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저렴한 가격:

Munchen, Germany

Bento-Inn속도에서 €13
Munchen, Stahlgruberring. 45   
Hotel - Großes zum kleinen Preis: Das neue Bento Inn im Osten der Landeshauptstadt und ganz in der Nähe der Messe gelegen, ist etwas Besonderes. Vor allem Langzeitgäste, aber auch Messebesucher, München-Liebhaber und Backpacker genießen
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Hangover Hospital - Oktoberfest속도에서 €75
Munchen, Grafinger Straße 6   
Hostel - Imagine a party that never ends, that knows no time zones or borders; a party that requires no invitation.A place where you can surround yourself with like-minded people and where the party never stops! Meet Hostival –the world’s first traveli
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Munich All-Inclusive Camping속도에서 €130
Munchen, Campingplatz Obermenzing, Lochhausener Strasse 59   
Hostel - The best way to experience Oktoberfest/Springfest! Our camping packages include pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags, breakfast and dinner daily; awesome guides and the biggest party outside the beer halls.
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Weimar, Germany

Hababusch Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.1   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €14
Weimar, Hababusch Hostel   
숙소 - 역 가까이에 바이마르의 역사적인 중심에 대안 배낭의 숙소.
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Berlin, Germany

Comebackpackers Hostel속도에서 $18
Berlin, Adalbertstraße 97   
Hostel - Comebackpackers Hostel in Berlin Kreuzberg was created and is run by two friends who have travelled the world for many years. It is a hostel built by travelers for travelers.
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Inn-Berlin Hostel속도에서 €17
Berlin, Prinzenallee 49   
Hostel - Low-bugdet hostel for travelers and families
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사용자 선호도:  4.7   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 €22
Berlin, Knorrpromenade 10   
호스텔 - 침대 당 8.99에서 베를린의 가장 인기있는 지역에있어!
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Touristenhaus Gruenau
사용자 선호도:  4.1   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €22
Berlin, Dahmestr. 6   
Hostel - Located in the nature filled Berlin-Grünau with a waterfront view you will find an ideal place to stay during your trip to Berlin.
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Chimaysaberlin Bed And Breakfast속도에서 €45
Berlin, Lohmeyerstraße 25   
숙박 및 아침 식사 - Chimaysaberlin의 숙박 및 아침 식사
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Hotel de Ela
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €59
Berlin, Landshuter Straße 1   
Hotel - Hotel de Ela is a family-run hotel located right in the heart of Berlin, only 800 metres away from the largest department store in Europe – KaDeWe. All Berlin’s major tourist attractions are within easy walking distance, i.e. most popular Kurf
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Goltz 20속도에서 €85
Berlin, Goltzstr. 13 A   
아파트 - 55 평방 미터, 새로운 현대적인 아파트, 고급 부엌과 욕실, 와이파이. 2 층
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Goltz 21속도에서 €85
Berlin, Goltzstr. 13 A   
아파트 - 43 평방 미터, 새로운 현대적인 아파트, 고급 부엌과 욕실, 와이파이. 2 층이 - 서 베를린 (Schöneberg 분기)의 가장 중심적인 위치에있는, 카 드 - 우리, Kurfürstendamm, Winterfeldtplatz에서 불과 몇 걸음, Nollendorfplatz는 Europace주고 싶게
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Winterfeld 11속도에서 €85
Berlin, Winterfeldtstr. 11   
아파트 - 36sqm, 현대 아파트, 부엌과 욕실, 와이파이. 서부 유럽 표준시 베를린 (Schöneberg 분기) 카 드 - 우리, Kurfürstendamm, Winterfeldtplatz에서 단 몇 걸음 최고의 중앙 위치에 엘리베이터와 함께 2 층, Nollendorfplatz는 Europ£고 싶게
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Pfaltburger 38속도에서 €90
Berlin, Pfaltzburgerstr. 6   
아파트 - 2 실 - 45 평방 미터, 새로운 현대적인 아파트, 엘리베이터, 고급 부엌과 욕실, 태양 발코니가있는 6 층 - 뛰어난 볼 수 있습니다.
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Halle, Germany

City Station Hostel속도에서 $19
Halle, Raffineriestr 16 A   
숙소 - 도시 할리, 가까이 trainstation의 중심부에 작은 편안한 숙소,
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Bochum, Germany

Bola Kulturhostel Ruhr
사용자 선호도:  3.7   (독서 6 리뷰)
속도에서 €24
Bochum, Herbergsweg 1   
Hostel - BOLA is a Cultural Hostel in a very nice natural area of Bochum, Essen and Hattingen. We are offering several programs on request of the guests
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Hamburg-Mitte, Germany

