Welcome to the Province of Piedmont

Piedmont offers every kind of landscape except the sea. In tact mountains make up more than 40 per cent of the region, the most westerly and extensive after Sicily. The Alps enclose the plain of the River Po on three sides, forming a sharp, majestic background.

In the central and south-east provinces of Novara and Vercelli as well as Alessandria, neatly geometric fields of rice and other crops are bordered with poplars. A good third of Piedmont is composed of the hills of the Langhe, Monferrato, Canavese, Turin and Ivrea areas. Continuous rolling hills and varied lines of vineyards are dotted with farmhouses and little villages, green meadows and woods. Sometimes they are sharpened by ridges and harsh river valleys, sometimes they are gentle, curved and open into poetic horizons of silhouettes of towers and castles in the distance. Between the mountains and the plain are the lakes – Orta, Maggiore and Verbano.

This geographical variety is unified by historical events that here more than elsewhere are linked to a royal house – that of Savoy, first lords of the region and then kings of Italy. This aristocratic self confidence may explain many aspects of the Piedmont region.

Attractions – of nature, culture, art and atmosphere – are all around. Very good food supported by remarkable wines completes an ancient, elegant tradition of welcoming visitors. Guests will discover this, whether they are staying in lovely rural homes amidst green countryside, in historic hotels in the heart of Turin, or in rustically elegant farmhouses between the dense vineyards of the Langhe or Monferrato area. They will find it too in late 19th-century villas overlooking gardens and enchanting views of a lake, in old family residences and religious houses converted into inns, or in chalets at the foot of the rocks and snow of Monte Rosa.

Sedona, Arizona


Nestled among the dramatic crimson towers of Red Rock Country, Sedona Arizona provide a stunning sanctuary for outdoor activities and secluded retreats. There are so many things to see and do in Sedona.

From amazing hiking and biking on Sedona’s extensive network of trails to world­class art galleries and spiritual meditation-you’ll find hundreds of ways to be enriched and rejuvenated. Welcome the rising sun with a yoga session or a hike amid Sedona’s powerful spiritual vortex sites. Spend the afternoon meandering through the art galleries and downtown shops, as you take in the town’s creative and artistic side.

Evening breezes and the bright glow of the sunset on the red rocks at dusk create an enchanting backdrop for al fresco dining in Sedona. At big-city caliber restaurants, unwind with a cool glass of wine as you await the brilliance of Sedona’s night sky.


State Route 179, designated the Red Rock Scenic Road, offers a 15-mile grand welcome to Sedona’s Red Rock Country, amid 500 square miles carved from the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Enjoy the striking scenery by taking advantage of the numerous pullouts and parking areas that offer access to sites like the Little Horse Trail, Bell Rock, and Courthouse Butte.