Booking Engines for Facebook Pages

Get a Booking Engine for your Facebook page.  See an example on Siam Guest House’s page:

We encourage you to try our new IWB Booking Engine plugin code.  This new plugin allows you to insert a Booking Engine Search Bar on your webpage.  Instructions for this plugin are not currently found on our website.  This new method utilizes the same AJAX scripting methods used by Google and Facebook for their analytics and social plugins.  The advantage is that your booking engine code is integrated directly within your webpage (i.e., browser problems associated with frames or other incompatible code are eliminated).  So, you have total control over the content on your webpage, and the user experience is greatly enhanced.  This new plugin also features improved personalization options, allowing you to switch variables to modify the color and orientation of your Booking Engine Search Bar.

We encourage you to try our new Booking Engine Search Bar.  Simply drop it into your webpage.  It’s easy to modify the variables to achieve a different look and feel for your website.

New Tips for Increasing Success with Online Marketing

Back in November 2008, we published a list of steps to increase your success with online marketing.  There’s been so many new developments, we thought it was time to update this advice.  If you are striving to enhance your online presence as a hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast, the following tips will help you maximize your success.


Tips for maximizing reservation potential as well as saving money and time with Instant World Booking:


  1. Ensure your listing is up to date and accurate.  Include as much information as possible, not only about your property, but also about local attractions, restaurants, etc.
  2. Make sure to spell-check your listing.  Incorrect spelling signals to guests that the property is not professionally maintained.  Incorrect spelling also prevents proper translation of your listing information (we translate your content to 15+ world languages, with a separate page for your listing in each language).
  3. Add photos.  Listings with photos gain at least 4x more traffic than those without photos.  Make sure your photos are large and complement your property and location.  Select an appropriate primary photo (the 1st photo in your list appears as a thumbnail in our index).
  4. Add a complete calendar of availability.  Your calendar is important, since guests prefer instant booking over online requests.  Make sure you have complete availability online, and at least 6-9 months of availability.
  5. Don’t waste time managing your calendar manually.  We feature an XML feed that can import and export your availability to your calendar management or front desk system.  Tell your software or service provider that you want them to integrate with Instant World Booking.  Send them this URL:
  6. Update your location using our new geo-coded location system.  This new system will enhance search functionality on our service, making it easier for guests to find you.  Sign in to your listing and proceed to MANAGE LISTING to update your location.  Include an accurate street address on your listing, as well as your GPS coordinates if available.  Guests will not book properties that they can’t easily find.
  7. Use Instant World Booking’s Booking Engine for your own website.  Our Booking Engine is a superior solution priced much lower than all competing providers.  We guarantee better economics for your website, so begin saving now by trying our booking engine.  Read more at
  8. Add your website URL to your listing.  We provide free links to your homepage from many of our 100+ websites.  A typical property will have viewable links to your homepage on at least a dozen or more of our domains.  For better exposure, upgrade your links to Premium Paid Links.  For more information, log in to your listing, and proceed to the OPPORTUNITIES page.
  9. If you already work with us, link to us.  Cross-linking between domains helps to build search engine rankings.  Read more at:
  10. If you have videos of your property, post them to one of our blogs.  For more information on posting videos see:
  11. Check the Alerts and Opportunities tabs when you log in at our website.  These tabs provide information on improving your success with online marketing.
  12. For more ways on how to work with us, check out:



Remember, it can take several weeks to several months for Google and other leading search engines to effectively index your page on our network of sites.  Instant World Booking has proven to be very successful in gaining top search engine rankings for its listed lodging partners.  One last reason it is very important to use the instant booking method is that we use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market your property on Google and other sites.  Use of a PPC campaign can cost you hundreds of US dollars.  However, for our partners who use instant booking, we advertise your property in PPC campaigns for free.


Additionally, only Instant World Booking gives you up to 15+ specialized pages just for your property, with each page translating your property information into a different language.  This is something you probably don’t even have on your own website.  Again this service comes at no cost to you.


One last note, persistence and patience is the key to success.  Online marketing is “collective”.  This means it is more effective to advertise your property on 2 services than 1.  Persistent online presence is necessary to achieve online name (brand) recognition, and to gain higher search rankings for pages containing your property’s name.  Advertising with Instant World Booking is an extremely valuable, and free, method of increasing your online presence.

Top list of online marketing steps for your hotel website

We recently came across the following top list of steps you should be taking to improve your hotel website’s online marketing strategy:

  1. Send emails to targeted opt-in subscribers/guests to increase sales and repeat visits.
  2. List your site in search engine friendly web directories to increase the amount of links pointing to your site.
  3. Add a blog to your website, and take advantage of the SEO and other marketing benefits that blog marketing has to offer.
  4. Write content articles about your accommodations, area, and local businesses.  Also virally promote in article directories.
  5. Social advertising on Twitter?  Every hotel needs social advertising as part of their online strategy.
  6. Is your site listed where the guests and customers are, in online directory sites or shopping sites for your local area.  What about other content driven web sites with content geared toward travel in your region?
  7. Sending targeted redirected expired domain web traffic direct to your site.

If you can check off each item on this list, traffic to your hotel website will certainly grow.

Get Quality Inbound Links from Instant World Booking

If you have a website, you probably already know that obtaining external links is very important. In fact, SEO experts always include link-building among the top 3 priorities in marketing a website. More quality links from 3rd party websites result in higher rankings for your website. Higher search engine rankings results in more traffic and more opportunities for you to increase earnings. So it’s simple. You need more links.

Instant World Booking already offers free links to your website
Free links display your webpage in a window on our page. When a user clicks the free link, they can see your website, but remain on our page. They are not directed to your website.

Paid Links for additional exposure and traffic
To maximize the profit potential of your website, Instant World Booking offers paid links. Paid links are better than free links, since they allow the user to be re-directed to your website. When users click a paid link on you property’s page, they are taken directly to your website. The value of direct links from quality sites like the 100+ Instant World Booking websites is significant. Paid links from Instant World Booking also bring highly targeted traffic, since users browsing your page on our website are ready to make reservations.  Please note that Instant World Booking’s paid links do not transfer PageRank, and are created in complete agreement with Google’s guidelines on paid links.  See:
Purchase Paid Links Now
Log in at Instant World Booking to add your links today. If you’re not already a member, get more information on what Instant World Booking has to offer:  Work with Us

Important note:  All paid links on our network are created in complete

For hotels, hostels, and B&Bs looking for some timeless advice on link building, see SEOBook’s 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity.