New Create Rooms and Change Rooms features in v4.0

We are proud to announce the release of version 4.0 of the Instant World Booking .  This release includes new Create Rooms, Change Rooms, and Change Rates features.

1. Create Room Types (API Function: createrooms)

A new function for creating room types will aid in the synchronization between IWB and integrating systems. Previously, room type creation was only achieved by setting new calendar allocations, which sometimes led to creation of duplicate rooms. The new function ensures better control over room types.

2. Change Room Types (API Function: changerooms)

A new function for modifying room type features has been added, allowing simple updates of room characteristics. Previously, changes could only be achieved through adding a new room type, and replacing the old one. This new function greatly simplifies the administration of room types and related characteristics.

3. Rate Changes

Global rate changes (search and replace) can now also be achieved through a new feature included within the above function (2) Change Room Types.

While the new features provide significant added functionality and convenience, the new version is fully compatible with previous versions. So, existing integrations will continue to work as normal.

For more information about these enhanced features, please see section 3.1 and 3.2 of the new guide:

Instant World Booking API XML Manual

As a reminder, the Instant World Booking API also includes a full White Label Affiliate Program API (see section 2.0).  This API enables users to implement a complete white-label online booking solution on their website, suitable for booking hotels, hostels, and B&B inns.