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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
 Cozumel, Mexico
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Top Reviews in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica:

Copacabana Hotel and Suites Read 1 full review for Copacabana Hotel and Suites

Del Banco 250 M. Sur Y 100 M. Oeste
I stayed with a couple of friends at the Copacabana, The location is perfect ritght on the beach, th ...
I booked a stay at Copacabana Hotel and Suites through their Reveto reservation system. I had the un ...

Top Reviews in Cozumel, Mexico:

Hostelito Read all 2 full reviews for Hostelito

#42 10Th Avenue
After reading previous reviews about Hostelito, I thought it would be quite bad.   However, it tur ...
Good place, nice and clean ...

Amigos Hostel Cozumel Read all 9 full reviews for Amigos Hostel Cozumel

Calle 7 Sur # 571 X Ave 25 & 30
Rules, rules, rules. Obey the rules!  This family house transformed into a hostel is not too bad.  ...
A beautiful hostel in a great location. Very affordable and worth every penny. They take great care  ...
Amigos is a great hostel. It was nice to stay out of the main tourist district and have the opportun ...

Villa Escondida Bed and Breakfast Read all 2 full reviews for Villa Escondida Bed and Breakfast

All Four Rooms Have View Of The Pool And Gardens
Bed and breakfast
We stayed in the apartment (not the bed & breakfast) for a month in Feb/March of 2020. This is o ...
This is a hidden little gem. It is right downtown, well within walking distance from the ferry. Th ...

Villas El Encanto Read 1 full review for Villas El Encanto

Calle 21 Sur No. 44 Between Av. Rafael E. Melgar
The grounds were beautiful and our room was kept clean. We had a shared kitchen, which worked out ve ...

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