List of Calendar Management Systems Linked to Instant World Booking

The following is a list of calendar management systems currently linking to Instant World Booking.  What this means is that these 3rd party systems, whether CMS, Channel Management systems, availability calendars, property management, or front desk software systems, provide an interface to automatically update your calendar on the Instant World Booking network.

If you are currently working with another 3rd party system like those described above, tell them you want to be able to feed your availability directly to Instant World Booking.  Typically, services will respond positively to their clients’ requests of this type.

If you wish to check out one of the services listed above, please do so, and tell them you heard about them from Instant World Booking.  Frequently, services will be happy to offer special introductory pricing if they know their partners are referring new business to them.  So, it can’t hurt to ask.

Special Offers for Travelers

For our valued traveler members who have recently contacted us with an enquiry or used one of our world leading travel portals to reserve accommodations, here’s an update on how Instant World Booking can improve your travel experience and lower your travel budget.

Discounts for Future Travel

Reserve with Instant World Booking before the end of 2009 and pay no service charge.  Simply make your reservation before the end of this year.  Then send us the email you recently received mentioning this offer along with your reservation number, and we will credit you the service charge you paid.  If you’re not planning to make travel reservations before the end of this year, there’s no problem.  We are constantly offering similar promotions.

More Special Places to Visit

We’re constantly adding new hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfasts.  In fact, every single day of the year new lodgings are joining our service.  You’ll want to return again and again to check out the latest best places to visit.

More Travel Information

Instant World Booking brings you the latest travel intelligence and advice.  For example, when we published our award-winning short article on “How to Travel Safely“, we received an overwhelming response from our viewers, many of which have linked to this valuable article on their websites and blogs.

Travel Guides

Now, we’re offering interactive Travel Guides online.  We have received feedback that many of our guides are nothing short of fascinating.  They’re interactive because you can actually post your own guides if you have unique and interesting information about places you’ve visited.  Read or contribute to our travel guides today at:

Videos of Hostels and Bed and Breakfasts

Our blogs now feature many videos of popular hostels and B&Bs.  You can check out these videos at the following pages.

Do you like taking videos when you travel?  Post videos of your favorite places to visit, and share your candid opinions with our readers.  Just register and share your videos: