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저렴한 가격:

Sanya, China

Snaya Sombrero Youth Inn속도에서 CNY 60
Sanya, 三亚市大东海,海花路8号,鹿鸣小区内   
Hostel - sanya sombrero youth inn
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Sanya Sombrero Youth Inn속도에서 $9
Sanya, No. 8 Haihua Road,luming District,dadonghai Bay   
Hostel - sanya sombrero youth hostel。sanyahostel。sanya best hostel,sanya backpackers
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Merry Inn Sanya
사용자 선호도:  2.7   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 100
Sanya, 37 Tonghai Erxiang, Binhai Road   
Hostel - Merry Inn Hotel, providing one of the most comfortable solutions for accommodation in China, with a large range of activities.
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Raintree Backpacker Hostel속도에서 CNY 139
Sanya, 4Th Floor, Shan Shun Yun Tian Tower, He Dong Road   
숙소 - 삼아 레인 트리 배낭 호스텔
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The Sounds of Nature Hostel속도에서 CNY 185
Sanya, No. 66, Yuya Avenue, Dadonghai   
Hostel - The Sounds of Nature Hostel-The first hostel which service is provided by 5* hotel in sanya!
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Beijing, China

Far East International Youth Hostel속도에서 $10
Beijing, No. 90 Tie Shu Xie Jie Qian Men Wai   
숙소 - 북경 극동 국제 유스 호스텔은, 전형적인 현지 거주 지역, 보존 및 보호 후퉁 지역에 위치하고 있습니다!
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Artstel Beijing속도에서 CNY 88
Beijing, West Seven Star Street In 798 Art District,   
숙소 - 숙박 베이징의 예술 중심부에 클린 및 예산!
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Discovery Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.7   (독서 3 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 98
Beijing, 10 Jintai Li ( Half Basement )   
Hostel - 北京で唯一日本人オーナーのユースホステルです。安心、清潔、格安、便利!!!
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Beijing Courtel
사용자 선호도:  3.5   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 100
Beijing, No. 8 Courtyard, Andingmen West Street,dongcheng District,   
Hotel - A Chinese Traditional Four Star Courtyard Hotel in Beijing
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Peking Yard Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 3 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 100
Beijing, 28 Wangzhima Hutong, Dongsi Beidajie, Dongcheng District   
숙소 - 베이징 경찰국은 발견할 것이다 가장 아름다운 호텔 중 하나입니다. 이 아름다운 건물은 우리의 손님을 그냥 베이징의 역사를 볼 수 있지만 또한 그것에 잘 수있는 기회를 안 준다!
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Tianhaiyuan Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 $15
Beijing, No.51, Dongsijiutiao   
Hostel - tianhaiyuan hostelis very nice
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Huitongge Apartment
사용자 선호도:  2.5   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 $18
Beijing, Tower C Irrigation Channel South, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang Distr   
Apartment - Huitongge Apartments features olden classical architecture combined with modern facilities and is designed by famous architects.
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Zaoyuan Courtyard
사용자 선호도:  4.5   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 130
Beijing, 17# Zhangwang Hutong Jiugulou Dajie Dongcheng District , Bei   
호스텔 - 느낌이에게 "집을 떠나 집으로"당신에게를 제공 Zaoyuan 야드에 오신 것을 환영합니다
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9 Dragon House
사용자 선호도:  4.3   (독서 10 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 141
Beijing, No. 78, Dongsi Jiutiao, Dongcheng District   
Hostel - We offer airport pickup for 90 RMB for one person, or 150 RMB for 2 to 4 people. If arriving at the Beijing West Train Station, we can arrange pickup for 30 RMB per car. We can pick you up for free at the main Beijing Train Station.
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Beijing Drum Tower Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.8   (독서 9 리뷰)
속도에서 $22
Beijing, No.51 Jiugulou Dajie, Xicheng District   
Hostel - The best location youth hostel in BeiJing
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Beijing Dongning Hotel속도에서 $23
Beijing, No.9 Xinyuanli ,chaoyang District,beijing   
Hotel - two subway stations nearby,close to the airport highway and the embassy district,a great location
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Sweet Garden House속도에서 CNY 160
Beijing, No.19 Dongsi Qi Tiao, The North Of Chaoyangmen Beixiaojie,   
Hotel - we supply a clean and comfortable accommodation that let you enjoy Chinese culture and traditions for a reasonable price
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Beijing Dream Hostel속도에서 CNY 162
