IWBFrontDesk.com Brings Power to Guest Management

IWBFrontDesk can replace Infusionsoft with the following functionality (see below). And best yet, it’s fully integrated with Instant World Booking’s (BedBreakfastTraveler.com) calendar services, including Channel Manager and Booking Engine for a B&B website.

IWBFrontDesk has several automated client management features that you can configure to send emails to:

– Confirm a booking

– Acknowledge a payment

– Send a balance payment reminder

– Send a “thanks for staying” email

Each of these can be customized to say whatever you wish. You can include placeholders like [guest_name] to include dynamic content within each email.

You can also export all your guest details to a spreadsheet file which you could then import into something like MailChimp or ConstantContact to do further email marketing to your guests. Or, manage your client and mailing lists yourself using MS Office, or any other method you prefer.