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معظم الأماكن الشعبية:

Beijing, China

Beijing Saga Youth Hostel
تقييم العضو:  3.9   (قراءة 49 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 200
Beijing, No. 9, Shijia Hutong, Chao Nei Nan Xiao Jie, Dongcheng Distr   
Hostel - It is near Wangfujing Street, Forbidden City, Beihai, it take 30 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport(25km) and 10 minutes from Beijing Railway Station(1.5km).
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Beijing Capital Airport Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.4   (قراءة 78 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 304
Beijing, Capital International Airport, Shunyi District   
Hotel - Capital Airport Hotel Beijing is located at Capital International Airport, Shunyi District Beijing. It take 5 minutes from Capital International Airport(1km) and 15 minutes from Beijing Railway Station(20km).
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Beijing International Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.4   (قراءة 2 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 772
Beijing, No. 9 Jiangguo Mennei Street,   
Hotel - The Beijing International Hotel is one of the Beijing hotels that is a part of the Chang’an business district. The hotel is near the Herderson Center, the COFCC Plaza, and the Bright China Chang’An Mansion. The Beijing International Hotel is 2
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Beijing Dongfang Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.7   (قراءة 13 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 429
Beijing, No. 11, Wanming Road, Xuanwu District   
Hotel - located at the city centre. Surrounded by Tian'anmen Square, the Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven, Grand View Garden, Liulichang Cultural Street, the Front Gate Business Area and other scenic spots, transportation from the Dong Fang Hotel is very conveni
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Beijing Chong Wen Men Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.8   (قراءة 11 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 488
Beijing, No. 2, West Chong Wen Men Street   
Hotel - is located at the side of Chong Wen Men Cross downtown Beijing. It is a three star hotel which combines tourism, food and beverage, and recreation
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Beijing Minzu Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.7   (قراءة 2 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 916
Beijing, 51 Fuxingmennei Street   
Hotel - Located in the west of Chang An Avenue, Minzu Hotel is the neighbour of Xidan Commercial Center and also closed to the Fiancial District in the west
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Beijing Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.9   (قراءة 22 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 600
Beijing, No. 18 Jianguomen Nei Ave.   
Hotel - Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel Beijing is ideally located on East Chang An Street, in the heart of the golden area of the capital Beijing, surrounded by major business centers, tourist attractions, and the Embassy area
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Beijing Zhaolong Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.1   (قراءة 4 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 601
Beijing, No. 2, Workers' Stadium N. Road, Chaoyang District   
Hotel - Conveniently situated in the eastside of the city, the Zhao Long Hotel Beijing is adjacent to the Parcific Center shopping complex
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Beijing Yuyang Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.8   (قراءة 9 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 978
Beijing, No. 18 Xinyuan Xili Street, Chaoyang District   
Hotel - Newly refurbished in 2008, Yuyang Hotel (Yuyang Fandian) is situated by the Liangma River in eastern Beijing
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Beijing Sunworld Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.7   (قراءة 14 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 549
Beijing, No. 88 Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - the center of downtown Beijing at the corner of Wangfujing and Dengshikou (the 'Golden Street' and 'Silver Street' of Beijing). Sunworld Hotel Beijing is near many famous historical and cultural landmarks, including the Forbidden City, Tian An Men
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Beijing Xiyuan Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.6   (قراءة 8 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 539
Beijing, No. 1 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District   
Hotel - xiyuanhotel is only 500 meters from Beijing Zoo and Capital Gym and 1 kilometers from Beijing Exhibition Center.
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Beijing Tiantan Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.0   (قراءة 4 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 460
Beijing, No. 1, Ti Yu Guan Road. Chong Wen District   
Hotel - Tiantan Hotel Beijing The newly decorated Tian Tan Hotel is a four-star standard hotel. Tiantan Hotel Beijing from the temple of heaven narco-state barren hotel in the world, is the most near the famous world heritage of high star-rated hotel.Hotel is loc
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Beijing Citytel Inn Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.7   (قراءة 29 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 355
Beijing, C, D Block, Nanheyan Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - The whole building has a unique design. Built in 2008, the hotel reflects modern, comfortable and healthy characteristics
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Beijing Shatan Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.2   (قراءة 45 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 498
Beijing, No. 28 Shatan Houjie Dongcheng District   
Hotel - Beijing Shatan Hotel is the three-star tourist hotel. Located in the centre of Beijing,5 minutes walking to the Forbidden City perfect service.