Wira Guesthouse And Hostel
사용자 선호도:  2.9   (독서 6 리뷰)
속도에서 €25
Hamburg-Mitte, Lübecker Str. 25A   
Guesthouse - We are a small, but beautiful guesthouse located in the heart of Hamburg, with different room-topics: Africa, Asia, Europe... Our location is very central (only 2 stations away from main central station) and you can reach every place of Hamburg very fast.
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Regensburg, Germany

Brook Lane Hostel속도에서 €31
Regensburg, Obere Bachgasse 21   
Hostel - First independent Hostel
지금 예약
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Bad Worishofen, Germany

Haus Am Bach속도에서 €38
Bad Worishofen, Bachstraße 17   
Hotel - Pension im Zentrum
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Bad Durkheim, Germany

Pfaelzer Landhotel Heinrich속도에서 €40
Bad Durkheim, Kirchstraße 12   
Hotel - Nostalgie-Hotel altes Wingut an der deutschen Weinstraße mit Restaurant
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Fussen, Germany

Bavaria City Hostel속도에서 €44
Fussen, Reichenstraße 15   
Hostel - Welcome to the newly opened Bavaria City Hostel is located in the pedestrian zone of the romantic old town of Füssen, part of the old hotels 'to the golden post horn' in which the 18th Century kings and emperors are descended.
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Old Kings Fuessen Design Hostel속도에서 €10,055
Fussen, Franziskanergasse 2   
Hostel - Welcome to the Old Kings Hostel in the beautiful mountain town of Fuessen. Inspired by our King Ludwig II, we are running Fuessen's first design hostel situated in the heart of the historical part of the town.
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Offenbach, Germany

City Hotel Kaiserhof 4 Stars속도에서 €45
Offenbach, Kaiserstr. 8A   
호텔 - 시티 호텔 Kaiserhof는 Offnbach 도시의 중심부에 위치하고 있으며, 그것은 주요 기차역 프랑 크푸르트에서 기차로 메인 오전에 도달 겨우 12 분 걸립니다.
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Passau, Altstadt, Germany

Haus Panorama속도에서 €49
Passau, Altstadt, Angerstraße 59   
Hotel - Cheap and centrally located accommodation with views on Passau
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Ferschweiler, Germany

Pension Engel속도에서 €50
Ferschweiler, Ringstraße 12   
연금 - 연금 엥겔
지금 예약
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Alpirsbach, Germany

Krahenbad Hotel속도에서 €60
Alpirsbach, Krähenbadberg 5   
Hotel - The hotel Krähenbad*** is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests in a nice and quiet Black forest city Alpirsbach.
지금 예약
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Cologne, Germany

Stay In Cologne
사용자 선호도:  3.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €69
Cologne, Olpener Straße 876   
게스트 하우스 - StayInCologne - Cologne의 매우 멋진 객실
지금 예약
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Lutzen, Germany

Landhaus Fleischhauer
사용자 선호도:  4.0   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 €69
Lutzen, Starsiedeler Straße 2   
숙박 및 아침 식사 - B & B가, 호텔 연금 도시 라이프 치히 독일, 니체, 구스타프 아돌프 근처
지금 예약
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Hanover, Germany

Apartment-World Hanover
사용자 선호도:  4.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €85
Hanover, Hallerstr. 19   
Bed and breakfast - Apartments, B&B and guesthouse rooms in and around Hanover
지금 예약
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Conzeptplus Ohg
사용자 선호도:  4.5   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 €88
Hanover, Lutherstraße 12   
Apartment - These modern, individually furnished private apartments and private houses are located across the city, but offer convenient access to Hanover’s trade fair and city centre.
지금 예약
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Saarburg, Germany

Saarhotel속도에서 €85
Saarburg, Brückenstraße 4   
Hotel - Saarhotel is direct gelegen aan de rivier de Saar met uitzicht op de Burcht
지금 예약
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Dusseldorf, Germany

Business BB and Apartments속도에서 €98
Dusseldorf, Königsallee 14-4   
Apartment - BUSINESS B&B AND APARTMENTS DESCRIPTION Serviced apartments and hotel rooms in Düsseldorf, the exhilarating metropolis on the Rhine. They provide ideal accommodations as well as spacious living and working conditions. The apartments are equipped
지금 예약
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Dusseldorf Hotelship속도에서 €178
Dusseldorf, Robert-Lehr-Ufer 8   
Hotel - Hotelship Düsseldorf Featuring air conditioning, 3 Star Horelship is set in Düsseldorf, 2.3 km from Alt Stadt (Old Town). Dusseldorf Town Hall is 2.3 km away. The accommodation comes with a TV. En suite bathrooms providing a hairdryer. Also i
지금 예약
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Nittel, Germany

Moselhotel Nitteler Hof속도에서 €105
Nittel, Weinstraße 42   
Hotel - Trendy and modern countryside Hotel for Business & Leisure.
지금 예약
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