Why Instant Booking is Better for Hotels and Hostels?

Many hotels or hostels don’t want to manage yet another .  But, why is the calendar really better than the online ?  Instant World Booking has discussed this at some length, but for many hotels, the choice continues to be request-only.  There are clear advantages to the method that far outweigh any administrative inconveniences.  In the end, online requests always end up with some degree of frustration for hotel administrators.   Here’s why using an online calendar is best in almost every situation:

  1. The vast majority of users searching accommodation on the internet want instant gratification. If they have to wait for a response to a request, they disappear quickly. With instant booking, you capture the booking immediately, before they have time to search elsewhere.
  2. Instant booking has a much higher reservation success rate because of (1) above.
    Some users will submit a request simply to find out what rates are, and have no intention to book soon. This forces the hotel to respond to requests that will never turn into reservations.
  3. A percentage of all users never receive the response email because they are using some free email service (e.g., hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc.) that blocks mail from new senders as spam, and they don’t realize that this is happening. This is a simple fact that affects virtually all online services these days. A user that falls into this category will either disappear or complain that they never received a response. Nevertheless, with instant booking, this is never a problem, since the user receives confirmation directly while they’re still online.
  4. Hotel and hostel managers that are concerned with maintaining a calendar online have many options available to them. If they don’t want to use our directly, they can use one of several third party interfaces that feed into our system.  You can contact us for recommendations, or get more information at:  XML feed for availability calendars
  5. The risk of an occasional overbooking is more than offset by the higher level of bookings, income, and benefits mentioned above that can be achieved with the instant .

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