New XML Guide for Affiliate Programs

New for 2011, we are proud to announce the release of version 3.0 of Instant World Booking’s API Guide.  This is a major release, now featuring full support for white-label .

Instant World Booking’s affiliate programs are suitable for any website where travel and accommodation content is desired, including the ability to host a full-fledged online booking service. For example, members of our can access almost unlimited data pertaining to accommodations, their amenities, and availability. Developers can therefore integrate this data into their websites to completely control their users’ experience. In other words, a white-label travel information and booking service can be achieved using the .

See Affiliate XML API Guide

Our XML API continues to support full 2-way automatic update of .  This functionality is suitable for individual property managers, accommodation chains, consolidators, channel managers, front desk systems, property management systems (PMS), and even other booking engines. In fact, anyone who is tired of managing their calendar manually, or updating multiple , can use our XML API to achieve perfect synchronization automatically.

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