Why Cancellation Policies Matter

Cancellation policies matter.  Check policies before you book, both the hotel’s cancellation policy and the booking agency, if you’re using one.  Over bookings may not be a frequent problem when booking hotels, but when you’re booking online, be sure to re-confirm with your hotel after receiving your online confirmation.  This will ensure a trouble-free arrival and stay.

When overbookings do occur, it may not be always evident what to do next.  By definition, the hotel is almost always responsible.  If you’ve made payments to confirm your booking, the hotel may be responsible to return your payments, even if you booked through an online agency.   If you are at the hotel, and dealing with an overbooked situation, never leave the property until you have a refund in hand or the hotel’s commitment to refund.

The booking agency often acts as an intermediary to assist with handling overbooked situations.  Instant World Booking’s policies are quite specific, and have been very successful in handling customer disputes with overbooked hotels.  Here’s the response from one of our recent customers from Australia who ran into some trouble with an overbooked hotel in Hong Kong.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt action in regards to this matter. I now hold a high regard for the way your company operates and will forward my thoughts to colleagues and anyone I know who wishes to make reservation bookings online. I will continue to use your company as my first preference when booking online. Thank you.  AG, Australia