Top Ten Fall Foilage

Fall Foliage

New England may be the best-known destination for taking in the colors of fall, but it doesn’t have a monopoly on autumn hues.

1 Vermont A favorite choice of leaf peepers everywhere, scenic Route 100 winds through the picturesque Green Mountains. The area’s maple trees peak in early October, boasting vibrant oranges and reds.

2 Massachusetts Observe the fiery colors of the fall along the Mohawk Trail through the Berkshire Mountains during the first two weeks of October. At Mount Greylock, climb the Veterans War Memo­rial Tower for awe-inspiring views of four states’ foliage.

Loire Valley, France Grab a baguette and a bottle of local wine for a picnic along the winding Loire River in central France and soak in fall colors that rival New Eng­land’s finest.

4 Prince Edward Island, Canada The coastal climate of the northeastern island makes for one of the longest foliage-view­ing periods in North America. Hike along one of the island’s unpaved heritage roads for a peek at the beautiful untouched landscape

5 Oregon just east of Eugene, take the hour-and-a-half drive through the McKen­zie River Valley to the crest of the Cascade Mountains. The area’s lava fields provide a unique element to offset the hues of Oregon’s lush landscape.

Pennsylvania The Poconos offer great opportunities to see autumn’s vivid colors. Spend a day hikingthrough 260+ miles of trails, stopping at Bushkill Falls, called the Niagara of Pennsylvania.

Japan The star of Kouyou (or fall) is the Japanese maple tree, which turns a vibrant red starting in late November. To­kyo city parks and local temples are ablaze in reds, oranges and yellows and provide picturesque spots to.soak in the shades of fall.

8 New York On Saturdays and Sundays in autumn, take a four-hour cruise up the Hudson River to experience the beautiful fall foliage throughout the Hudson Valley.

9 California The leaves of Sonoma County start changing mid-October and continue into late November, when the countryside (and vineyards) are awash in oranges, golds and reds. It is also wine­harvest season; a perfect time to stop at local wineries.

10 Michigan With 7 million acres of forests, the Upper Peninsula is ablaze from late September into October. If hiking is your thing, tackle the trails of Porcupine Mountains, situated along 20 miles of the lake Superior shore.

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Blue Ridge – Finding The Best Of The Fall Colors

Fall is the season when the Blue Ridge attracts the most atten­tion. Travelers, nature writers, photographers, and artists come to enjoy the visual display created by hardwood leaves changing from summer green to autumn gold, red, and orange in North Carolina and Virginia. Visiting here in the peak of the fall color season is a sight that few fail to appreciate.

Finding the right “window” of time and the perfect spot can perhaps be nothing more than good fortune, but keeping a few things in mind and exer­cising some patience can increase anyone’s chances of seeing the Blue Ridge in its autumn glory. Typically, the Parkway experiences the much anticipated change in fall foliage around the middle of October. Some years the color comes a bit early and other years it may be delayed a week or so. Many factors contribute to variations in when and where colors will peak, with moisture throughout the year and the colder temperatures being key factors.

The Parkway is 469 miles north to south and varies over 5,000 feet in elevation. The best plan for witnessing fall color is to drive some distance on the Parkway, changing elevations and north-south orientation. As is always the case with outdoor viewing, early morning or late afternoon light tends to bring contrasts of shadows that will brighten colors.

Whether you come to the Blue Ridge with camera, palette and brush, or simply to take in the richness from an overlook, a little planning and patience in mid to late October will yield at least some of the pretty color that we’re famous for.

Festival Internacional Cervantino, Mexico

Festival Internacional Cervantino, in Guanajuato Mexico

Bargain prices at luxury properties (up to 70 percent off), value-added pro­motions, and dramatic drops in airfare (averaging 26 percent lower than last year) are part of the Mexico tourism board’s campaign to lure travelers back to its white-sand beaches, colonial cities, and ancient pyramids.

Every fall, more than 500,000 visitors descend on Guanajuato, in central Mexico, for the country’s preeminent cultural celebration, the Festival Internacional Gervantino (October 14-November 1). This year, posadas to five-star hotels are offering packages, starting from $95 per night, at

London in Autumn

An electric energy buzzes through London in the fall. Starting with the lively fireworks on Bonfire Day until the sparkling display over the River Thames on New Year’s Eve, the action is nonstop, from blockbuster musicals to brand-new galleries, cozy jazz bars, and unique experiences that you can find only in London.


London is a modern city where trends are set and the latest fashions are made; it’s a place where cutting-edge cool meets centuries ­old grace in the flash of a Tube ride. This diverse mix supplies endless events and new openings, such as the unveiling of the world­class Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum last month, which is one of the only science-in-action experiences of its kind.


London’s dining scene has come a long way from fish and chips-today you’re as likely to put vinegar on your fries as you are to savor impeccably fresh sushi prepared by some of the world’s best chefs. Get your taste buds up to speed at the first-ever, city-wide London Restaurant Festival (Oct. 8-13). The six-day event will feature a diverse range of eateries, menus, and events.