? Contact us

Get Quality Inbound Links from Instant World Booking

If you have a website, you probably already know that obtaining external links is very important. In fact, SEO experts always include link-building among the top 3 priorities in marketing a website. More quality links from 3rd party websites result in higher rankings for your website. Higher search engine rankings results in more traffic and more opportunities for you to increase earnings. So it’s simple. You need more links.

Instant World Booking already offers free links to your website
Free links display your webpage in a window on our page. When a user clicks the free link, they can see your website, but remain on our page. They are not directed to your website.

Paid Links for additional exposure and traffic
To maximize the profit potential of your website, Instant World Booking offers paid links. Paid links are better than free links, since they allow the user to be re-directed to your website. When users click a paid link on you property’s page, they are taken directly to your website. The value of direct links from quality sites like the 100+ Instant World Booking websites is significant. Paid links from Instant World Booking also bring highly targeted traffic, since users browsing your page on our website are ready to make reservations.  Please note that Instant World Booking’s paid links do not transfer PageRank, and are created in complete agreement with Google’s guidelines on paid links.  See:
Purchase Paid Links Now
Log in at Instant World Booking to add your links today. If you’re not already a member, get more information on what Instant World Booking has to offer:  Work with Us

Important note:  All paid links on our network are created in complete

For hotels, hostels, and B&Bs looking for some timeless advice on link building, see SEOBook’s 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity.

Hotel Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Beginners

At Instant World Booking, our goal is to enhance the business and profitability of our hotel and hostel lodging partners. There’s no question a hotel’s website is at the core of any marketing strategy in tourism.

As a small hotel or hostel owner, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most important element in building a successful online presence. Most people online have heard the term SEO, but it remains a mysterious process to many. One of the reasons SEO is so mysterious is that it can be a complicated process and search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites.

If you have limited time and resources to devote to marketing your website, you should at minimum concentrate on Google. Google has set the standard for technology in search engine algorithms that can track the relevancy of a website to its content and SEO efforts.

For beginners to SEO, many think the only SEO tool they need is keyword density. While keywords are important, they are not the only means to an end. Back linking is another important component. While back linking remains one of the most successful ways to get your site to rank high on the search engines, it also has evolved. The type of link is important, so that search engines do not penalize a site for bad incoming links.

The term “back link” refers to an external link on another site that points to yours. In the past any link from another site would have a positive impact on your site by the search engines. Because there were so many gimmicks developed in the last few years to aggregate large numbers of back links, such as link farms, and irrelevant reciprocal linking, Google began to develop a way to weed out links that were purchased, or had little meaning or relevancy.

Even though back linking is used to manipulate search engine popularity there are many very legitimate reasons for using the system of back linking. Finding web sites that have a common interest to your own who are willing to place your link on their site can get you extra exposure. So, look for websites of local tour operators, transportation companies, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc., and see if they will place a link to your website on their own. When their visitors come to their site they will see your link and likely visit your site as well. Search engines work in somewhat the same manner.

Google works so hard to be sure that back links are really quality links, and not manufactured links. Your hotel or hostel website will get higher ranking on a search engine for a number of truly appropriate back linking partnerships. However, if the sites linking to you do not share any common information services Google will penalize you for the link. Google may even devalue your website if the site that links to you is considered of bad quality. Bottom line, it is important who you choose to link to, and also who links to you.

Probably the best way to obtain a back link to your site is through anchor text. That is when you have another website with content that is relevant to your own including your site in the actual content of their site with a hyperlink inside the text. These back links are valued much higher than a simple banner link as long as they appear in the text in a way that has a meaningful association with the content of the article. There are several ways to get such back links.

Providing articles about your location, city, or area tourist attractions to content sites with your link built into the article is one method. Also, if you write compelling content on your website, there is a good chance someone else with a similar site may wish to point it out on their own. They may put a link on their site back to yours. You may not even realize they are doing it unless they tell you about it. This is one of the main reasons it is important to keep an eye on who is back linking to you. While the majority of those types of links are wonderful and you should thank the site owner for their inclusion, if you feel the site that is linking to you does not meet your standards, have similar information, or the content is not relevant to your site you should definitely ask them to remove your link.

