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저렴한 가격:

Brasso, Romania

Old Town Hostel Brasov속도에서 €8
Brasso, 39 Purundului Street   
Hostel - We are the most central located hostel from Brasov, with the cheapest prices, good facilites and the most proffesional staff!
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Brasov Old Town Hostel속도에서 €10
Brasso, Strada Prundului 39   
숙소 - 브라쇼브의 구시 가지에 위치한 저희 호스텔은 깨끗하고 중앙에 위치한 집에있는 모든 여
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Hostel Boemia속도에서 €12
Brasso, Str. Gheorghe Baritiu Nr. 13   
Hostel - Hostel Boemia situated in the old town near the Black Church and Council Square.
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Good Vibes속도에서 €13
Brasso, Strada Constantin Lacea 4   
Guesthouse - Great vintage House with the bigest garden in the town
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Centrum House Hostel속도에서 €13
Brasso, Republicii Str., Nr. 58   
Hostel - Centrum House Hostel is located on the main pedestrian street in the heart of historical old town, minutes walk from the 'must see' attractions.
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Jugendstube Hostel속도에서 €14
Brasso, Michael Weiss , Nr. 13   
Hostel - Quiet nights inside, crazy nights outside, tours, castles, beautiful nature, best location, good prices, clean hostel and friendly staff - all this you can only find in Brasov, at JugendStube Hostel!
지금 예약
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Hotel Astra속도에서 €22
Brasso, Panselelor Street Nr. 2   
Hotel - 9 quad rooms, 28 triple rooms and 7 double rooms, each room with it's own bathroom
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Long Street Hotel속도에서 €24
Brasso, Lunga Street, No 193   
호텔 - 도시의 최신 지어진 호텔
지금 예약
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Bucharest, Romania

Olive Hostel속도에서 $9
Bucharest, Strada General Dona 11   
지금 예약
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Linden Lake Hostel속도에서 $9
Bucharest, Bdl. Lacul Tei 106   
숙소 - 린든의 나무와 부카레스트의 북쪽 주거 지역에 전용 뒷마당
지금 예약
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Bucur's Shelter Hostel속도에서 RON 40
Bucharest, Bucur Street Nr. 21   
Hostel - Bucur’s Shelter is a cozy, home-style, first traditional Romanian hostel in the heart of Bucharest. The spirit of the Bucur’s Shelter is cool and vibrant, a place to feel at home, meet fellow travelers and other backpackers, relax and make fri
지금 예약
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Crazy Duck Hostel속도에서 €10
Bucharest, 130, Stirbei Voda Str.   
Hostel - Located in Bucharest downtown, in a quiet, nice area. We have 8 rooms/26 beds, recreation room, kitchen, garden terrace, laundry, bike parking.
지금 예약
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Vogue Hostel속도에서 RON 50
Bucharest, Nr2, Strada Gabroveni   
Hostel - Experience The Heart of Bucharest
지금 예약
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East Hostel속도에서 €11
Bucharest, Sfintii Voievozi, No. 1, District 1   
Hostel - East Hostel offers budget accommodation at the highest standard in the settings of a period building conveniently located within a walking distance of 6 min in a straight line from the main train station and just another stone’s throw away from the
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Cristman Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.3   (독서 8 리뷰)
속도에서 €15
Bucharest, Str. Ion Calin Nr. 15 Sector 2   
Hostel - A new clean and cheep hostel, situated in the middle of Romania`s capital Bucharest. All the rooms have bathrooms, color satelite TV, and free internet acces and free tee and coffee.
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Dida House
사용자 선호도:  3.2   (독서 8 리뷰)
속도에서 €20
Bucharest, Str. Albinelor 32   
Bed and breakfast - Guest house with private roms + airport pick-up with extra charge
지금 예약
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Bucharest Center Villa속도에서 €20
Bucharest, Vulturilor 69   
Guesthouse - New Villa with 6 rooms in city center
지금 예약
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Hostel Litovoi속도에서 €22
Bucharest, Strada Litovoi Voievod 60   
호스텔 - 우리는 비즈니스 및 관광 고객 서비스의 다양한 배열을 모두 제공합니다.
지금 예약
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Bucuresti, Romania

Hostel Peaches속도에서 €8
Bucuresti, Strada Orzari 52   
Hostel - We are a group of friends who love traveling, discovering new places and people from different cultures. We used to couch surf and savor every drop of friendship everywhere we traveled. We became addicted to meeting people like us; therefore we decided to
지금 예약
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First Hostel Bucharest속도에서 €8
Bucuresti, Bd. Marasesti Nr. 86   
Hostel - Looking for a cheap, central, CLEAN, modern, friendly place to stay in? With all the costs including, even bikes? Look no further, this is the First Hostel in Bucharest!
지금 예약
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Little Bucharest - Old Town Hostel속도에서 €11
Bucuresti, Smardan Street, Number 15, Floor 2   
Hostel - Little Bucharest has been designed especially for backpackers and young travellers.
지금 예약
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Tiberius Hostel속도에서 €12
Bucuresti, Strada Antiaeriană 73   
Hostel - A small and cozy hostel located near Bucharest's city center awaits travelers from around the world to explore our beautiful town or just get one good night sleep.
지금 예약
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Tudor Rooms속도에서 €15
Bucuresti, Str. Rm. Sarat Nr. 31, Bl. 11B, Sc. B, Ap. 78   
Apartment - 2 spare bedrooms to rent
지금 예약
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Hotel Tripoli속도에서 €20
Bucuresti, 10, Hagiului Str,   
호텔 - Traian 시장 영역에서 Unirii Squaire, Universitatii Squaire과 하이퍼 리온 대학의 부근, 부쿠레슈티의 심장에 위치한 (10, Hagiului str을 보여주고있다., 136 교차로 Calarasilor 번가.) 트리폴리 호텔은 매력적인 비용으로 당신에게 객실을 갖추고 있습니다!
지금 예약
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Bucharest Center Villa속도에서 €20
Bucuresti, Strada Vulturilor 69   
Guesthouse - New Villa with 6 rooms in city center
지금 예약
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Hotel Litovoi Central속도에서 €22
Bucuresti, Strada Toamnei 68   
Hotel - Cheap accomodation in the center of Bucharest
지금 예약
여기를 클릭하십시오.
Litovoi Central Hotel속도에서 €24
Bucuresti, Strada Toamnei 68   
호텔 - 거의 부쿠레슈티 (Bucharest)의 중심부에 있습니다! 당신이 마을과 가까운 호텔에서 최고의 거래를 찾고 있다면, 당신은 설립하였습니다.
지금 예약
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Sibiu, Romania

