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Burada en popüler şehirlerde en ucuz oteller vardır.  En sevdiğiniz şehirler yakınındaki tüm özelliklere arama genişletmek için bir yer seçin. Select "şimdi Kitap" anında online rezervasyonu yaptırmak.

En ucuz fiyatları:

Arequipa, Peru

La Casa de MarcelaOranlarından $6
Arequipa, El Carmen 509 - Miraflores   
Guesthouse - La Casa de Marcela is a family lodge located in Miraflores at 5 minutes from the main square. Our main
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Hostal Posada Del Parque
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  4.1   (Okumak 5 yorumlar)
Oranlarından $6
Arequipa, Dean Valdivia 238 A   
Hostel - Located in the heart of the historic center of the city, only three blocs from the main square, you will find the Hostal La Posada del Parque. A large colonial house specially remodeled to offer you a friendly service.
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Arequipay Backpackers HouseOranlarından $7
Arequipa, Calle Cruz Verde 309   
Hostel - Welcome to Arequipay Backpackers House, a youth hostel where hospitality and personalized service are combined to make you feel at home. Our hostel is an old colonial house in Arequipa who is waiting for tourist from different countries.
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Hostal Mama ClaireOranlarından $8
Arequipa, Calle Juan De La Torre 108 Cercado   
Hostel - Hostel Mama Claire, located in the middle of Arequipa, only 4 blocks from the main square.
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Hostal Wayra RiverOranlarından $9
Arequipa, Cruz Verde 309   
Hostel - Beautiful old house only four blocks from Main Square "Plaza de Armas".
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Inca Reisen House and Camp
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.3   (Okumak 3 yorumlar)
Oranlarından $9
Arequipa, Inca Reisen House & Camp Its In Pasaje Saenz Peñ   
Hostel - We have mixed rooms, clean and confortable, hot water, TV, WI FI, and all for you
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Nazca, Peru

Brabant HostalOranlarından $6
Nazca, Juan Matta Street #878   
Guesthouse - Hospedaje Brabant:: a small, quiet, safe and inexpensive hostel in the centre of town, that offers travellers from all ages to spend a great time in Nazca.
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Pirwa Backpackers NazcaOranlarından $9
Nazca, Av. Maria Reiche #304   
Hostel - Welcome to a home away from home. Pirwa Backpackers Hostels Nazca is located in the heart of the city, in walking distance to all the museums, markets, cafes, restaurants and bars. We offer you a free pick up service.
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Hostal Posada Guadalupe
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  3.9   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $9
Nazca, Calle San Martin 225   
Guesthouse - The Posada Guadalupe is a small and charming hotel is located in a quiet and a good place to rest. Where the owners will take good care of you.
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Huaraz, Peru

Andescamp LodgeOranlarından PEN 18
Huaraz, 625 Huascar   
Hostel - Andescamp Lodge - backpacker's hostel, travel agency, mountain bar and cinema
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La Casa de Maruja Bed and BreakfastOranlarından $10
Huaraz, Las Esmeraldas 146   
Bed and breakfast - Bed and breakfast hostel in Huaraz feel you a real native peruvian family in a cozy, friendly and clean place
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Cusco, Peru

Kurumi HostelOranlarından PEN 18
Cusco, Arco Iris 488   
Hostel - Huge colonial House, Great garden, great views.... unforgettable stay!
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Bright Hostels CuscoOranlarından $7
Cusco, Calle Ladrillos 436, Int #2   
Hostel - Bright Hostels is a nice place for rest, special discounts if you reserve also for our hostel in machu picchu. Included: breakfast, Hot showers all day, kitchen facilities, fast internet, etc.
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Pirwa Backpackers Cusco
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.6   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $8
Cusco, Calle Carmen Alto 283 - San Blas   
Hostel - it is like staying at a friend's house, the only difference might be that there are a few more people from all around the world
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Pirwa Backpackers ColonialOranlarından $8
Cusco, Plaza San Franscisco # 360   
Hostel - Pirwa Hostels offers different types of accommodation at the hot spots in town, close to all the major attractions, markets, cafés, bars, restaurants etc.
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Hostal Siete AngelitosOranlarından PEN 25
Cusco, Calle Siete Angelitos 675   
Hostel - Estamos ubicados en el antiguo barrio de San Blas a 2 cuadras aprox de la plaza principal del Cusco
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Milhouse Backpackers and HotelOranlarından PEN 26
Cusco, Quera 270   
Hostel - Experience this high quality hostel with great facilities and fun atmosphere in the magical Inca city. Milhouse Cusco is trendy and exciting: a truly wonderful hostel to stay at.
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Okidoki Cusco HostelOranlarından $9
Cusco, Calle Nueva Alta N° 644 - Cusco   
Hostel - Un acojedor anbiente, que lo hará sentir una estadía inolvidable
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Pirwa Posada Del CorregidorOranlarından $10
Cusco, Portal De Panes 151-Main Square   
Hostel - enjoy a hotel style accommodation on a low budget, which is located at the main square
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Lima, Peru

