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Searching for more intelligent online marketing for your hotel, bed & breakfast, or hostel?  Instant World Booking now features an unbeatable set of online marketing and booking options.

Why unbeatable?  To start, signing up is free.  Our commissions are lower than the other guys (you know who they are).  Getting better online exposure is now easier than ever, and if you need a booking engine for your website, we offer an industry-leading solution that other services just can't compete with in terms of cost, convenience, and support.

If that's not enough, there are numerous other reasons why Instant World Booking can enhance your profits and bring in bookings better than competing services.  Consider increasing the professional credibility of your website with a world class booking engine.  And, how about the possibility of accepting credit cards on your own website, regardless of where in the world you're located.  Other services can't even offer this advanced capability.

For more reasons why Instant World Booking outperforms the competition in online booking and marketing, read:


Top 10 Reasons Instant World Booking is Better 


There are 2 things you can do immediately to dramatically increase your online exposure and increase profits:



1.   List your hotel, hostel, or bed & breakfast with Instant World Booking today.


List your property today at no cost.  Check out how the industry-leading Instant World Booking has helped thousands of other properties just like yours increase profits online.

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There is no obligation or cost to a free listing with Instant World Booking.  We ask only an 8% commission (versus 10%-30% required by virtually all other services) for reservations booked through our network.  Our marketing network is expansive and growing.  In addition to an extensive population of affiliate partners, Instant World Booking markets your property across our entire family of more than 3 dozen leading reservation websites.  You'll be featured on world-renowned sites like these and more:


2.   Accept online bookings and credit cards from your own website (optional).


We can set you up with true online bookings on your own site very quickly, and at a cost lower than available anywhere else.  Visitors to your site will be able to book instantly with you using their credit card.


Have an online booking engine already?  Contact us today.  We'll offer you better economics than your current provider, for a more advanced service.  Take advantage of rates as low as 1.9% if you choose the optional service of accepting bookings from your own website.


How about full No-show and Cancellation protection?  Never worry about collecting from your guests again.  Studies show that websites that don't offer online booking lose as many as 85% of their visitors, who move on quickly to search elsewhere.  Booking on your website is an optional service, so please let us know if this interests you (read on for more information).


If you don't want instant booking, but still want to feature reservation requests on your website, we can also set you up with one of the most advanced Request-Only reservation systems for your site.



Submit your own property today at the following page:


Bottom line, we offer the most advanced online booking technology at the lowest cost. Without it, you're either losing bookings to sites that book their guests online in seconds, or you're paying too much.


You never make a payment to us!  Our payment process adds even more value to our partners. This means no commission billing or transaction fees.  We collect an 8% deposit from the guest at confirmation. You have the security of a credit card guarantee (we've already validated the card), and collect the remaining balance (92%) from the guest on arrival, or according to your own payment policy.  If you don't accept credit cards, that's OK too.  You can collect your balance from the guest using your regular payment method.


Accept credit cards from your own website and get full No-show and Cancellation Protection.  Adding Instant World Booking to your own website is easy and provides seamless online booking to your visitors.  We'll even install it for you on your own website if you wish.  There's no additional cost to using this service and the commission rate is dropped to a nominal 1.9% when we collect a small deposit of 8% from your guest. 


Choose to collect at least 35% deposit from guests to take advantage of our full no-show and cancellation protection, with a commission of only 5%.  Choose full service credit card acceptance at a slightly higher cost, and we will collect 100% of the reservation from your guest up-front.


Don't bother looking for this service from other reservation services, because no one else offers it.  Now you can accept credit cards no matter what region or country you are located in.  No merchant accounts, credit applications, credit card processors, etc.   We provide full service collection, so you never have to worry again about collecting from guests, cancellations, and no-shows.


Beyond being a powerful booking engine, Instant World Booking brings you advanced flexibility.  For example, you maintain your own cancellation and no-show policies, not ours. You have the option of presenting your own custom room types to guests, not generic ones we define. Even vary your rate plans for meals, etc., which are offered at the point of purchase. There's no software downloads or hardware requirements. And, for properties that rent both beds and private rooms, we provide unique set-up options for both. No other high-end service provides these comprehensive capabilities in a single web-based solution.


Have you heard about our online Traveler Reviews?  We now have one of the most advanced user review systems for lodgings.  Learn how your guests rate you, and their unbiased opinions.  You can even feature your guests' reviews right on your own website.  Please ask about how our online traveler reviews can benefit your business.


We are totally committed to offering our lodging partners the most technologically advanced online reservation tools, and the best economical value available anywhere around the globe.  We look forward to getting you started with Instant World Booking today.


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