$8 mỗi đêm
$8 mỗi đêm
Hostel Coya Shangri-La, Cusco, Peru

Hostel Coya Shangri-La

Cusco, Peru - Clorinda Matto De Turner 129, Coya

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Sự miêu tả - Hostel

Congratulations, you have found your stairway to heaven. The Coya Shangri-La Hostel will inspire you to look deeper into your connection to the universe. We provide a bed for your body, a revelation for your mind and an inspiration for your spirit. Coya Shangri-La is known for its ayahuasca ceremonies and other plant medicine conducted in an appropriate setting with experienced authentic native shamans. From the moment you step into the Coya Shangri-la hostel you will be transported along the path of mystical ascension. As you climb the sacred mountain stairway to your accommodation and to the common room and the panoramic views from Coya´s tallest building you are greeted by transcendent symbols to inspire and challenge your thinking about who you are and what you should achieve in this lifetime.

Against the backdrop of your immersion in the rainbow colours of the Incan nation and the seven chakras, the 12 signs of the round of the zodiac and core elements of your astral make-up unfold on your upward journey, to stimulate you to discover the components of your soul and your life´s purpose. Images of the infinitely small to the infinitely large also mark the stages along with the four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire and representations of the animals of the Peruvian shaman´s three worlds, the snake, the puma, the hummingbird and the condor.

We have regular sessions of sound therapy available, called a "Sound Bath". We are currently establishing yoga sessions, massage and meditation by experienced instructors. Classes are available in various spiritual studies and techniques by Keith Magnay, hostel owner, who is a certified instructor in the spiritual arts that include theta healing, soul retrieval, the Kaballa and other studies and healing methods.

Tours are arranged to view ruins of the Sacred Valley as well as Machu Picchu and other locations. Horseback tours are available and can be arranged here for treks of the valley and in the mountains surrounding the Sacred Valley. The Hostel Coya Shangri La offers the chance to commune with like-minded individuals on a path of learning each individual´s place in the universe. In addition, we offer a unique combination of mountain views, adventure tours, proximity to Pisac markets and restaurants as well as inspiration and instruction in the spiritual arts, esoteric classes and activities.

  • Hostel Coya Shangri-La, Cusco, Peru, Peru khách sạn và ký túc xá
  • Hostel Coya Shangri-La, Cusco, Peru, Thực sự mát mẻ các khách sạn và ký túc xá trong Cusco
Vũ trụ
  • Loại tài sản: Hostel
  • Hostel phòng / căn hộ: 6
  • Năm xây dựng: 2008
Hostel phòng trọ

Giá thấp nhất có sẵn: $8

Double Mixed Dorm Triple
  • Kiểm tra sau: 9:00pm
  • Kiểm tra trước: 10:00am

Hostel tiện nghi

As the home of the Sacred Valley School of the Mystical and Healing Arts and the sister property of the splendid adjoining Coya Guesthouse, the Coya Shangri-La Hostel is designed for travellers seeking a spiritual environment, guidance and budget accommodation. It has 21 beds in four dormitories and two bedrooms, a spiritual colourful ambience, hot showers, free Wi-Fi, thick mattresses, alpaca blankets, kitchen facilities, continental breakfast and stunning views. The common room and kitchen are on the 4th and top floor of the building. All are welcome to use the kitchen facilities. There are 5 bathrooms available, each with one shower.

Breakfast included Children permitted Gay friendly Group services Linen included No curfew Pets not allowed Smoking not permitted Tour/sightseeing assistance WIFI (free)

Tiện nghi trong phòng

Our rooms have thick mattresses, alpaca blankets, at least 2 double electric outlets in each room and free wifi. Private rooms have balconies with mountain views.

Balconies Mountain view rooms Non-smoking rooms Shared bathroom WIFI

Khu vực lân cận

Coya is a small town outside of Pisac in a picturesque portion of the Sacred Valley. Beginning at the main intersection and bus stop, colorful statues line the crossing street that leads to a bridge crossing the Rio Vilcanota. Restaurants (including vegetarian), craft markets and many interesting shops are in Pisac, only 10 minutes away by transport for the cost of 1 sol (30 cents US). Look for van transport, usually white, running every 5 to 10 minutes.

Điểm quan tâm
  • Unucha Spa in Taray (10 km)
  • Museo Inkariy in Calca (11 km)
  • Museo de los Productos Banderas de Peru in Pisac (7 km)
  • Llapan Qaytu Andean Textile Art School in Pisac (7 km)

Đồ ăn thức uống
Ăn uống trong nhà
Coya Guesthouse Restaurant
1/2 block away, sister property of Hostel Coya Shangri-La
7 Km In Pisac
Ăn ngoài
Apu Organic Estación
7 km in Pisac, vegetarian food
Sacred Sushi
7 km in Pisac, vegetarian specialties, Sundays only
Ulrike´s Cafe
7 km in Pisac
7 km in Pisac
Sapos Pizza
7 km in Pisac

Chính sách
Chi tiết giá

$8 - 12 mỗi đêm

Per person

Thẻ tín dụng: Không được chấp nhận ở vị trí

Chính sách đặt phòng và huỷ bỏ

Trừ khi có quy định khác, thanh toán đặt chỗ không được hoàn lại.

24 hour cancellation policy. We ask that you cancel no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival. No-shows may be liable for the first night´s fee.

Vị trí - Hostel

Clorinda Matto De Turner 129, Coya
Departamento de Cusco

Vĩ độ: -13.3868, Kinh độ: -71.90003

Làm sao để tới đó

Directions from Cusco: Ask the taxi driver to drop you on Puputi street (Calle Puputi) near Avenida de La Cultura. Tell him you are going to Calca (Coya is nearby). There are several operators on Puputi who go to Calca regularly. On the trip to Coya you´ll pass through beautiful mountain valleys and small villages on a 30 to 40 minute ride to Pisac. About 10 minutes after passing through Pisac, you´ll enter Coya. Tell the driver "Baja Coya", and he´ll drop you where you´ll see colorful statues on 3 corners of the intersection. Walk 1 block in the same direction you were traveling and turn right. Walk 1 block and turn left. The hostel entrance is the first door on your right. Ring the bell.

Van and bus transport is available to Pisac for the price of 1 sol (30 cents US).

Sân bay gần nhất: Velazco Astete Airport is 43 km from Coya