Questions on Booking Engines for Hostel Websites

We’re constantly getting questions on how our booking engine works for hostel and hotel websites.  Not surprisingly, among the most frequently asked are questions concerning cost.  Instant World Booking and frequently disclose that the cost to a hostel or hotel for a fully-integrated booking engine is lower than all the competition.  And, higher levels of service are always available.

At Instant World Booking, we believe in absolute transparency concerning pricing.  This is because we truly believe that all services are not created equally.  We don’t like to see our partners and overpay for services that are easily available at lower prices.  It’s true that we find ourselves answering the same questions time and again.  Here is a real question asked by a hostel owner about’s (IWB) booking engine, along with our answer:

I`m interested about the benefits of having the booking engine with ya.
at the moment, Hostelb****** take a 5% commision,
what would be your offer?
Looking forward to your answer


Thanks for the email, and your interest. We have a variety of superior options. For example, for the same 5% commission, we can offer 35% deposit collection plus full no-show and cancellation protection. The higher deposit collection offers greater security for your booking. Alternatively, we have budget options that can cost as little as only 1.9% commission. Our 1.9% option is for a similar service level to what Hostelb****** offers.

Please let us know what option you want, and we’ll get it set up for you.  See the following page for more comparisons:

Booking Engines for Hostel and Hotel Websites

HostelsClub Booking Engine? Get $200 by Switching to IWB

If you use HostelsClub for your website’s booking engine, consider switching today and get $200.00 back.  Do you want to save a lot of money AND have a superior booking engine for your website?  Check out Instant World Booking, and learn why our booking engine services are better than HostelsClub and all the rest:

Instant World Booking offers a superior and more flexible solution for your website’s booking engine.  If you’re already using, just compare.  There’s no obligation or cost to check out a demo booking engine from Instant World Booking.   So, why overpay?  We already offer lower rates than HostelsClub and other competing providers.  We also offer more services and options, including deposit and payment options not available elsewhere.  In addition to our already lower rates, when you switch now from a competing provider, receive an additional $200.00 back.  Contact us today for more details and to receive your demo.

HostelBookers Booking Engine? Switch now and receive $200

Do you use HostelBookers, PowerHostels, or a similar Booking Engine for your hotel or hostel website?  Do you also want to save a lot of money.  Instant World Booking is offering a promotion if you switch now from a competing booking engine.  Receive up to $200.00 back when you switch today.  Contact Instant World Booking for more information, or see the following page to learn why our booking engine services cannot be beat:

Not only does Instant World Booking offer a superior and more flexible solution than or, but it’s also a lot cheaper.  Just compare by viewing the pricing chart at the link above.  Why overpay for a booking engine with less service and options?  In addition to our already lower rates, Instant World Booking offers a special promotion for up to $200.00 back when you switch today.

There’s no obligation or cost to set up a demo booking engine for your website, so check us out today and save.

Top 10 Reasons Instant World Booking’s Booking Engine is Best

Considering a new booking engine for your website.  If you operate a hotel, bed & breakfast or hostel, you’re probably paying too much for your website’s booking engine.  But, price is not the only distinguishing feature of Instant World Booking’s latest booking engine.  Here are 10 reasons to switch to IWB’s online reservation system for your website:

  1. Multilingual – Allow your guests to book with you in their own language.
  2. Multi-currency – Guests view rates and payments in their own currency when reserving.
  3. Protection against No-shows (failure to arrive) and Cancellations – Here’s a service you won’t find from competing services.  Increase the security of your bookings with guaranteed deposit payments. Never worry again about late cancellations or guests that don’t show up.
  4. Multiple payment methods – Choose how you wish to receive your payments.  We offer multiple electronic payment methods that make it easier to receive your funds, in virtually any region of the world.
  5. Total integration with your website – Our booking engine is fully customizable and integrates prefectly into your website.  Check out our demos for examples:  Booking Engine DEMOS
  6. Free setup and installation assistance – We’ll provide advice, assistance, or even install it for you for free. You choose.
  7. Collect any deposit amount – Only Instant World Booking allows you to choose the deposit amount you wish to collect from your customers.  And unlike amateur services, we don’t force you to use PayPal or your own Merchant Account.
  8. Collect balances from guests by credit card – (optional) Use our optional payments system to collect balances at a later date from your customers.
  9. Client reviews – (optional) Collect reviews from your customers and display them on your website or booking page.
  10. Best Economics Guarantee – If you currently use another provider’s booking engine for your hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast, we guarantee that we can offer the same or improved service for better economics. All you need to do is contact us and ask. So, why not start saving today? Contact us

Booking Engine Demos

Looking for a new Booking Engine for your website?  Even if you’re not, check out our new demos.  Our booking engine demos demonstrate how Instant World Booking’s system may look on your website.

Demo 1 “Fast” click here

Demo 2 “Simple” click here

Demo 3 “Elegant” click here

Now, if a picture is not worth a thousand words, consider that Instant World Booking’s is cheaper than any solution you can find elsewhere.  We’ll even install it for you at no cost.  Please check out other booking systems for your website, then compare with Instant World Booking.

Enquire now about our special discounts when you switch today from a competing provider.  Contact Us