THB 350 mỗi đêm
THB 350 mỗi đêm
Bangkok Backpacker Hostel, Lat Krabang, Thailand

Bangkok Backpacker Hostel

Lat Krabang, Thailand - 29 Rom Klao Road Soi 58, Moo Baan Rungkit Villa 9, Khlong Sam Prawet

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Sự miêu tả - Hostel

Welcome to Bangkok Backpacker Hostel where international backpackers meet. We want you to experience a nice visit to Bangkok with a nice and safe stay. The fact that we are only a 5-minute taxi or sky train ride away from Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport), makes us the best place to stay your first and last night in Bangkok, or you can spend many nights with us.

We provide clean and air-conditioned rooms in our hostel or guesthouse with lounges and free WIFI for a reasonable price. We are located very close to Bangkok International Airport (called Suvarnabhumi Airport ) and really close to the airport rail link(sky electric train)Lat Krabang station(500 meters away from our hostel)where you can get in downtown Bangkok in 10 minutes and into the airport in 5 minutes by the airport rail link. It is also convenient to get a local transportation such as a bus and a taxi from/to our hostel. A taxi runs only for 5 minutes between the airport and our hostel is also very close to restaurants and convenience stores like 7 eleven stores. The shopping malls, pubs, and bars are around our hostel as well.

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  • Bangkok Backpacker Hostel, Lat Krabang, Thailand, Ngôi nhà ba lô là gì? Hỏi và đặt phòng ngay trong Lat Krabang
Vũ trụ
  • Loại tài sản: Hostel
  • Hostel phòng / căn hộ: 5
  • Năm xây dựng: 2013
  • Đổi mới: 2013
  • Phân loại công cộng: 3
Hostel phòng trọ

Giá thấp nhất có sẵn: THB 350 (Thai Baht)

Female Dorm Male Dorm Mixed Dorm
  • Kiểm tra sau: 2:00pm
  • Kiểm tra trước: noon

Hostel tiện nghi

In our hostel, we have:
[1] parking spaces
[2] laundry service
[3] baggage deposit service
[4] free WiFi
[5] a restaurant
[6] designated smoking areas
[7] lounges with TV
[8] a recreation area on the deck
[9] air-conditioning units
[10] free city maps and guides to Bangkok attractions.

24-hr front desk Laundry/valet service Multi-lingual staff Parking (free) Restaurant on site Room service WIFI (free)

Tiện nghi trong phòng

Air-conditioning and Free WiFi

A/C climate control Shared bathroom Toiletries WIFI Wake-up calls

Khu vực lân cận

Our hostel is surrounded by nightlife places, restaurants, shopping malls, and Bangkok attractions.

Điểm quan tâm
  • Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (3 km)
  • Lat Krabang Airport Rail Link Station (500 m)
  • Paseo Shopping Mall ( 2 km)
  • Fine Restaurants, Nightlife Places, Starbucks, McDonald's (2 - 4 km)

Đồ ăn thức uống
Ăn uống trong nhà
Bangkok Backpacker Restaurant
Thai Food, Sandwiches, and Drinks
Ăn ngoài
Japanese Restaurants
Italian Restaurants
Thai Restaurants

Chính sách
Chi tiết giá

THB 350 mỗi đêm (Thai Baht)

Giảm giá có sẵn


Chính sách đặt phòng và huỷ bỏ

Trừ khi có quy định khác, thanh toán đặt chỗ không được hoàn lại.

Any cancellation received within 3 days prior to arrival date will incur the first night charge. Failure to arrive at your hotel will be treated as a No-Show and will incur the first night charge. A deposit of 10 % is required from customers prior to arrival.

Vị trí - Hostel

29 Rom Klao Road Soi 58, Moo Baan Rungkit Villa 9, Khlong Sam Prawet
Lat Krabang
Bangkok (Krung Thep Mahanakhon)
Thailand  10520

Vĩ độ: 13.73255, Kinh độ: 100.74568

Làm sao để tới đó

Our address is:
29 Rom Klao Road Soi 58
Moo Baan Rungkit Villa 9
Khlong Sam Prawet
Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520, THAILAND

Rom Klao Road Soi 58, it is the first soi (small street) on the left when you arrive from the airport or the airport rail link. This soi also has another name, "Moo baan Rungkit Villa 9". Moo baan is a small village. The number on the place is 29, We are located in the beginning of the soi. After driving past the security check point, it is the 8th building on the left side(just about 30 meters from the security check point).
The easiest way to get here is to get a taxi and give the taxi driver the address. If you take a taxi from the airport you will be charged a airport taxi fee of 50 Baht on top of the meter. The meter starts at 35 Baht. From the airport to our hostel, the fare including the fee should be less than 100 Baht. You pay it to the taxi driver. It takes about 5 minutes to arrive at our hostel.
If you want to save some money, you take the airport rail link (sky electric train) to the Lat Krabang station. Airport rail link runs from 6 am. in the morning till the midnight. There is an express train(called "express line") that only stops at the end station, so you do not want to take that one. You want to take an airport rail link train called "city line" from the air port to Lat Krabang Station( just the next station from the airport terminal station).
You buy the ticket in one of the ticket machines or at one of the ticket windows just next to the entrance. Coming from the airport, Lat Krabang is the first stop. It costs 15 Baht. Coming from Phaya Thai (Downtown Bangkok terminal station), the price is 40 Baht and you get off at the station(Lat Krabang station) before the airport terminal station.
After you get off from the train at Lat Krabang station, you have 4 options to arrive at our hostel.
[1] The easiest and safest way is to take a taxi. It costs less than 40 Baht. The taxi drivers can sometimes have a hard time understanding the address, so you have our phone number so they can call us.
[2] If you have little luggage and want some adventure, you can take a motorcycle taxi. It costs 20 Baht.
[3] The local way is to take a so-called songtaew. This is like a pickup truck with the roof and two benches to sit on. The one you should take is painted red. You have to get past the taxis and follow the track that you have on your left, you follow the track that leads under a highway bridge and take the songtaew going right while standing with the station in the back. The price for this is 7 Baht, You pay the driver when you get off. You must signal the driver when you want to get off, there are buttons on the ceiling. Just after passing the first traffic light, you can press the button. If you have a lot of luggage, it is better to take a taxi as the songtaews often are very crowded.
These 3 ways of transport takes about 1 minute, depending on the traffic. If you take a songtaew you sometimes have to wait before it comes, you can go by songtaew until 10pm.
[4] For those of you with a really tight budget, you want to save 7 Baht, you can take a walk. It takes about 7 minutes, but this is not recommended since there is no pathway. You have to walk along very busy roads and cross some of them.

From the airport to our hostel, or from our hostel to the airport, you can take :
[1] the airport rail link train called "city line" from the air port to Lat Krabang Station( just the next station from the airport terminal station, a 3-minute ride) and you can take a local transportation or walk to our hostel (500 m),
[2] a taxi with a 5-minute ride.

Sân bay gần nhất: Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (3 km)