Demonstrate Special Care for your Guests’ Safety and Security

One way to gain respect and attention among your guests (and peers) is to display special concern for the safety and security of your guests. On everyone’s mind these days is safety, especially while travelling. Global terrorism threats and international tensions are heightened. We all know about increased security at airports and rail terminals.

While the topic may not be relevant for all locations, be prepared to answer guest questions about security in your locality. Provide direct responses, and don’t avoid communicating about direct threats that may be present for travelers. Be sensitive to your international travelers. Know that foreign guests may be concerned about safety even if your location has no safety concerns. Provide recommendations and tips on areas to avoid, and how to stay safe while sightseeing. Provide a business card with your contact information, as well as emergency and police contacts. Offer to safeguard your guests’ personal property within your property.

Acknowledging and being sensitive to your guest’s security will be appreciated, and interpreted by my most guests as a sign of intelligent and thoughtful management.

One way to enhance your reputation among guests is to post some safety and security tips on your website. Make your guests aware of various online resources regarding the latest travel advisories. Here are some official government resources sites:

Better yet, post a link to our Pocket Tips – How to Travel Safely Abroad, and share with your friends and guests many valuable tips on international travel security. To quickly post a link to this unique page, insert the following code into your site HTML:

Link to this page from your website. Copy the following html code:
<a href=”” title=”How To Travel Safely and Securely with”>
How to Travel Safely Abroad

Remember, when marketing your hotel or hostel (or your small business) online, adding services and useful content to your website is key. Follow this advice, and you will be going a long way to enhancing your online marketing efforts, as well as improving guest relations.