Credit card acceptance and online booking from your own website is now easily accessible from Instant World Booking - Learn how to accept credit cards and use's booking engine on your website.

Accepting credit cards from your website is easy and economical with Instant World Booking.   No more worries about cancellations.

Travel industry experts agree that accepting online credit card bookings from your website should be among your highest priorities.  Accepting credit cards from your website is easy and economical with Instant World Booking.  If you are not already listed with us, please take a moment to add your property information at the link below.  This will get you listed on our worldwide marketing network for free.

Get Listed to Accept Credit Cards Online

Once your listing has been activated, or if you're already listed, contact us and we will send you a custom booking page that will integrate perfectly into your existing website.  We provide all the technology and easy setup instructions.  You can begin accepting credit card bookings on your own website within only a couple of days.

"How am I protected in the case of a No-show or late Cancellation?"

This is one of the most frequent questions lodging operators ask.  We have the solution: 

For no-shows, you receive full payment since the booking was paid for in advance by credit card (on your website!).  For cancellations, you select a policy that allows you to collect any amount up to 100% of the booking if cancelled within a certain period prior to check-in.

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Take secure payments up-front for online bookings.

Instant World Booking is a leader in online booking innovation.  Our latest offering is the revolutionary capability to take full payment (100%) from your guests at the time of booking.  You can now accept credit cards, along with fully-integrated online reservations, right on your own website.  We handle all the processing, and you get the funds.

True online bookings from your website are more secure and efficient when you are assured 100% collection from your guests at confirmation.  This means no more worrying about customer payments.  We collect 100% of the reservation amount, and make payment to you monthly.

There are no setup fees, software purchases, maintenance contracts, or monthly usage fees.  To accept credit cards, you don't need a merchant account and payment gateway, and there are no bank applications.  When adding up all these costs, typically billed by competitors in bits and pieces, the total cost ranges from 20% - 30% of your reservation value.  This includes credit card processing, which competitors leave to you to handle on your own.

Bottom Line Cost

We provide fully-integrated credit card bookings with 100% collection from your guests for a cost of only 15% of the reservation amount.


Never make a payment to us!

Our payment process adds even more value to our partners.  Since we collect from the guest and pay you the proceeds, we retain our cost from this amount.  You never pay us anything, and if you have no reservations for a given period, our service costs nothing.


Truly Flexible

Instant World Booking offers a flexible array of custom solutions to lodging partners.  If you don't wish to collect 100% at time of booking, we can set you up to collect any amount, ranging from 8% - 100% of the reservation.  Our pricing is on a sliding scale also, so your cost could end up as low as 1.9% of the reservation.

Why Instant World Booking?


Studies show that without the ability to accept online booking from your website, you lose up to 85% of your traffic to competing sites.  But, even with online booking you may still double your online profits by accepting credit cards.  Instant World Booking can achieve these profits for you.


Truly Global

You're not restricted from accepting credit cards based on your geographic or credit position.  Your guests are not restricted either.  Instant World Booking has no borders.

Truly Efficient

Instant World Booking is a web-based solution.  There's no complicated hardware requirements or software to install.  Did you know that systems requiring periodic software upgrades and maintenance contracts evolved from 1980's travel industry technology, and are always more costly.

Truly Customized

We will custom-develop your booking pages to integrate perfectly into your website.  All the technology and instructions are provided for you.  Implementation is quick and free.  We can even install it on your site for you if you wish.  Bookings are secure and instant (request method bookings are also available).

Smart and Revolutionary

You don't need a merchant account, payment gateway, or credit card processor. There's no bank applications, approvals, credit card setups, or links to external processors. All of these are costly, and necessary if you maintain your own merchant account.

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Getting Started

Contact us today at Contact Us to get started accepting credit card confirmed bookings from your website.  If you're already listed with us, setup is quick, and you can begin accepting online bookings in just one or two days.

Remember, You never make a payment to us for any Instant World Booking Service.

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Accept credit card bookings easily online


Important merchant information:  Instant World Booking provides travel agency and technology to accept online reservations for member lodgings.  All transactions originate directly between cardholders and Instant World Booking, who provides the travel agency service to the cardholder.  No transactions are accepted or processed for any unrelated third party sale or business.  We do not sell or re-sell merchant services, or provide access to a merchant account or credit card system.  These conditions are in accordance with our merchant agreement, FTC rules, and other laws and regulations.

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