Chess Hostel속도에서 RON 40
Sibiu, Strada Ștefan cel Mare 6   
Hostel - The most relaxing hostel in Sibiu welcomes you with the best prices.
지금 예약
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BnB La Noi속도에서 €20
Sibiu, Tocile De Sus 141   
Bed and breakfast - Cosy family B&B in the mountains
지금 예약
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Suceava, Romania

Lary Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.3   (독서 3 리뷰)
속도에서 RON 40
Suceava, No 195, Aurel Vlaicu Street   
숙소 - 수체 아바 최고의 가격에 진정한 루마니아어 분위기!
지금 예약
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Irene's Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.5   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €10
Suceava, Str. Armneasca Building 4   
Hostel - Irene's Hostel is ideally located in Suceava City Center (AUTOGARA) Armeneasca Street, number 4, just a short walk to the main Square (city center), known for its friendly atmosphere, cleanliness and good value for money.
지금 예약
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Cluj-Napoca - Kolozsvar, Romania

Zen Hostel By Pura Vida속도에서 €11
Cluj-Napoca - Kolozsvar, Bulevardul Eroilor 47   
Hostel - Zen Hostel was born out of love for travelling. And because we want to offer our guests the real Transylvanian experience and make them feel more like at home, most of the furnishings are hand made. We opened in June 2015 so everything is new.
지금 예약
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Youthink Hostel속도에서 €11
Cluj-Napoca - Kolozsvar, Strada Republicii 74   
Hostel - Youthink is a fresh, hospitable hostel offering a beautiful old house surrounded by an idyllic garden that features low prices and a friendly helpful staff; promotes conscious travelling, green living and an active social interaction with the local youth
지금 예약
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City Center Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €12
Cluj-Napoca - Kolozsvar, Str Memorandumului Nr 13 ( Colt Ion Ratiu Nr 2)   
숙소 - 클루지 - NAPOCA에 저렴한 숙박 시설
지금 예약
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Timisoara - Temesvar, Romania

Hostel Costel속도에서 €11
Timisoara - Temesvar, Str. Petru Sfetca Nr. 1 ( Former Vidra)   
호스텔 - 이 90년 올드 빌라는 완전히 회사로 개조하고 따뜻하고 친절한 호스텔 Costel으로 변모되었습니다. 3 공유 침실 다양한 일반 지역 (생활, 진정해 - 라운지, 테라스 또는 정원) 외에 한 정교한 더블 룸이 있습니다.
지금 예약
여기를 클릭하십시오.
Pensiune Venus속도에서 €22
Timisoara - Temesvar, Liviu Rebreanu 59   
숙박 및 아침 식사 - 비너스 *** Pensiune 티미 소 아라가에서 5 분 (도보)에서 중앙 지역에 위치 : 조용하고 선택 영역에있는 타운 병원, 댄 Paltinisan 경기장, 오써닥스 대성당과 시내 중심가.
지금 예약
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Constanta, Romania

Eol777 Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.8   (독서 5 리뷰)
속도에서 €12
Constanta, Aviator Vasile Craiu Nr3A   
숙소 - 작은 유스 호스텔과 queit
지금 예약
여기를 클릭하십시오.

Busteni, Romania

Pension Paunasul속도에서 €20
Busteni, Str. Moissy Cramayel No 6   
Guesthouse - Located 200 m from the main highway on the road from Poiana Tapului to the Howling Falls hiking trail, friendly and intimate offers cozily accommodations
지금 예약
여기를 클릭하십시오.

Eforie Nord, Romania

Villa La Mer속도에서 €20
Eforie Nord, Curbeului No. 10( Dn39A)   
Villa - A new location in North Eforie, quality design and facilities that can satisfy the most demanding requirements. These are the features that define Villa La Mer accommodation.
지금 예약
여기를 클릭하십시오.

Poiana Brasov, Romania

Antonella Apartment속도에서 €24
Poiana Brasov, Brasov City, De Mijloc Street Nr. 32   
아파트 - 특히 숙박, Antonella 아파트는 이상적인 위치와 함께, 모든 취향과 필수품을 만족시키기 이러한 방법을 갖춘 품질이 높은 수준에서 설계되었습니다. apartm은 현대적이고 새로운 그리고 나쁘게 청소하고 아침 식사가 i를 포함
지금 예약
여기를 클릭하십시오.

Zarnesti, Romania

Andalex속도에서 $29
Zarnesti, Strada Râului 74   
Pension - Pensiune la poalele Masivului Piatra Craiului
지금 예약
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