Happy Up Here GuesthouseOranlarından $6
Lima, Calle Boccioni 245, San Borja   
Guesthouse - Happy Up Here Guesthouse is an unusual place where a hostel style accommodation awaits you with the cozy and friendly atmosphere of your mate’s house.
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Casa de Huespedes Las BrisasOranlarından $8
Lima, Avenida Alejandro Bertello 686   
Bed and breakfast - We are a young, dynamic and innovative company which offers pleasant, economic and safety accommodation: our home will be your house.
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Barranco's Backpackers Inn
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.5   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $8
Lima, Mariscal Castilla 260   
Hostel - Magnificent ocean views, great nightlife, only a one minute walk away with retaurants, bars, discos, live music , BUT set in quiet scenic Colonial / bohemian location away from noise.
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Pirwa Backpackers PradaOranlarından $8
Lima, Prada Street #179   
Hostel - Enjoy budget accommodation, atmosphere and entertainment in the same spot. Pirwa Backpackers Prada is your destination!
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Pirwa Bed and Breakfast InclanOranlarından $9
Lima, Coronel Inclan Street #494   
Hostel - Enjoy budget accommodation, atmosphere and entertainment in the same spot. Pirwa Hostels Backpackers Bed & Breakfast Inclan is your destination!
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Kaminu Backpacker HostelOranlarından $9
Lima, Bajada De Baños 342 Barranco   
Hostel - If you wish to relaxe in a quite area of Lima without missing the popular tourist and night life spots, feel welcome at any time.
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A Bravo Surf Camp
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  4.7   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $10
Lima, Manzana A Lote 10, Santa Cruz   
Hostel - $10 USD per person per night, we also offer meal plans, long stay and group discounts, just contact us
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Condor's House
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  3.4   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $10
Lima, Calle. Martin Napanga 137   
Hostel - We’re two backpackers who have traveled Peru and fallen in love with it. We started Condor’s House because we believed we could show the rest of the world the best our country has to offer in a clean, comfortable, safe and most of all fun envi
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Miraflores, Peru

The Inka Lounge Hostel
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  3.0   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $7
Miraflores, The Inka Lounge Hostel Is Located In Miraflores.   
Hostel - The Inka Lounge Hostel is located in Miraflores, one of the most nicest and safest areas in Lima.
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The Gallery House Peru
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.4   (Okumak yorumlar)
Oranlarından $8
Miraflores, Avenida General Mendiburu 155   
Hostel - Say goodbye to bunk beds. TGH offers affordable rates starting at just US$ 7.99. Comfort and style have never been this affordable. Come to The Gallery House Peru and enjoy everything this amazing place has to offer!
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Mochilero's Inn by Haus HostelsOranlarından $8
Miraflores, Jr. Cesareo Chacaltana 136   
Hostel - It is a cozy, home style hostel, located in Miraflores, close to everything
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The Shark Hostel
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  4.2   (Okumak 4 yorumlar)
Oranlarından $9
Miraflores, Coronel Inclan 399   
Hostel - Brand new - by backpackers for backpackers - all a mochillero needs in the heart of Miraflores, the satest area in Lima. Come and enjoy a nice relaxing time in a place that is second only to home.
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Red Psycho LlamaOranlarından PEN 27
Miraflores, Calle Colina 183 Miraflores   
Bed and breakfast - In Llama´s place you would have a comfortable, relaxing time, while programming with our help, what else to do in lima, or how to organize your whole trip thru Peru
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Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.9   (Okumak 2 yorumlar)
Oranlarından $10
Miraflores, Calle Manco Capac 517 Miraflores (lima 18)   
Bed and breakfast - kkinacoperu-lodge or Guest House, is a family company, which is located in Miraflores (most important tourist district of Lima).
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Hostel Kokopelli
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.7   (Okumak 2 yorumlar)
Oranlarından $10
Miraflores, Calle Berlin 259 - Miraflores   
Hostel - The newest and coolest hostel in Lima...
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Ica, Peru

Hostal La Florida
Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi:  2.3   (Okumak 2 yorumlar)
Oranlarından $8
Ica, Residencial La Florida B-1   
Hostel - comfortable economy hotel in quiet residential neighborhood
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Cuzco, Peru

Hostal Sweet DaybreakOranlarından $9
Cuzco, Calle Pasñapakana 133   
Hostel - Our hostel is situated at one of the most picturesque and typical areas of Cusco. The hostel offers you one of the best panoramic views in town, a place where people from all over the world build friendships and interchange different ideas and customs.
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Puno, Peru

Pirwa Backpackers PunoOranlarından $9
Puno, La Torre Ave. #492   
Hostel - Enjoy budget accommodation, atmosphere and entertainment in the same spot. Pirwa Backpackers Puno is your destination!
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Quechuas BackpackersOranlarından $9
Puno, Jr. Santiago Giraldo Nro 177   
Hotel - Quechuas Backpackers are new hostel and we are located in the down town
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