Compare Prices for IWBFrontDesk, a Property Management System

As an update to our recent announcement about IWBFrontDesk, Instant World Booking’s , we include here an indication of the typical savings hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfasts may achieve by switching to IWBFrontDesk:

Rezovation GT Online      65% – 75% typical savings

Webervations 2.0            10% – 30%

HostelPower                   5% – 35%

SuperInn                       40% – 55%

Resnexus                       65% – 80%

The previous post can be read at the following page:

IWBFrontDesk property management system

A winning property management system, fully integrated with Instant World Booking’s (for your property website), IWBFrontDesk is certain to fulfill all your administration needs, including:

To learn more about IWBFrontDesk, and to get started, please read more about Property Management Systems

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