Back linking is an extremely important aspect of SEO development, which in turn is very important to marketing your hotel or hostel on the internet. It is therefore something you need to understand well in order to implement properly. There are many secrets and mysteries in the SEO world that diligent study can clear up. Keeping your hotel website in a good position with the search engines will ensure a vital and profitable future for your hotel’s online business.

Top 10 Reasons Outperforms other Online Booking Engines

Why is better for online booking and marketing your property? The answer is simple. We bring more features, better technology, and lower costs than any competing provider.

It is widely known that a correctly executed online booking and marketing strategy can increase a lodging’s profit margin by at least 20% in the first year. Here are the top ways Instant World Booking helps you achieve your income goals.


1) Lowest Cost


Cost is always the primary concern when selecting online marketing services. You already know some of the big names in online booking for B&B’s, hostels, and hotels. One of the biggest online providers for budget properties charges 10% commission. Others charge even more. For example, in the bed and breakfast market one big provider charges 25% commission, plus an annual fee ranging from $99 up to over $500 annually. Stop overpaying for online booking and marketing.

Instant World Booking commissions start at only 8%. There are no membership fees.

What about costs for a booking engine on your website? Again, one of the biggest budget providers charges you 10% for one booking each day, and 2.5% thereafter. Your cost is therefore between 2.5% – 10%. Two other major players in this market charge 5% and 9% respectively. In the bed and breakfast market, the biggest provider charges as much as 30% commission, arguing that 70% of any booking is better than no booking at all. You already know who these players are. Stop overpaying for booking engines on your website.

Instant World Booking commissions start at only 1.9% for a fully integrated booking engine on your website.


2) Accept Credit Cards Online


Here’s a little know fact about online booking services. Of all the providers mentioned, only Instant World Booking can set you up to accept credit cards from your own website. Of course, we’re not naming names. If you think you have a better arrangement at a better price from another provider, just call us. We’ll be happy to discuss how our integrated booking and credit card collection service is not available anywhere else. And, our integrated booking engine will cost you less than if you try to acquire credit card services yourself. No matter what region or country your property is in, you can accept credit cards and online bookings from your own website today.


3) Cancellation & No-show Protection for your Booking Engine


In combination with a customized booking engine on you own website, Instant World Booking offers full no-show and cancellation protection for your reservations. This means, if a guest cancels or fails to arrive, you still receive payments according to a cancellation policy that you specify. This service is so advanced that no other provider dares to offer it. No more worries about no-shows or late cancellations.


4) Pay-per-Click Advertising


We understand that getting your property to the top of search engine rankings is a priority. Organic search rankings are not enough any more. You need pay-per-click advertising to really bring in guests on the internet. When you use our instant booking service, Instant World Booking advertises your specific property name in Google pay-per-click campaigns. To set up a Google pay-per-click campaign can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.

This is a value that cannot be matched elsewhere. You pay nothing to list with Instant World Booking. Instant World Booking then develops and maintains a Google pay-per-click advertising campaign for your property that would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Even if you never received a booking, the public relations value of having your property advertised at the top of Google search pages has an intrinsic value that you could never achieve on your own without paying large sums. Again, no other competing provider offers this service.


5) Affiliate Programs


Instant World Booking offers a varied array of affiliate programs, arguably the most diverse set of affiliate options available today. For example, we offer affiliate programs for online booking directories, individual hotels, and other tourism websites. Our affiliate programs are fully customizable and can be fine-tuned to any online offering.

We lead in online innovation. We recently introduced our Auto-Affiliate Program, the first program capable of being automatically set up in seconds on your website, with virtually no requirement for sign-ups or registrations.

As an added benefit, our Auto-Affiliate Program pays an unprecedented 25% of earnings to the affiliate partner.


6) Traveler Reviews

—————————– features one of the newest and most intuitive online review systems for guest travelers. Our ratings system includes a proprietary algorithm for weighting review components whether it be for location, guest services, dining options, etc. This results in a fairer basis for ranking properties based on guest satisfaction.