Beijing, No 3 An Zheng Xi Li , Building 9, Chaoyang District, Beijing   
Hostel - Beijing is a never ending Dream!! A brand new modern and intense hostel opened 8th July 2009 in Beijing
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Pekinguni Inernational Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.1   (독서 9 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 167
Beijing, No. 150, Chengfulu Road, Haidian District   
호스텔 - 2008 년 베이징 올림픽 마을에 가까운 유스 호스텔. 중국에서 가장 유명한 대학으로 둘러싸인 대학 도시에 위치하고있는 유일한 국제 유스 호스텔, 북경 어언 문화 대학, 북경 대학, TS를 포함
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Dream Castle 2속도에서 CNY 180
Beijing, No 3 An Zheng Xi Li , Building 9, Chaoyang District   
Hotel - Dream Castle2 Hotel is a haven of relaxation and calm amid the hectic bustle of Beijing's Heart. The hotel is bright, stylish and contemporary and the friendly staff will help ensure your stay is enjoyable, productive and memorable for all the right reaso
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Beijing 365 Youth Apartment속도에서 $28
Beijing, Dongxinglongstreet   
Apartment - Center of the city, walking distance to Forbidden City, beside of the New World Shopping Mall and local area. Convenient, comfy and quiet studio serviced apartments with private bathroom and kitchenette for daily rental.
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Tang House Hostel속도에서 CNY 192
Beijing, No 291 An Ding Men Nei Street   
Hostel - WELCOME TO TANG HOUSE,chinese hotel transformed to a full-of-life hostel, you can still feel the old china time as we keep it alive and conserved. Come to enjoy something unique.
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1 Hai Inn
사용자 선호도:  4.2   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 198
Beijing, No. 31 Beixin Hutong Yonghegong St.   
호스텔 - 1 하이 인에 오신것을 환영합니다, 그것은 가장 인기있는 & 전통 북경 안뜰 호스텔 중 하나입니다.
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Beijing Homekey Hotel
사용자 선호도:  3.7   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 198
Beijing, 15 Yu Er Hu Tong   
호텔 - forbiden 도시 근처에 아름다운 전망과 함께 정원 지역에서 가장 높은 bulding
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161 Hostel속도에서 CNY 199
Beijing, 161 Li Shi Hu Tong   
Hotel - Centrally located in one of Beijing's Hutongs,161 Hostel gives you a superb glimpse of a mix of new and old about the city.
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Beijing Vanilla Garden Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.8   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 $30
Beijing, Hongdao Village, Machikou Town, Changping District   
Hostel - The Vanilla Garden International Youth Hostel is located at Changping District of Beijing, it adjoins to the Beijing-Miyun Canal and closes to the Great Wall and Ming Tombs.
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Beijing P Loft Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.7   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 204
Beijing, No. 29 Paoju Tou Tiao, Dongcheng District   
Hostel - Welcome to Beijing P.LOFT international youth hostel. It's the one youth hostel with the Loft style in Beijing.
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Qianmen Courtyard Hotel속도에서 $32
Beijing, 4 Shijia Hutong   
Hotel - Beautiful Oriental decor and Chinese architecture feature at Beijing Qianmen Courtyard Hotel
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Beijing City Central Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.7   (독서 3 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 217
Beijing, No. 1 Beijing Zhan Qian Jie   
Hostel - budget accommodation, central location. for backpackers
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Forest And Land Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.9   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 220
Beijing, Chao Nei Dai Jie Front Guaibang No26   
Hostel - located in the famous sight-seeing area andright in the Heart of 'downtown Beijing' and so close to the local people that you can look very deep into their life...
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Yangshuo, China

Charming Inn
사용자 선호도:  2.7   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 70
Yangshuo, West Street   
호스텔 - 완벽한 장소! 특별한 서비스! 공정한 가격! 부드럽게 INN 모든.
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The Donkey Hostel속도에서 CNY 100
Yangshuo, 广西省桂林市阳朔县叠翠路府前巷39号。   
약도 :

1. 계림 기차역에서 Yangshuo 호텔로 :

버스 :
계림 기차역에서 (도로를 교차하지 않음), 우회전하
- 파라다이스 여행자를위한, Yangshuo 호텔 2 외국인 배낭의 수명을 변경합니다. 캐나다와 말레이시아 배낭 토지의이 작은 조용한 조각과 사랑에 가을 숙소를 엽니다. 파티에 참여를 위해 이리와.
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Shanghai, China

