Bermuda’s Best Beaches

is the kind of island where people return year after year; a place where newlyweds promise to make it an annual tradition and families go for yearly reunions. The less-than-two-hour flight from the East Coast makes it easy to give into the pull of the island’s signature pink sand , which are formed by finely crushed coral. On , the beaches range from family-friendly and packed with activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling, to secluded romantic nooks, like Jobson’s Cove.

Some of the most popular spots for beach lovers to visit include Tobacco Bay Beach, the half-mile-long Warwick Long Bay Beach, and West Whale Bay Beach, where, as the name suggests, you might glimpse migrating humpback whales in spring. On Bermudas most celebrated beach, Horseshoe Bay, along with natural beauty, you’ll find the added conveniences of snack shacks and chair and umbrella rentals. For exclusive access to one of the island’s best beaches, stay at the Elbow Beach resort which is set on its own private stretch of blush-swept sand.