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Beijing Hutong Inn
تقييم العضو:  3.7   (قراءة 21 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 202
Beijing, No. 17 Zhangwang Hutong, Jiu Gulou Street, Dongcheng   
Hotel - This Beijing hotel is located in the central downtown area.
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Beijing Continental Grand Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.5   (قراءة 6 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 796
Beijing, No. 8 Beichen Dong Lu, Andingmenwai, Chaoyang District, Beij   
Hotel - The Beijing Continental Grand Hotel is situated at the inter-junction of the North Fourth Ring Road and axle line of Beijing. The hotel is encompassed by a list of living and commercial facilities, including Beijing International Conference Center, Beiche
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Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.6   (قراءة 6 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 680
Beijing, No. 37, Dong Si Si Tiao   
Hotel - Come to witness and enjoy the traditional life style of Chinese people that you have never had before.
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Beijing Jade Garden Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.3   (قراءة 55 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 804
Beijing, No. 1 Nanheyan Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - It is near Tian An Men Square, it take 25 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport(28km) and 5 minutes from Beijing Railway Station(3km).
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Beijing Rainbow Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.8   (قراءة 8 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 529
Beijing, No. 11, Xijing Road, Xuanwu District   
Hotel - Beijing Rainbow Hotel is a modern 3-star hotel Located in the center of Beijing city, the hotel is at close range of famous scenic spots such as Tian An Men Square,
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Beijing Winterless Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.3   (قراءة 6 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 571
Beijing, No. 1 Jia, West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District   
Hotel - Winterless Hotel (Wentelai Jiudian) is located in the famous CBD area with convenient traffic access
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Nanjing Great Hotel Beijing
تقييم العضو:  4.7   (قراءة استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 400
Beijing, No. 5, West Wangfujing Avenue, Dongcheng District,   
Hotel - Situated in Wangfujing, Beijing's busiest and most famous downtown area, Nanjing Great Hotel is uniquely located to provide convenience as well as the highest quality of service to our guests
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Beijing Citycourt Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.2   (قراءة 18 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 199
Beijing, No. 14 Liulisi Hutong , Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District   
Hostel - The Citycourt Hotel Beijing is situated in the heart of the city’s historic district. This is one of the more unique hotels in Beijing, and the buildings are created in a Ming Dynasty style.
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Beijing Oriental Garden Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.1   (قراءة 10 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 610
Beijing, No. 6, South Dongzhimen Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - Centrally located in Beijing, this property is near Dong Yue Miao and Lama Temple. Another nearby point of interest is Ritan Park.
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Beijing Botai Hotel
تقييم العضو:  2.6   (قراءة 9 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 315
Beijing, 140 Jiaodaokou South Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - Beijing Botai Hotel is at the central area of Beijing, next to the Wangfujing and Dongdan Business District. We are close to the Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Houhai, Dongzhimen Cuisine Street (Guijie) and Sanlitun Bar Street.
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Beijing Xijiao Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.7   (قراءة استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 501
Beijing, 18 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District   
Hotel - The Xijiao Hotel Beijing is near both the Peking University and Tsinghua University campuses. It is in the Zhongguancun Science and Technology District. The Xijiao Hotel Beijing is 5 minutes' walk from the nearest metro station.
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Beijing Jianguo Hotelمعدلات من CNY 440
Beijing, No. 175 Yong' An Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing   
Hotel - The hotel is centrally located in the heart of city's business and administrative centre, close to the government offices, trade commissions and historic sites, such as the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the famous shopping street - WangFuJing
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Beijing Poly Plaza Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.5   (قراءة 4 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 259
Beijing, No. 14, South Dongzhimen Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - Official Hotel by XXIX Olympic Games a well-known 4-Star Hotel in Beijing, Lying at the northeast corner of the Dong Si Shi Tiao Bridge on the east 2nd ring road, the hotel is conveniently located in a central part of Beijing
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Swissotel Beijing
تقييم العضو:  4.5   (قراءة استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 660
Beijing, No. 2 Chao Yang Men Bei Da Jie   
Hotel - Swissotel Beijing is a five star luxury hotel located between the commercial and diplomatic districts in Beijing.
