OldTownApartments.com now integrated with Instant World Booking

Instant World Booking is pleased to announce that OldTownApartments.com now interfaces with IWB.  This means that you can manage your calendar directly on OldTownApartments.com’s system and feed your calendar availability automatically to Instant World Booking

OldTownApartments.com offers furnished and unfurnished apartments in downtown and midtown Tallahassee, Florida.  They offer attractive, quiet, comfortable apartments in Tallahassee’s most beautiful historic neighborhoods.

Learn more about http://www.OldTownApartments.com

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Get Bookings (Reservations) XML Module Added in v2.1

Version 2.1 of the Instant Word Booking XML API has been released today.  A new feature in this release is the ability to retrieve bookings (reservations) in XML format.  This capability now completes Instant World Booking’s upgrade to a full-featured Calendar and Bookings XML interface.  Capabilities of the interface now include the ability to:

  • Get Calendar Availability/Allocations
  • Set Calendar Availability/Allocations
  • Retrieve Bookings

To get started with our XML API, begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

Now, using Instant World Booking is easier than ever since your calendar of availability can be automatically uploaded or downloaded, and bookings can be retrieved in efficient XML feeds.  This means that you can use virtually any front desk software you wish, and interface directly with Instant World Booking’s system (and potentially other services and channel managers that Instant World Booking interfaces with).

This also means that you can you can begin using Instant World Booking’s lowest cost Booking Engine for accommodation websites, with little trouble or worries at all.

If you use third party front-desk software, contact your software provider today, and tell them you want them to integrate with IWB.  Most software providers will be more than happy to accommodate your request, with no cost to you.  And integration with IWB is simple enough to complete in no time at all.

For more information, contact us today at: info@instantworldbooking.com

Why Instant Booking is Better for Hotels and Hostels?

Many hotels or hostels don’t want to manage yet another availability calendar.  But, why is the instant booking calendar really better than the online request method?  Instant World Booking has discussed this at some length, but for many hotels, the choice continues to be request-only.  There are clear advantages to the instant booking method that far outweigh any administrative inconveniences.  In the end, online requests always end up with some degree of frustration for hotel administrators.   Here’s why instant booking using an online calendar is best in almost every situation:

  1. The vast majority of users searching accommodation on the internet want instant gratification. If they have to wait for a response to a request, they disappear quickly. With instant booking, you capture the booking immediately, before they have time to search elsewhere.
  2. Instant booking has a much higher reservation success rate because of (1) above.
    Some users will submit a request simply to find out what rates are, and have no intention to book soon. This forces the hotel to respond to requests that will never turn into reservations.
  3. A percentage of all users never receive the response email because they are using some free email service (e.g., hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc.) that blocks mail from new senders as spam, and they don’t realize that this is happening. This is a simple fact that affects virtually all online services these days. A user that falls into this category will either disappear or complain that they never received a response. Nevertheless, with instant booking, this is never a problem, since the user receives confirmation directly while they’re still online.
  4. Hotel and hostel managers that are concerned with maintaining a calendar online have many options available to them. If they don’t want to use our interface directly, they can use one of several third party interfaces that feed into our system.  You can contact us for recommendations, or get more information at:  XML feed for availability calendars
  5. The risk of an occasional overbooking is more than offset by the higher level of bookings, income, and benefits mentioned above that can be achieved with the instant booking method.

Tired of managing multiple calendars manually?

Are you tired of managing multiple calendars on multiple systems?  Many hostels, hotels, and B&B’s we speak to are maintaining their calendar on at least half a dozen booking sites.  One even recently sent us a timesheet indicating how many hours they spend managing calendars on each website.  Now, you know that you’re spending a lot of time performing a task if you maintain a timesheet.

Instant World Booking offers an easier way.  Upload your calendar directly to our system.  We have an XML interface that allows both receiving and sending your calendar updates via an automatic feed.  So, if you currently use a calendar management or property management software to manage your calendar, contact your service provider today.  Tell them that you want them to interface with Instant World Booking.  Most propert management systems will be happy to accommodate their clients’ requests for integration.

So remember, contact your front desk or propery management provider today, and ask them to integrate with Instant World Booking.  Send them the following link to help them get started integrating with us:


New XML API version 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Instant Word Booking XML API version 2.0.  The new version now includes complete functionality for both retrieving and setting calendar allocations for lodgings of all types.  Now, channel managers, property managers, booking engines, consolidators, and affiliates of all types may both send their allocations to IWB and receive their allocations from IWB.  This means that end-user lodgings can effectively manage their calendars on IWB and send it to other systems, or manage their calendars elsewhere and feed it to IWB.

To get started with our XML API, begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

For more information, contact us today at: info@instantworldbooking.com

If you have a lodging property of any type, and wish to upload your availability directly to Instant World Booking, contact your calendar management system today and ask them to integrate with Instant World Booking.  Just send them the link to this page.

ASSD Hotel Property Management System Now Interfaces with IWB

Instant World Booking is pleased to announce that the ASSD Hostel and Hotel Property Management System PMS now interfaces with IWB.  This means that you can manage your calendar directly on ASSD’s PMS and feed your availability automatically to your Instant World Booking hotel listing.

ASSD’s core product within their Hotel Software Suite is their Property Management System PMS.  ASSD says their PMS can meet all front and back office needs for a hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast.  ASSD software products proudly incorporate the latest international trends, and have been developing their products for over 20 years.

Learn more about the ASSD Hotel Property Management System PMS.

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List of Calendar Management Systems Linked to Instant World Booking

The following is a list of calendar management systems currently linking to Instant World Booking.  What this means is that these 3rd party systems, whether CMS, Channel Management systems, availability calendars, property management, or front desk software systems, provide an interface to automatically update your calendar on the Instant World Booking network.

If you are currently working with another 3rd party system like those described above, tell them you want to be able to feed your availability directly to Instant World Booking.  Typically, services will respond positively to their clients’ requests of this type.

If you wish to check out one of the services listed above, please do so, and tell them you heard about them from Instant World Booking.  Frequently, services will be happy to offer special introductory pricing if they know their partners are referring new business to them.  So, it can’t hurt to ask.

Automatic Calendar Availability Updates with a new XML API

Instant World Booking now offers a convenient new way to update availability calendars for hostels, hotels, and bed & breakfasts.  Our XML API/interface for uploading calendar availability is available for:

  • Property Managers
  • Hostel chains and National Associations of lodgings
  • Channel Management systems
  • Other booking engines

In fact, anyone who is tired of managing availability manually, or updating systems on multiple booking engines, doesn’t have to.  Don’t spend hours trying to manage availability manually, or learning additional systems.  Our simple XML file format is easy to use and easy to upload.  We can offer assistance to anyone in need of help integrating an automatic allocation of rooms/beds on the Instant World Booking network.

If you are currently using another front end system for managing your available rooms and beds, let us know.  If we already interface with their system, you can upload your availability to us automatically.  If we don’t currently interface with your provider, call them up today and tell them you want to upload your calendar allocation to Instant World Booking.

To get started with our XML API, begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

For more information, contact us today at: info@instantworldbooking.com

If you are searching for an inexpensive front end system for managing multiple booking engines, check out http://myallocator.com/.  You can also contact us for other recommendations.

For a list of some 3rd party calendar management systems currently linking to Instant World Booking, please see: