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Cele mai ieftine hoteluri si pensiuni în Cambodia

Cele mai ieftine hoteluri Cambodia
bugetul de călătorie Cambodia

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Aici sunt cele mai ieftine hoteluri din orașele cele mai populare destinație.  Selectați o locație pentru a extinde căutarea la toate proprietățile în apropierea orașelor preferate. Selectați Rezervă acum pentru a rezerva online instantaneu.

Cele mai mici preturi:

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Popular Guest House
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  3.7   (Citit comentarii)
ratele de la $5
Siem Reap, #033, Vihear Chin Village   
Guesthouse - it‘s a pretty guesthouse, Khmer style, nature and culture decoration, top roof garden restaurant with the river view.
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Villa Tany
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  4.8   (Citit comentarii)
ratele de la $6
Siem Reap, Sivatha Road, #120-Group 4-Steoung Thmey Village, Svaydang   
Bed and breakfast - VillaTany fabulous is a budget Angkor accommodation and is conveniently located in the center of Siem Reap near old market. We are 15 minutes from the fantastic Angkor Wat temple complex and 5 minutes from the famous Old Market, Night Market and Siem Reap
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Hangover Hostel and Barratele de la $6
Siem Reap, #012 Sivutha Street   
Hostel - A deluxe hostel with modern comforts in the heart of Siem Reap's Old Market Area, right next to Pub Street, night markets, spas and massage centers and city sights. The world heritage temples of Angkor are only 15 minutes away by tuktuk.
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Chenla Guest Houseratele de la $7
Siem Reap, National Road No 6 Ta Phul Village Siem Reap Angkor   
Guesthouse - Chenla Guest House offers fantastic rooms designed to suit any budged.
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Advisor Angkor Villaratele de la $7
Siem Reap, Komay Street,phum Trapeang Ses,khum Kok Chok   
Hostel - Easy to find from Siem Reap, on the road to the temples, next to Killing Field museum and 7 minutes to Old market and Pub Street with our free of charge transportation.
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Tropical Breeze Guesthouse
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  4.3   (Citit comentarii)
ratele de la $7
Siem Reap, Wat Damnak   
Guesthouse - 5 minute walk to Old market ,All rooms with fan and Air-con private bathroom cable tv ,hot water ,free breakfast, free bicycle,free internet and Wi-fi, free pick up anytime and free airport transfer.
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Green Town Guesthouseratele de la $7
Siem Reap, Wat Bo Village   
Hostel - This is a clean budget Guesthouse with a very relaxed atmosphere,All international guests welcome, we have a bar& restaurant downstairs with good cheap food Western& Cambodian menu,we are only 8minute walk from the action of Old market & Pub s
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So Chhin Hotelratele de la $8
Siem Reap, #621, Phsar Krom Road, Vihea Chen Village,   
Hotel - The Hotel is well located 5-minute walk from the city center of central Market, Old Market, Angkor Night Market and famous Pub street. And it is 15 minutes drives from Siem Reap International airport and well-known of Angkor.
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Adventure Hostel Siem Reapratele de la $8
Siem Reap, #68, Steung Thmei   
Hostel - Adventure Hostel Siem Reap is located in the central downtown easily access to many tourist spots with walking distance. We offer deluxe hostel beds with the best rate.
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Home Sweet Homeratele de la $12
Siem Reap, Wat Bo Road, Wat Bo Village, Salakoemrek Communce,   
Bed and breakfast - Home Sweet Home it is near the center of the Siem Reap twon
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Bou Savy Guest Houseratele de la $12
Siem Reap, Nº. 261, Group 17, Taphul Village,   
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Angkor World
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  5.0   (Citit 2 comentarii)
ratele de la $12
Siem Reap, Soksan Street Svay Dongkum Communesvay Dongkum District.   
Hotel - 5 minutes walking to Old market,Night market & Pup Street.
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Oral D'angkor Guest Houseratele de la $13
Siem Reap, Tepvong Street, Svaydangkum Commune   
Bed and breakfast - It is located in the center with nearby pub-street, old market, bank ATM.
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Palm Garden Lodge
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  4.7   (Citit 3 comentarii)
ratele de la $15
Siem Reap, Soksan Street, Svay Dongkum, Siem Reap.   
Hotel - 5 minutes walking to Old market, Night market & Pub Street.
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Jasmine Lodgeratele de la $15
Siem Reap, #307,taphul Village,svaydangum Commune,siem Reap District,pr   
Bed and breakfast - Jasminelodge is brand new building with 47 rooms serving with breakfast by local cambodian jasmine family
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Ancient Siem Reap Villaratele de la $15
Siem Reap, Next To Artisan D’angkor   
Hotel - 5 minuets walking to Pub Street, Old market.
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Hotel 89ratele de la $15
Siem Reap, Taphul Street, Phum Taphul, Sangkat Svaydankum,   