Le Tour Traveler's Rest Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.4   (독서 5 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 100
Shanghai, Bldg. 36, 319 Jiaozhou Road   
숙소 - 숙소 건물은 1930 년대에 수건 공장으로 지어졌으며, 고의적 상해 문화의 세부 사항을 유지하는 단장한 있습니다 : 좁은 차선 (NongTang), 스톤 프레임, 케이스, 포장.
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The Phoenix
사용자 선호도:  3.2   (독서 7 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 110
Shanghai, 15-17 South Yunnan Road   
숙소 - 편안하고 깨끗한 중심 - 상해의 중심부에있는 운남 식품의 거리에서 머물면서 15 분 이내에 주요 사이트에 도시의 20여 도보로 수
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Le Tour Shanghai
사용자 선호도:  4.4   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 160
Shanghai, 136 Bai Lan Lu   
숙소 - 르 투어 상하이 유스 호스텔 상해의 중심부에 간단하고 깨끗한 베드 & 브랙 퍼스트 숙소입니
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Sleeping Dragon International Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.6   (독서 4 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 181
Shanghai, 394 Zhoushan Rd.   
Hostel - Newly renovated, comfortable and clean hostel, located in convenient Old Town Shanghai. Enjoy views of the famous Jin Mao Tower and Oriental Pearl Tower from your room.
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Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 186
Shanghai, No.50 Lane300 Wuning Road, Putuo District   
Hostel - The best hostel in shanghai---shanghai city central international youth hostel
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Koala Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.1   (독서 4 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 200
Shanghai, 1447 Xikang Road, Putuo District   
Hostel - We provide quality accommodation at affordable rates for tourists, businessmen, families and students.
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Shanghai Soho International Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.6   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 238
Shanghai, No. 1307 South Suzhou Road, Huangpu District   
호스텔 - 상하이에서 당신을 위해 아늑한 오두막
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Xi'an, China

7 Sages International Youth Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 CNY 137
Xi'an, Courtyard 5,qixianzhuang No.1,beixin Street ,xi'an China   
Hostel - It is a characteristic Chinese courtyard community, the only youth hostel in Xian located in such a historic setting.
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Dali, China

Harmony Gusthouse속도에서 CNY 160
Dali, Cental Sqaure   
Hostel - If you are looking for a cozy and clean hotel in the center of the Dali old town, we are the best choice for you. We have nice rooms with traditional Chinese interior for all types of travellers. There is a bar&cafe which gained the reputation for the
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China Old Story Inns Of Dali속도에서 CNY 199
Dali, Wenxian Road, Dali, 300Meters From South Gate Of Old Town   
Hotel - China Old Story Inns of Dali is situated 300 metres from the South Gate of Dali Old Town. Housed in a traditional 3-storey Bai-style building, it features free Wi-Fi throughout the property and displays classic Chinese artworks.
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Dayan, China

Garden Inn속도에서 CNY 160
Dayan, No. 7 Wenmiao Alley, Beimen Street, Old Town District   
Hostel - Garden Inn , The longest-running hostel in Lijiang which is newly relocated This is the only place in lijiang that you can not see the business shops, local people lives here, sleeps easy. We can enjoy the earliest sunshine of the old town, and the bird
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Guilin, China

Guilin Zelin Hotel속도에서 CNY 188
Guilin, No. 76 South Zhongshan Road   
호텔 - 와우 !!!!! 우수한 제품 Zelin의 호텔! 예약하세요! 좋은 위치, 최저 객실 요금과 편의 3 성급 호텔 standrand 픽업 service.Effective Aug 2010.Guilin Zelin 호텔에서 무료입니다만을 RMB158 위안 밖에 5 분 계림 기차역에서 도보로
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Huangshansi, China

Huangshan Old Street Hostel속도에서 CNY 199
Huangshansi, No. 266, Old Street( Laojie), Tunxi,   
숙소 - 이것은 500 년 된 고대 스트리트, 황산시에서 아주 좋은 관광 명소 사이트 오른쪽에, 도시의 중심부에 위치하고 있습니다.
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Chengdu, China

Chengdu Wenjun Mansion Hotel
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 5 리뷰)
속도에서 $30
Chengdu, #180 Qintai Road   
Hotel - Whether youre a backpacker, budget traveler, or family traveling through Sichuans capital of Chengdu, Wen Jun Lou Hotel (located at 12 Qingtai Lu) has everything to meet your needs.
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Shenzhen, China

Zoe Hostel속도에서 CNY 220
Shenzhen, 2002 Nan Hai Da Dao   
Self catering - Zoe hostel is a professional economical self-catering apartment, short term apartment. We provide our customer a widely lease range from daily, weekly to monthly.
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Zhuhai 호텔
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