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Lu Song Yuan Hotel Beijing
تقييم العضو:  4.4   (قراءة 16 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 784
Beijing, No. 22, Banchang Lane, Kuanjie, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - The Beijing Lu Song Yuan Hotel lies in the center of the ancient city, an old-styled "Hutong" (Mongolian for water well) in the eastern part of the city. I
حجز الآن
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Beijing Jinglun Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.0   (قراءة 5 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 876
Beijing, 3 Jianguomenwai Avenue.   
Hotel - The 4-star Jinglun Toronto Hotel, situated right next to the World Trade Center in the bustling Chinese capital, is 15 minutes drive from Tiananmen Square and 40 minutes from Beijing's new airport.
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Beijing Zhong An Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.9   (قراءة 19 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 274
Beijing, No. 6 Kuijiachang Hutong, Ave, Do   
Hostel - It is in the vicinity of the Subway station, bus stations and is very convenient to places of interest like Tian An Men Square, Wangfujing business street, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City etc
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Dong Jiao Min Xiang Hotel Beijing
تقييم العضو:  3.7   (قراءة 4 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 437
Beijing, No. 23A, Dongjiaominxiang, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - The Dong Jiao Min Xiang Hotel Beijing is located in the heart of the city. Many of the biggest attractions are located nearby, including the Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square.
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Tang House Hostelمعدلات من CNY 38
Beijing, No 291 An Ding Men Nei Street   
Hostel - WELCOME TO TANG HOUSE,chinese hotel transformed to a full-of-life hostel, you can still feel the old china time as we keep it alive and conserved. Come to enjoy something unique.
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Wan Cheng Hua Fu International Hotel
تقييم العضو:  3.0   (قراءة 5 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 263
Beijing, No. 53, Dong An Men Street, Dongcheng District   
Hotel - Beijing Wan Cheng Hua Fu International Hotel, a quasi 3-star hotel, lies in the heart of the city and is close to Wangfujing Avenue and Tian An Men Square.
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Beijing Avic Hotel
تقييم العضو:  2.8   (قراءة 2 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 712
Beijing, No. 10 Yi, Central East Third Ring Road,   
Hotel - The Avic Hotel is located in the CBD area along the Chang'an Avenue amidst a tranquil and relaxing environment. It is only 15 miles from the Capital International Airport
حجز الآن
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Beijing Dream Hostelمعدلات من CNY 50
Beijing, No 3 An Zheng Xi Li , Building 9, Chaoyang District, Beijing   
Hostel - Beijing is a never ending Dream!! A brand new modern and intense hostel opened 8th July 2009 in Beijing
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Beijing Plaza Hotel
تقييم العضو:  4.6   (قراءة 2 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 549
Beijing, No. 100, Dongsanhuan South Road,   
Hotel - The Beijing Plaza Hotel (Chuanbo Zhonggong Jiudian) is built under the international four-star standards. The hotel is located in Beijing's southeast area, near the antique market, Panjiayuan and the Temple of Heaven
حجز الآن
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Beijing Kunlun Hotelمعدلات من CNY 884
Beijing, No. 2 Xin Yuan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District,   
Hotel - The Hotel Kunlun Beijing is situated in the commercial center of the city. There are many attractions within a few minutes of the hotel, including the Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square. Beihai Park is also located nearby. The international airport is lo
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1 Hai Inn
تقييم العضو:  4.2   (قراءة 2 استعراض)
معدلات من CNY 198
Beijing, No. 31 Beixin Hutong Yonghegong St.   
Hostel - Welcome to 1 Hai Inn,It is one of the most popular & traditional Beijing courtyard hostels .
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Beijing Xinyuan Hotelمعدلات من CNY 683
Beijing, No. 6 Shifangyuan Haidian   
Hotel - Official Hotel by XXIX Olympic Games Beijing Xinyuan Hotel has a total of 361 guestrooms and suites, all of which are equipped with minibars/refrigerators,
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