Magnificent and Breathtaking Aswan, Egypt

ASWAN, famous for its modern and ancient architecture, as well as being popular as a health resort because of its magnificent dry, warm climate. The modern masterpiece is the splendid, mile-and-a-half-long Aswan Dam, which has added over a million and a half acres of land to cultivation. It is in fact this dam which was responsible for the submerging of the beautiful island of Philae. The Temple of Isis built there dates from the Philharmonic era down through the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. When the sluice gates are opened between July and October and the water recedes, you may still visit this mysterious and magic home of the “Lady of Enchantment,” but in winter only the pylons of the temples are to be seen in the middle of a vast expanse of water. From the famous Aswan granite quarries many of the most noted obelisks and statues of ancient Egypt originated, and these quarries are still being actively worked in much the same manner as they were thousands of years ago.  Te traveler who wishes to really see all of #Egypt should visit the OASIS OF AMUN at SIWA, most delightful and most luxuriant of Egypt’s oases, in the endless sands of the Libyan desert in the northwest.

Biltmore Village Christmas Special

When fall color fades into the crispness of winter, it’s hard not to get in the holiday spirit here at the Biltmore Village in Asheville, North Carolina. Carolers serenade shoppers on the streets of Biltmore Village, thousands of twinkling lights adorn historic shops and horse-drawn car­riages roll along the streets. The Biltmore Village Dickens Festival, always the first weekend in December, is just one of the ways Asheville celebrates Christmas. Candlelight Christmas Evenings at the estate allow guests to tour the Biltmore House after dark and see it as it would have appeared at the turn of the century.