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Hotel Casa del Parque
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

fine, but can probably do better ... There are many hotels in Antigua, and I believe that there are nicer ones for this price, and ones of similar quality for a lower price.

otel rezervasyonları içinde Odesa

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Hotel California
Odesa, Ukraine

Hotel California...

tatil rezervasyonları içinde Pondicherry

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Le Apex
Pondicherry, India

Lé Apex located in Auroville township boasts true luxury, elegance and class with a magical flavour of relaxing environs and superb hospitality...

otel rezervasyonları içinde Rio de Janeiro

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El Misti Hostels Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Facing Siqueira Subway Station, in Rio de Janeiro, this hostel offers breakfast, free shuttle service and air-conditioned dormitories. The tour desk a...

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