IWBFrontDesk is a new property management system (PMS)

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IWBFrontDesk is a new property management system (PMS).  Get your Demo today.Engineered as an alternative to products like RezOvation ®, Webervations ®, SuperInn, Resnexus ®, Hostel Power, HostelMate, etc., IWBFrontDesk has one major advantage: Savings of 30% to 75% or more over competing services. With prices so low, you can’t afford not to try it.

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Start booking reservations today!IWBFrontDesk offers all the features you need from a Property Management System (PMS). Suitable for Hotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, and more.  Within minutes, you could be saving from 30% to 75% versus your current provider. Why not start increasing your profits today.

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What Can You Do with IWBFrontDesk?

Need a property management system for your hotel, hostel, or B&B inn? IWBFrontDesk offers winning tools that save money.

  • Availability Calendar Management
  • Guest Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Billing Statements
  • Attractive and Uncluttered Interface
  • Full Customer Support
  • Complete Online Solution (No backups or software updates required)

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  Booking Engines for your Website
Get a new Booking Engine for your website, fully integrated with IWBFrontDesk. We guarantee a lower cost than you’ll find from any competing service. We also offer more flexible options than any other provider, like the ability to collect any deposit level from your guests. Increase your profits by switching today.
Payments Services
Need convenient credit card services, accessible from any location around the world? Want to collect from your customers for no-shows and cancellations? Instant World Booking offers unique credit card collection services for travel companies that don’t currently have their own credit card processing. Get your credit card virtual terminal today.
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IWBFrontDesk – New Property Management System

Instant World Booking recently announced the soon-to-be-released IWBFrontDesk, a brand new full-featured property management system (PMS or Front Desk System).  Subscribers to Instant World Booking’s services, and our insider’s distribution list, have been the first to learn of this new product, which promises substantial savings for hotel owners, hostel managers and innkeepers alike.  Our core principles and technology platform have always led to a single philosophy: properties should not overpay for services that are designed to make our lives easier and more efficient. 

IWBFrontDesk certainly achieves these goals, with significant savings compared to comparable products including Rezovation GT Online, Webervations, HostelPower, SuperInn, Resnexus, and dozens more.

IWBFrontDesk offers all the features you would expect from a property management system (PMS), and much more.  Some of the features you can expect from this new product include:

  • Availability Calendar Management
  • Guest Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Billing Statements
  • Fully online solution (no backups or software updates needed)
  • Attractive, Uncluttered, and Effortless Interface
  • Full Customer Support

With this level of capability, Instant World Booking’s PMS makes it easier and cheaper to run your property and front desk.  It’s also nice to know that IWBFrontDesk has no setup fees, and hassle-free startup.

 If that’s not enough to convince you to at least try IWBFrontDesk, consider having these additional integrated services at your fingertips.  Each of these services are offered in conjunction with the IWBFrontDesk PMS or separately as standalone products of Instant World Booking.  You can choose which services you want.

 1.    Booking Engine for your website

  • Instant World Booking’s leading Booking Engine for your website integrates perfectly with IWBFrontDesk.  Our booking engine includes more flexible pricing and payment options for your guests than any other provider.  You tell us how you want guests to pay.  Collect a deposit or not.  Offer special discounts or not.  Choose instant booking or request-method reservations.  You tell us how you want it to work, and we’ll provide it for cheaper than any other provider … we guarantee it.

2.    Credit Card Collections

  • We can handle deposit collection and customer payments for you.  No merchant accounts or bank applications are required.

3.    Online Requests or Instant Booking

  • While instant booking is always preferred for online reservations, we understand that not every accommodation is prepared to accept instant confirmations.  This is why we offer an optional request-method version for your website’s booking engine.

4.    Channel Management

  • Do you want to be able to manage your calendar only once, and then feed it to multiple other sources?  Now you can.  Use either the IWBFrontDesk PMS to manage your calendar (or the Instant World Booking calendar interface).  Then feed your calendar to multiple 3rd party booking services, channel managers, etc.  Our automatic calendar feeds are fully XML compliant, and we can integrate with virtually any 3rd party channel distribution system.

5.    GDS/IDS Feeds

  • Multiply your online exposure by feeding your availability to your choice of more than 100 GDS channels and booking sites (e.g., Expedia.com, Booking.com, Hotels.com, etc.).  If you currently use a similar service elsewhere, or are considering taking online reservations from GDS sites, know that we offer pricing up to 60% cheaper than most other providers.  Please let us know if we can help you save money on your GDS marketing.

6.    Chain and Association Management

  • Instant World Booking features special services and discounts to help lodging chains and associations manage their properties and online marketing.  Any of the services described above can be customized specifically for your chain or association, all at substantial discounts.

If you have special needs or requirements, Instant World Booking specializes in developing custom solutions for your accommodation business or association.  So please enquire with your own specific requirements.  And remember, Don’t Overpay!  As you can see from the sample discounts shown above, Instant World Booking always offers substantial savings over competing providers for the customized services you need to run your business.

Contact us today, or get on our distribution list to learn more about IWBFrontDesk.

