Disownership the New Normal for Accommodation?

What is “Disownership” anyway?  It’s a is a national trend in America right now.  People recognize they are obtaining more value by owning less.  We are now beginning to lease, rent, or borrow the things we used to own just a few years ago.

How does disownership affect the lodging industry?   It gives people the opportunity to stay in other people’s homes or apartments, rather than impersonal and expensive hotels.  Instant World Booking has enabled people to list and rent their homes or apartments for short term stays for the last 10 years, even before Airbnb, and at a lower cost than many current web booking sites.

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Read more about Disownership here:http://venturebeat.com/2013/04/03/disownership-is-the-new-normal-the-rise-of-the-shared-economy-infographic/