Automatic Calendar Availability Updates with a new XML API

Instant World Booking now offers a convenient new way to update for hostels, hotels, and bed & breakfasts.  Our /interface for uploading calendar availability is available for:

  • Property Managers
  • Hostel chains and National Associations of lodgings
  • systems
  • Other booking engines

In fact, anyone who is tired of managing availability manually, or updating systems on multiple booking engines, doesn’t have to.  Don’t spend hours trying to manage availability manually, or learning additional systems.  Our simple XML file format is easy to use and easy to upload.  We can offer assistance to anyone in need of help integrating an automatic allocation of rooms/beds on the Instant World Booking network.

If you are currently using another front end system for managing your available rooms and beds, let us know.  If we already interface with their system, you can upload your availability to us automatically.  If we don’t currently interface with your provider, call them up today and tell them you want to upload your calendar allocation to Instant World Booking.

To get started with our XML , begin by checking out our manual, or send it to your developer:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

For more information, contact us today at:

If you are searching for an inexpensive front end system for managing multiple booking engines, check out  You can also contact us for other recommendations.

For a list of some 3rd party calendar management systems currently linking to Instant World Booking, please see:

6 Replies to “Automatic Calendar Availability Updates with a new XML API”

  1. Thanks for your questions. To take advantage of Instant World Booking’s automatic updates to calendars, you can:
    1) Have your developer read our integration guide, and set up the upload for you.
    2) Contact your current calendar or front desk software provider, and tell them you want them to integrate with Instant World Booking.
    3) Read our other posts in the XML feeds category within this blog, and contact one of our recommended calendar management system providers.

  2. Thanks to experts of the instand world booking.

    Your hard struggle to make our work easy for updating

    automatically , is fully appriciated.

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