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여행자는 가입 우리와 함께 일하는호텔 거래 Nicaragua 리뷰 및 여행자 권장 귀하의 호텔과 숙소 예약을 확인

저렴한 호텔 및 호스텔 에 Nicaragua

저렴한 호텔 Nicaragua
예산 여행 Nicaragua

저렴한 가격 Nicaragua


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저렴한 가격:

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Hotel Sunset요금부터 $20
San Juan del Sur, De Banpro 100Mtrs Al Sur.   
Hotel - Hotel Sunset is a great place for events with great location in San Juan Del Sur.
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Hotel Maracuya San Juan del Sur요금부터 $40
San Juan del Sur, De Aurora Real State 1 Cuadra Al Norte 1 Al Este Uphill   
Hotel - Hotel Maracuya
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Barrio Cafe Hotel Restaurant Bar요금부터 $86
San Juan del Sur, From The Local Market One Block West   
Hotel - Each of our rooms comes furnished with comfortable 2 queen size beds, televison, air conditioning and hot water.
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La Terraza Guest House요금부터 $98
San Juan del Sur, Del Parque Central, 25 V. Oeste   
게스트 하우스 - 손님 호텔, 호스텔의 가격, 가정의 안락의 시설을 찾는 곳.
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Surf Ranch Hotel and Resort요금부터 $100
San Juan del Sur, Empalme De El Valle, 991. 5 Metros Al Este.   
Hotel - The Surf Ranch is Nicaragua`s first and only action sports resort, featuring Nicaragua`s largest skateboard park, jungle paintball course, tower drop into a huge inflatable airbag, world class restaurant & bar, swimming pool & swim up bar.
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Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa요금부터 $200
San Juan del Sur, De La Parroquia 1 1/2 Cuadra Al Este   
Resort - 69 accommodation units with an amazing ocean view, 3 infinity pools, 2 restaurants, 1 spa and 1 sailboat
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Bahia del Sol Villas and Condominiums요금부터 $335
San Juan del Sur, La Talanguera   
Hotel - We have 9 villas made up of 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms which feature living room, dining room and kitchen.
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Managua, Nicaragua

Hotel Los Cisneros요금부터 $21
Managua, Sector Bolonia Cst 2C. Als Ur 1/2C. Al Este   
Hotel - Beautiful apartaments 1 or 2 rooms, furnished, terrace with hammacks, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning+wiffi+garden + garage
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Hotel Gueguense요금부터 $40
Managua, De La Estatua De Montoya   
Hotel - El Gueguense is a cultural hotel that offers to our guests a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, its main feature is to show touches of our great natural resources and the hidden wonderfull places in nicaragua.
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Hotel El Gueguense요금부터 $50
Managua, From Montoya 1 1/ 2 Blocks South   
호텔 - 엘 Güegüense ㆍ, 따뜻하게하고 편안한 분위기를, 우리의 손님과 친구 편안한에게 제공하는 문화적인 호텔이며, 그 특별한 신뢰성은 우리의 전통 민속과 특이성의 위대한 재산의 브러시 스트로크를 표시하는 것입니다.
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Hotel La Posada del Arcangel요금부터 $50
Managua, Canal 10 De Tv 100Mts Al Oeste, 150Mts Al Sur   
Hotel - Hotel La Posada del Arcangel - Its a Hotel with Executive Style in a Modern Environment with Antique Pieces of Art.
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Hotel Los Pinos요금부터 $55
Managua, Reparto San Juan Calle San Juan No. 314   
Hotel - hospitality, nature & serenity
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Hotel Mozonte요금부터 $60
Managua, Entrada A Pricesmart 1 ½ Cuadra Al Norte   
호텔 - 즐겨 Nicaraguans의 가장 소중한 보물 중 하나 : 접대.
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Hotel Europeo요금부터 $67
Managua, Reparto Bolonia, Del Canal 2 De Tv, 75 Varas Al Oes   
Hotel - 33 rooms with all included: Air conditioning, Connexion wired and wireless Internet, Safe, Hot and cold water, cable TV with over 70 channels, direct telephone line The facilities may include: Bar and Restaurant, Meeting room (maximum 20 people), pool, ga
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Hotel Estrella요금부터 $76
Managua, Portezuelo   
Hotel - Family owned hotel only 15 minutes away from the International Airport
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Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel Dolphin Guest House
사용자 평가:  4.8   (읽기 3 리뷰)
요금부터 $50
Granada, Reparto San Juan   
호텔 - 그라나다, 니카라과의 럭셔리 스튜디오 아파트
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Hotel Casa del Consulado요금부터 $80
Granada, Calle El Consulado 105   
Hotel - A colonial boutique hotel with 14 luxury rooms, located near Granadas Main Square. Offers an exclusive environment for our guests to enjoy their vacations. This colonial house has been renovated to offer a luxurious experience.
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El Gigante, Nicaragua

Macheles Place Beachside Hotel and Pool요금부터 $70
El Gigante, Main Street Playa El Gigante, Tola   
Hotel - Macheles beachside Hotel and Restauran located in Gigante, Tola
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San Juan del Norte, Nicaragua

Rio Indio Adventure Lodge요금부터 $168
San Juan del Norte, Rio San Juan   
Resort - Rainforest Jungle Tourism - Sportsman Fishing, Jungle/Birding and WildlifeTours along the Indio Maiz National Reserve for an Adventure of a Lifetime in our All Inclusive 4 Star Resort Lodge.
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Tola, Nicaragua

Guacalito de la Isla요금부터 $525
Tola, Km 10 Carretera A Las Salinas, Tola   
Apartment - It appears in the distance, like a tropical and deserted beach of legend.
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