Hostel - The Brand New Hotel 89 and one of Cambodia's best budget hotels, is conveniently located in the heart of Siem Reap’s historical, shopping and business district
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Bunnath Guest Houseratele de la $15
Siem Reap, 446, National Roads 6, Taphul Village, Svaydangkum Commune   
Guesthouse - Bun Nath Guest House offers a warm welcome and provides the very best service to all quests. Our staff is friendly, helpful and always do their genuine utmost to make your stay a happy one.
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Avista Hostelratele de la $15
Siem Reap, Street Chales De Guals, In Front Jayavaman Vii Hospital   
Hotel - A boutique Avista Hostel in Siem Reap Cambodia, Conveniently located in Siem reap in the heard of city. we offer competitive rate during this low season
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The Dancing Frog Hostelratele de la $15
Siem Reap, No. 38 Phsar Krom Road   
Hostel - Welcome to “The Dancing Frog” hostel located in Siem Reap town centre close to restaurants, shops and the nightlife.
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Im Malis Angkorratele de la $15
Siem Reap, Taphul Street, Taphul Village, Svaydangkum   
Hotel - Im Malis Hotel is centrally located walking distance from the historical heart of the city.
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Gloria Angkor Hotelratele de la $15
Siem Reap, National Road Nº 6, Choung Kaosou Village   
Hotel - New luxury accommodation for tourists who are looking for a home sweet home at Angkor Wat with the TOP QUALITY of customers service and cares.
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Ta Som Guesthouse and Tour Servicesratele de la $17
Siem Reap, 268, National Road Number 6   
Guesthouse - Welcome in our new, traditional khmer style villa with nice, large balconies and spacious rooms.
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Khmer Cuisine Bed and Breakfastratele de la $18
Siem Reap, River Rd, 100M Northern Of Catholic Church   
Bed and breakfast - Khmer Cuisine Bed & Breakfast is newly refurbished, spotlessly 9 clean room accommodations. It is designed to meet all travelers' needs with careful standard of hygiene. We have established three categories room accommodations offering you the comfort
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Channa's Angkor Homestayratele de la $18
Siem Reap, Angkor Archaeological Park   
Homestay - Come and stay with us in our Angkor home and get to know our Cambodian-Danish family. We are situated inside the Angkor Archaeological Park, halfway between Siem Reap town and Angkor Wat in lush, natural surroundings.
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Lotus Lodge
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  3.9   (Citit 104 comentarii)
ratele de la $19
Siem Reap, Boeng Dounpha Village   
Hotel - This spacious and friendly lodge is situated a short distance from the center of Siem Reap. Away from all the big hotels and busy street life, it offers an oasis of greenery. An excellent place for a relaxing rest after visiting the temples of Angkor Wat
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Angkor Vattanak Pheap Hotelratele de la $19
Siem Reap, National Road No. 6, Banteay Chas Village, Slor Kram Commune   
Hotel - Angkor Vattanakpheap Hotel offers different beautifully decorated guest rooms that have been stylishly furnished with an array of modern amenities and facilities. Each of room accommodation equips with WiFi connection to accommodate both business and leis
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Queen Villa Angkor
Rating-ul utilizatorului:  3.6   (Citit 6 comentarii)
ratele de la $20
Siem Reap, High School Road   
Hotel - Brand new boutique hotel with all comfort in quiet, central location!
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My Friends Villaratele de la $20
Siem Reap, No. 273 Road No. 6   
Hostel - Good location
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Angkor Sor Phoun Villaratele de la $20
Siem Reap, Road No 6,beanteay Chas,slakram, Siem Reap   
Hotel - Closed Spha samaki market,10 minutes to old market, Pub street , shopping center,royal park.
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Parklane Hotelratele de la $20
Siem Reap, Street Tapoul, Tapoul Village, Svay Dangkum Cmmun, Seim Reap   
Hotel - Angkor Parkland Siem Reap is an elegant budget hotel in the heart of downtown Siem Reap! This is a great place to relax after a long exciting day exploring Angkor Temple.
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Avie Moriya Villaratele de la $20
Siem Reap, Street 60, Sangkat Village   
Villa - An oasis tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of down town Siem Reap.
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Rithy Rine Angkor Hotelratele de la $22
Siem Reap, Street 22,#0509, Wat Bo Road   
Bed and breakfast - 59 room hotel include breakfast, free WIFI, 5 minutes walk to downtown (Old Market & Pub Street)
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Phumi Kampong Khsach, Cambodia

Holiday Villaratele de la $20
Phumi Kampong Khsach, Holiday Villa   
Condominium - Вилла на побережье Сиануквиль
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Tuol Tumpung, Cambodia

Hang Neak Hotelratele de la $20
Tuol Tumpung, #140 Street 201 Toul Svayprey Ii, Khan Chamkamon   
Hotel - Comfortable place to stay and Town overview
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