As an added bonus, if you use Instant World Booking as your booking engine for your website, you can also feature your guest reviews on your own website.


7) Exposure and Traffic


When you list your property for free with Instant World Booking, you get the benefit of simultaneously advertising on several of our highly targeted web portals. For hostels and budget lodging, is a leading brand recognized worldwide. Similarly, for bed and breakfasts and inns, is our premier B&B brand. We also include regional, country, and city sites in 6 continents, which span over 3 dozen web portals. We’re adding new websites every year.

Our unique blend of regional and global internet branding is a strategy which you cannot attain individually with you own website, or with any competing online provider.


8 ) Customer Service


Internet firms offer varying degrees of customer service for their hotel partners. At, we support our partners through the listing process. Regardless of what assistance you need in getting set up, we can assist you through the whole process. For example, if you’ve never used instant booking before or worked with an online availability calendar, we’ll help you every step of the way in getting it set up. Other services leave you to contend with online help screens.

Another service we provide which no other online booking engine provides are periodic notifications that help you keep your calendar up to date. We even let you know what types of accommodation guests are looking for, so you may best customize your availability calendar to match guests’ needs.


9) 2 Great Methods for Online Booking


Instant World Booking has published a lot of information about the benefits of using true instant booking on your website or on marketing sites. In fact, instant booking is a must if you wish to maximize your online capability to attract guests. Nevertheless, there are properties who for various reasons wish to use “request-basis” reservations. For those who require online requests, and not instant confirmation, we offer one of the most efficient and automated processes for accepting request-basis reservations.

No competing service offers a highly automated process for offering both instant bookings and request-basis bookings.


10) Free Online Marketing Strategy Consultation


A well-executed online marketing strategy, including online booking capability, is now known to be able to increase a tourist accommodation’s profits by at least 20% in the first year. Instant World Booking is a recognized leader in online technology and strategy. Whether you are a novice just new to the internet, or you currently use a variety of online services to publicize your property, we can help you develop the right strategy. The correct approach for your accommodation can be a low cost, yet high impact strategy, carefully implemented.

We offer any tourist accommodation that is new to our services a free consultation by telephone to help you develop the right online marketing strategy for your property. If you’re considering switching from another service, or looking to try online marketing for the first time, a one-half hour consultation, without cost or obligation, can change the way you think about marketing permanently.

For your free strategy consultation, please call 1.941.866.0010 today, or send an email to

Even if you have no intention of changing your current provider or approach, why not call us to find out how we can beat your current economics.

Click Here to add your listing today.

Demonstrate Special Care for your Guests’ Safety and Security

One way to gain respect and attention among your guests (and peers) is to display special concern for the safety and security of your guests. On everyone’s mind these days is safety, especially while travelling. Global terrorism threats and international tensions are heightened. We all know about increased security at airports and rail terminals.

While the topic may not be relevant for all locations, be prepared to answer guest questions about security in your locality. Provide direct responses, and don’t avoid communicating about direct threats that may be present for travelers. Be sensitive to your international travelers. Know that foreign guests may be concerned about safety even if your location has no safety concerns. Provide recommendations and tips on areas to avoid, and how to stay safe while sightseeing. Provide a business card with your contact information, as well as emergency and police contacts. Offer to safeguard your guests’ personal property within your property.

Acknowledging and being sensitive to your guest’s security will be appreciated, and interpreted by my most guests as a sign of intelligent and thoughtful management.

One way to enhance your reputation among guests is to post some safety and security tips on your website. Make your guests aware of various online resources regarding the latest travel advisories. Here are some official government resources sites:

Better yet, post a link to our Pocket Tips – How to Travel Safely Abroad, and share with your friends and guests many valuable tips on international travel security. To quickly post a link to this unique page, insert the following code into your site HTML:

Link to this page from your website. Copy the following html code:
<a href=”” title=”How To Travel Safely and Securely with”>
How to Travel Safely Abroad

Remember, when marketing your hotel or hostel (or your small business) online, adding services and useful content to your website is key. Follow this advice, and you will be going a long way to enhancing your online marketing efforts, as well as improving guest relations.