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 Value for Money  2.3
 Rooms  2.0
 Cleanliness  2.0
 Location  2.3
 Security & Safety  2.0
 Service & Staff  2.0
 Food / Dining  1.3
 Total  2.1

"The barclay house is a scam"

User Rating:  1.0
Reviewer:   Frodo R. of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Reviewed:   January 16, 2014  (see hotel reviews from
Traveled:   December 2013     Type:   Youth/Student
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
After looking for a place to stay in new York, the Barclay House, NYC, came up on different website's. Always the cheapest and always free rooms available.

So I made a reservation there for me and my girlfriend for a private room. I made the payment in front and waited two weeks before I ordered the airplane tickets. Everything was in order and no problems so far. Also on all the other sides and IWB they still keep offering rooms, so I thought there would be no problems. I booked my airplane ticket to new York City, got my free days and started to make everything in order for the vacation. This would take place during the Christmas-season.

Then five days before I would fly (the reservation had been made already for four weeks),
I got a e-mail that there was no room available and that I should call for more information. After a call they told me that all the websites where wrong and much to cheap. I could get a room, but for a $50,- extra per person per night. I had no other choice, as I would fly in 4 days, so I agreed to pay the extra money. After that they told me there was no private room, only separate beds, in the public area.
After that they I decided to book a hotel somewhere else, as I don't like this kind of surprise. They told me we had already a deal and would refund the money. As magic they found my reservation. What a scammers!

All thanks go's to IWB. They gave me good response on my questions and complains and refunded the money and cancelled the booking, after reading my complain. Even it wasn't in their terms! Credit for that IWB. Thanks.

Kind Regards


"Summer Holiday"

User Rating:  3.2
Reviewer:   Joel B. of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Reviewed:   September 3, 2013  (see hotel reviews from
Traveled:   August 2013     Type:   Youth/Student
1 2 3 4 5
 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
V. good but had to leave early.

"No way"

User Rating:  2.0
Reviewer:   Marcia P. of New York, United States
Reviewed:   August 29, 2013  (see hotel reviews from
Traveled:   August 2013     Type:   Other
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
I was promised continental breakfast in the website. I arrived there and there was nothing. According to the couple that manages the place, it all resumed to cereal (one type, Cheerios) and milk. At certain stage, the cereal and the milk were over and there was no replacement.
I was promised that the lady would clean the property every day, but nobody ever cleaned it.
One day, someone thrashed away the bathroom, which is really tiny and cannot fit not even an average person in it without problems of space, like there was poo over the little mat and the toilet. Nobody came to clean it, I requested several times, and we all had to find a way of coping until the next day, when finally someone bothered doing something, but not really cleaning all. There was still poo over the towel, for instance, after the lady supposedly 'cleaned' it.
They do have Internet.
I was promised a bedroom with two beds only and exclusively for me by the Internet system. I actually had to share with three other possible people (beds) and two actual people a bedroom that led to another bedroom (no separation door), where two could stay and two stayed there for almost all the time I was there for.
From full privacy, therefore, I went to no privacy at all and every sort of risk.
Someone ate chips over the couch and nobody cleaned it ever whilst I was there too.
There are roaches. They are small, but they are everywhere.
Inside of the premises, there was sign advertising desktop computer and printer for everyone there but the printer was broken and the desktop computer can only be used by the two who managed the place.
There is a sign saying that we should take the shoes off before entering the dirty place. Thanks God nobody charged me on that.
I was desperate after a place to stay and it is pretty hard to find something in Manhattan without booking in advance. I had booked a place in advance, but I decided that I could find something better and that was not the case, when I then cancelled that booking, what then created the problem.
If you call these people before you get there, for instance to ask for directions, because the name of the avenue is not sixth avenue, as advertised, but Alan whatever (the name changed), they will hang up on you, as they have done to me, or they will ask you weird things such as how did you book the place, as a condition to give you any information.
The address on the Internet is wrong.
It is a normal apartment, made for at most two people, that they filled with bunk beds.
There is no lift.
I almost did not find the place and was not let in.
It is quite dangerous to hang around the door with luggage and looking like a tourist.
I was just lucky that a church guy appeared and spoke to them.
If they notice you have an accent, they seem to set you up, like try to leave you there and take the deposit from you.
It is just lucky that I could leave my things inside and it was safe.
There are cameras in the building, outside, in the corridors, and the lady says that they work.
There are no locks, so that all of yours will be exposed to everyone inside.
There is only one room that is fully private, the two bunk room, which should be the one I booked, but they pretty much will do whatever they like with you.
Pray and you can perhaps leave without much loss.
I loss one day of rental because they do not refund you if you leave the place earlier.
They do not take credit cards, has to be check.
It is a drama.
You might be desperate and then you might think you got saved for simply having a place in Manhattan, who knows?

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