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وهنا هي أكثر الفنادق محجوزة في المدن الوجهة الأكثر شعبية.  حدد موقعا لتوسيع نطاق البحث لجميع الممتلكات بالقرب من المدن المفضلة لديك. حدد دفتر الآن لحجز الانترنت على الفور.

معظم الأماكن الشعبية:

Kingston, Jamaica

Modern London Apartment at Paddingtonالأسعار تبدأ من $150
Kingston, 61 Paddington Terrace   
Apartment - 1,350 sq ft, 2 bed, 2.5 bathroom in a gated complex on the highly sought after Paddington Terrace, ideal for expats/int'l travellers.
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Altamont Courtالأسعار تبدأ من $147
Kingston, 1-5 Altamont Terrace   
Hotel - Situated in the heart of New Kingston, Jamaica, this hotel is a social, entertainment and business hub. Altamont Court's central location places it close to two airports; embassies; local and international banks; nightclubs and entertainment centers.
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Impeccable Roomsالأسعار تبدأ من $40
Kingston, 129 Constant Spring Road   
Apartment - Secured comfy accomodation at a reasonable price.
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Cozy Waterloo Apartmentالأسعار تبدأ من $65
Kingston, 6 Waterloo Avenue, Kingston   
Apartment - fully furnished one bedroom apt, gated complex with balcony in the heart of kingston
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Mandeville, Jamaica

Klem's Homestay
تقييم المستخدم:  3.0   (اقرأ 2 استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من $50
Mandeville, 28 Grove Road,   
Guesthouse - The Guest House is situated in a quiet and safe neighborhood, which is in walking distance to the city of Mandeville and of the oldest Golf Club in the Caribbean.
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Long Bay, Jamaica

Blue Heaven Villas
تقييم المستخدم:  4.9   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من $45
Long Bay, Long Bay Portland Jamaica W. I   
Villa - Blue Heaven Ocean Front Villas, with private beach, and a small island.
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Villa Rastaالأسعار تبدأ من $25
Long Bay, Elm Wood, Top Road   
Guesthouse - For a trully cultural vacation, The best place in Long Bay Jamaica.
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Port Antonio, Jamaica

Hotel Mocking Bird Hill
تقييم المستخدم:  4.5   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من $135
Port Antonio, Drapers Heights   
Hotel - A romantic, comfortable, environmentally friendly, close to the beach hideaway near Port Antonio.
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San San Tropezالأسعار تبدأ من €90
Port Antonio, San San   
Inn - Villa-Hotel and Fine Dining in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Italian owner & manager, brilliant jamaican staff
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Jamaica Palace Hotelالأسعار تبدأ من $170
Port Antonio, Williamsfield   
Hotel - A perfect Get-Away for those who love to be surrounded by fine art, beautiful beaches,waterfalls and the spectacular Blue Mountains.
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Blue Mountain Campالأسعار تبدأ من $80
Port Antonio, 5 Queen St E   
Camp - Have you always wanted to go to Jamaica?
طلب عبر الإنترنت

Negril, Jamaica

Coral Seas Garden
تقييم المستخدم:  4.8   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من $92
Negril, Norman Manley Blvd   
Hotel - Coral Seas Garden Hotel is a perfect location near all the live reggae music on the beach. It is set in a lush tropical garden, landscaping splashed with bright flowers whereas you can relax and take life easy.
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Fairmont Inn
تقييم المستخدم:  3.1   (اقرأ استعراض)
الأسعار تبدأ من $25
Negril, Westland Mountain Road   
Guesthouse - Come experience true Jamaican living in Negril, world renowned for 7 miles of beautiful white sand beach and stunning sunsets. This comfortable house offers you the perfect backdrop for a relaxing, authentic experience. Love to have you! Welcome!
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Le Mirageالأسعار تبدأ من $100
Negril, Lighthouse Road   
Hotel - Miarge is a boutique type hotel consist of with 12 spacious rooms all with a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. Offering comfort, peace and traquilty
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Firefly Beach Cottage and Suitesالأسعار تبدأ من $155
Negril, Normanlry Manley   
Hotel - quant ocean from property located on Negril Jamaica seven miles beach in Jamaica located in a lush tropical garen
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Charela Innالأسعار تبدأ من $120
Negril, Norman Manley Blvd.   
Hotel - Set on the Beach with coconut trees, an inner courtyard with tropical garden and swimming pool. Its simple elegance is matched by its international clientele who appreciate the unobtrusive personal service given by the genuinely friendly staff
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Judy House Cottages and Roomsالأسعار تبدأ من $11
Negril, The Judy House Cottages & Rooms   
Cottage - Beautiful Country Cottages & rooms in a tropical Negril garden, Jamaica close to the sea
طلب عبر الإنترنت

