March 2011 Newsletter

Countdown to Savings …

Try a New Front Desk System

IWBFrontDesk, a new property management system (PMS), will be available in just over 30 days.

Designed as an alternative to products like RezOvation ®, Webervations ®, SuperInn, Resnexus ®, Hostel Power, HostelMate, etc., IWBFrontDesk has one major advantage: Savings of 30% or more over many competing services. With prices so low, you can’t afford not to try it.

What is IWBFrontDesk?

IWBFrontDesk is a winning property management tool. Manage your rooms, guests, reservations, billing, calendar uploads, GDS feeds, etc.

Why winning? IWBFrontDesk was developed based on a leading PMS tool used for years by hotels, innkeepers, and hostels alike. Now, we combine the best features of time-tested technology with a new low price. It’s a win-win for all accommodations.

More Winning Services from IWB

Instant World Booking provides more low cost services to increase your business while saving money.

Booking Engine for your Website

High flexibility, low cost. Collect any deposit amount from your guests. Guaranteed lower cost than any competing service. Includes no-show and cancellation protection.

Credit Card Payment Services

Access credit card processing cheaply anywhere in the world. No merchant accounts, no bank applications. Collect from your guests for any travel-related expense, even for no-shows.

GDS Feeds

Coming soon…  Manage your calendar once. Feed to online GDS/IDS booking sites and other 3rd party online booking services. Lowest cost available anywhere.

List your Hotel, B&B or Hostel now

Never a cost to list. Increase your profit margin with our lowest industry commission rate.

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RezOvation ® is a registered trademark of Rezovation, LLC. Webervations ® is a registered trademark of ELG Hospitality, Inc. Resnexus ® is a registered trademark of Reservation Nexus.

Calendar Management 2.0

Instant World Booking is pleased to announce the release of our new Calendar Management System.  For hotels, B&Bs, hostels and all accommodations, updating your calendar of availability is now easier than ever.  Our completely re-designed calendar system ensures your calendar will be up and running in just a matter of minutes.

Here’s How:

Please Log In – You can log in at the top our homepage ( Once logged in, check the “Alerts” at the top of your profile page to see what information needs to be updated. Then, proceed to the INVENTORY page to set up or manage your calendar. This page has complete online help screens to guide you.

First Time Users – On the INVENTORY page, select the “Getting Started” function. This allows you to set up your rooms and initial availability in just seconds. Remember to read the online help screens for instructions.

Change or Block Dates – On the INVENTORY page, you will see summary calendars at the top of the page. If you just have a few changes to make, click on any date on the summary calendar. This allows you to update, block, or even copy availability to future periods.

Manage your Availability – The new “Manage Availability” function permits total control of your calendar all in one place.  Here you can manage your seasonal, monthly, or even daily prices and available units for up to 2 years. Remember to read the online help screens for instructions.

Other Functions – There are many other features available on the INVENTORY page. These features provide various shortcuts for viewing your calendar, updating rates and options, and even managing room features. To find the function that you need, please read the online help screens and FAQ. This will guide you to the quickest way to manage your calendar.

Tired of managing multiple calendars manually?

Are you tired of managing multiple calendars on multiple systems?  Many hostels, hotels, and B&B’s we speak to are maintaining their calendar on at least half a dozen booking sites.  One even recently sent us a timesheet indicating how many hours they spend managing calendars on each website.  Now, you know that you’re spending a lot of time performing a task if you maintain a timesheet.

Instant World Booking offers an easier way.  Upload your calendar directly to our system.  We have an XML interface that allows both receiving and sending your calendar updates via an automatic feed.  So, if you currently use a calendar management or property management software to manage your calendar, contact your service provider today.  Tell them that you want them to interface with Instant World Booking.  Most propert management systems will be happy to accommodate their clients’ requests for integration.

So remember, contact your front desk or propery management provider today, and ask them to integrate with Instant World Booking.  Send them the following link to help them get started integrating with us:

ASSD Hotel Property Management System Now Interfaces with IWB

Instant World Booking is pleased to announce that the ASSD Hostel and Hotel Property Management System PMS now interfaces with IWB.  This means that you can manage your calendar directly on ASSD’s PMS and feed your availability automatically to your Instant World Booking hotel listing.

ASSD’s core product within their Hotel Software Suite is their Property Management System PMS.  ASSD says their PMS can meet all front and back office needs for a hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast.  ASSD software products proudly incorporate the latest international trends, and have been developing their products for over 20 years.

Learn more about the ASSD Hotel Property Management System PMS.

See more PMS systems that integrate with Instant World Booking