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Accept online bookings from your website, with secure credit card deposits up-front for a total cost of only 5%:


·   Up-front credit card deposits

·   Full No-show protection

·   Full Cancellation protection

·   No merchant accounts

·   No payment gateway

·   No bank applications

·   No credit card processors


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Instant World Booking offers credit card collection services and online booking capability that is accessible to lodgings of all sizes, and from every region around the globe.


Accept deposits and secure online credit card bookings from your own website at a cost of only 5%.


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Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, and Hotels!

Wherever you are in any corner of the world, now you can collect secure deposits from your guests by credit card, and feature instant online booking on your own website.


Why does Instant World Booking offer the lowest cost anywhere for high-end online booking technology?

Instant World Booking is a leader in online booking innovation and credit card collection technology for the lodging and tourism industry.  Many of the integrated booking and payment services we offer for lodging websites are not available elsewhere.  In a sense, without competition, we lead the market pricing.


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Here's an example of service not available from any other provider:

Only 5% cost for a fully customizable instant booking engine on your website, with secure credit card deposits collected from your guests online, full credit card processing, full no-show protection, and full cancellation protection.  As for internet security, your guests will be confident since Instant World Booking handles all the processing and collection.  There's no merchant account, payment gateway, or bank applications to deal with.  All this comes at a cost of only 5% of total reservation value.


As an added bonus, your hotel, hostel, or B&B automatically gets listed on our global marketing network.  This is a complementary service that provides immediate advertising and exposure for your property on our network of over 3 dozen Instant World Booking sites, in addition to the multitude of sites in our affiliate network.


Think you've found another provider to offer a similar level of service?  Ask some important questions first:

  • Can you collect more than 10% deposit online, or up to 100% of the entire reservation?
  • Are bookings confirmed automatically online, or is manual review or intervention required?
  • Do you have no-show and cancellation protection?
  • Can you avoid having to obtain your own merchant account, and having to contend with chargebacks?
  • Do you have free setup, no support costs, no monthly fees, and no software upgrades?
  • If yes for all the above, is your total cost no higher than 5%?

Unless you can answer yes to ALL of these questions, your service doesn't add up to the value Instant World Booking can bring to your lodging business.

Not convinced yet?  What is the lowest cost on the internet for a fully-customizable booking engine for your website?

We have the answer: 1.9%.  That's because Instant World Booking also offers a basic service option with the lowest price available anywhere.  And, that still includes online bookings combined with credit card confirmation for your website.


In fact, we offer a range of pricing options starting at the industry-low of 1.9%, offering integrated bookings and credit card deposits all the way up to full collection of the reservation amount up-front.  Contact us today to learn more about pricing options and an online booking solution that's perfect for your business.


Getting Started

Contact us today at Contact Us to get started accepting credit card confirmed bookings from your website.  If you're already listed with us, setup is quick, and you can begin accepting online bookings in just one or two days.


Remember, You never make a payment to us for any Instant World Booking Service.


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Travel industry experts agree that accepting credit cards is of primary importance to your online marketing effort.  Studies have shown that without the ability to accept online booking from your website, you lose up to 85% of your traffic to competing sites.  But, even with online booking you may still double your online profits by accepting credit cards.  Instant World Booking can achieve these profits for you.

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Accept Credit Cards and fully integrated Online Booking from your website with Instant World Booking.  Increase your business profits with credit card acceptance from anywhere in the world.