Bull Bay, Jamaica

Scarlett Guesthouseالأسعار تبدأ من $79
Bull Bay, 9 Miles Bull Bay   
Hotel - All inclusive Bull Bay Luxury with sea view and Mountain views, full service restaurant and sparkling rooftop swimming pool
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Montego Bay, Jamaica

Spring Garden Villaالأسعار تبدأ من $70
Montego Bay, 13 Peters Avenue   
Bed and breakfast - Spring Garden Villa - 7 bedroom/6 1/2 bathroom Villa in Montego Bay with Bed&Breakfast
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Beach Studio With European Country Charmالأسعار تبدأ من $70
Montego Bay, Rosehall Main Road   
Apartment - Private Beach front condo, self sustaining apt. walk to the beach or relax in the pool with bar at your finger tip. Suite includes fully-fitted kitchen, cable television, air conditioning Affordable rates make it the perfect place
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Emerald View Resort Villaالأسعار تبدأ من $80
Montego Bay, 261 Poinciana Dr Greenwood Montego Bay   
Guesthouse - Romantic getaway with awesome views of the Ocean
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Lances Bay, Jamaica

Lemer Luxury Villasالأسعار تبدأ من $280
Lances Bay, 111 Lances   
Villa - Romantic, spacious, private and right on the beach, LeMer Luxury Villas boast a simple styled interior with a Caribbean flair throughout. Le Mer is your dream Jamaican paradise.
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Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Turtle Beach Towersالأسعار تبدأ من $120
Ocho Rios, Turtle Beach Road   
Condominium - Turtle Beach Towers is a Beach Front apartment complex of four towers, overlooking a large swimming pool, in a secure, gated compound on the Ocho Rios Bay.
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Csompo Bedbreakfast - Shaw Parkالأسعار تبدأ من $68
Ocho Rios, 137 Mohagony Circle   
Bed and breakfast - St. Mary Country Club is 15 miuntes from Ocho Rios shopping Malls, the ideal place to getaway to, amazing place and very privet.
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Fairy Hill, Jamaica

Tropical Lagoon Resortالأسعار تبدأ من $150
Fairy Hill, San San   
Resort - The resort is an exclusive resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica, nestled on a lush hillside that transcends to the beautiful, world famous Blue Lagoon. This hidden gem offers a lovely mix of modern style in the midst of truly verdant rainforest surroundings.
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Caribbean Seaview Cottageالأسعار تبدأ من $50
Fairy Hill, Fairy Hill   
Bed and breakfast - B&B with seaview!
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Fairy Hill Palmsالأسعار تبدأ من $50
Fairy Hill, Portland   
House rental - Fairy Hill Palms, A touch of warmth
طلب عبر الإنترنت

Port Maria, Jamaica

Escape Villas Jamaicaالأسعار تبدأ من $125
Port Maria, Cresent Park   
Condominium - Luxury at an affordable price. Escape to paradise, relax and unwind.
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Treasure Beach, Jamaica

The Inn At Great Bayالأسعار تبدأ من $40
Treasure Beach, Great Bay Treasure Beach Jamaica   
Bed and breakfast - INN Great Bay treasure beach jamaica online food rooms vacation holiday place to stay treasure beach jamaica Bed&Breakfast beautiful beach fishing suites lodging rooms hotels
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Southview Hotelالأسعار تبدأ من $30
Treasure Beach, Bluntas Road   
Hotel - 20 bedroom facility in treasure beach, st. elizabeth, jamaica
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