More Free Stuff from Instant World Booking

Of all the marketing services you can subscribe to, IWB offer more free stuff than anyone else:

  1. Only Instant World Booking gives you up to 15 or more unique search engine-optimized pages just for your property, each page translated to a different language.  You probably don’t even have this on your own website, let alone other online booking services.  And again, it’s free.
  2. As a tip, we can activate your property for “request-only” bookings.  This is an easy method to maintain free advertising on our network, and not have any work to do maintaining a calendar.  Of course, instant booking is always the preferred method over request method.  Here’s why: http://www.instantworldbooking.com/blog_iw/2010/07/instant-booking-hotels-hostels/
  3. Save time and work by feeding your availability directly into our system from your current front desk software.  It’s also free.  We have an XML API that allows any 3rd party PMS, channel manager, or front desk system to feed your availability to us.  Just contact them and tell them you want them to integrate with us.  Send them this URL: http://www.instantworldbooking.com/blog_iw/category/xml-feeds/
  4. Free Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.  Instant World Booking has proven to be very successful in gaining top search engine rankings for its listed lodging partners.  When you maintain an availability calendar with us, we use PPC advertising to market your property on Google and other sites.  A PPC campaign can cost you hundreds of dollars per month, if executed on your own.  However, we advertise our partners in PPC campaigns for free.
  5. Cheapest Booking Engine for your website – guaranteed!  An online booking engine for your website is a critical part of your marketing strategy, especially now with 45% of all travel in the world booked on the internet.  If you haven’t already tried our online booking engine for your website, perhaps now is the time to consider that Instant World Booking offers the lowest cost options available from any provider.  We can save you money because we offer more options, at a cheaper cost than HostelWorld … cheaper than HostelBookers … cheaper than BedandBreakfast.com … cheaper than Hotels.com, Webervations, Rezovation, HostelsClub, Venere … etc.  In short, here’s our guaranty.  If you are using a competing provider for your website’s booking engine, we guarantee a lower cost for the same service.  Please don’t overpay!
  6. How about Free No-Show and Cancellation Protection.  Not offered by other services, this protection comes free with your booking engine.
  7. Optional Credit Card Collection services.  If you don’t currently accept credit cards online, we can provide that service also, with no merchant account, location, or credit restrictions for you.  How about this.  Charge guest credit cards for no-shows and cancellations, regardless of where or how they booked.  Charge guests for virtually any cost associated with their stay with you, regardless of where or how they booked.
  8.  Also free:
  • Unlimited photos
  • Custom, searchable maps for your property on our network
  • Get back-links to your webpage directly from our 100+ websites.
  • Post your videos on our site

Get Bookings (Reservations) XML Module Added in v2.1

Version 2.1 of the Instant Word Booking XML API has been released today.  A new feature in this release is the ability to retrieve bookings (reservations) in XML format.  This capability now completes Instant World Booking’s upgrade to a full-featured Calendar and Bookings XML interface.  Capabilities of the interface now include the ability to:

  • Get Calendar Availability/Allocations
  • Set Calendar Availability/Allocations
  • Retrieve Bookings

To get started with our XML API, begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

Now, using Instant World Booking is easier than ever since your calendar of availability can be automatically uploaded or downloaded, and bookings can be retrieved in efficient XML feeds.  This means that you can use virtually any front desk software you wish, and interface directly with Instant World Booking’s system (and potentially other services and channel managers that Instant World Booking interfaces with).

This also means that you can you can begin using Instant World Booking’s lowest cost Booking Engine for accommodation websites, with little trouble or worries at all.

If you use third party front-desk software, contact your software provider today, and tell them you want them to integrate with IWB.  Most software providers will be more than happy to accommodate your request, with no cost to you.  And integration with IWB is simple enough to complete in no time at all.

For more information, contact us today at: info@instantworldbooking.com

ASSD Hotel Property Management System Now Interfaces with IWB

Instant World Booking is pleased to announce that the ASSD Hostel and Hotel Property Management System PMS now interfaces with IWB.  This means that you can manage your calendar directly on ASSD’s PMS and feed your availability automatically to your Instant World Booking hotel listing.

ASSD’s core product within their Hotel Software Suite is their Property Management System PMS.  ASSD says their PMS can meet all front and back office needs for a hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast.  ASSD software products proudly incorporate the latest international trends, and have been developing their products for over 20 years.

Learn more about the ASSD Hotel Property Management System PMS.

See more PMS systems that integrate with Instant World Booking

List of Calendar Management Systems Linked to Instant World Booking

The following is a list of calendar management systems currently linking to Instant World Booking.  What this means is that these 3rd party systems, whether CMS, Channel Management systems, availability calendars, property management, or front desk software systems, provide an interface to automatically update your calendar on the Instant World Booking network.

If you are currently working with another 3rd party system like those described above, tell them you want to be able to feed your availability directly to Instant World Booking.  Typically, services will respond positively to their clients’ requests of this type.

If you wish to check out one of the services listed above, please do so, and tell them you heard about them from Instant World Booking.  Frequently, services will be happy to offer special introductory pricing if they know their partners are referring new business to them.  So, it can’t hurt to ask.