Cape Town


A rare cultural melting pot, the unique civilization is a product of Indonesian, French, Dutch, British and German settlers, with a touch of the local Bushman, Hottentot and Bantu tribes mixed in. This dis­tinct background shapes every aspect of the Cape Town-from its dining scene to the trendy nightlife, immersing the city in a culturally chic atmosphere. When you dine in Cape Town, you’ll find endless choic­es-from French to African to Middle Eastern fare. A night on the town will complete the Cape Town experi­ence. Famed for its nightlife, the city boasts a diverse array of nightclubs. Swing over to Mink Cocktail Lounge, where the Dl is always spinning and the atmos­phere is always vibrant. From the delicious cocktails to the throngs of funky partiers, Mink is sure to please even the most discriminating of club goers. If you crave -something a little more cultural, head to Po Na Na Souk Bar. Hidden in a Mediterranean-style courtyard in the middle of Heritage Square, this lounge mixes Arabian elements with all that is Cape Town for a truly unique experience. Sink into a silky pillow and sip a signature Marrakech Sling. A mix of lounge music and creative world music sets the tune for this North African oasis.

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African safaris tourist destinations featuring wildlife safaris, walking safaris, mountain climbing and beach holidays.

The safari experience – Tanzania’s national parks

Tanzania’s national parks and conservation areas offer visitors the chance to see the most spectacular array of animals on planet-elephants, zebra, giraffe, rhino, lion, and much more. Each National park offers a different safari experience, from the types of animals and landscapes that can be seen, to the way you see them. Certain parks allow walking or boat safaris, others have horse or camel back game drives and some allow night game drives. Even hot air balloon safaris, paragliding and micro lighting are possible.

Tanzania is a land of Mountains also, there are many mountains worth trekking, hiking and climbing as part of adventure, wildlife watching, sport, environment conservation, snow, and what have you.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and biggest free Standing Mountain the world. Mount Kilimanjaro is the easiest mountain to climb among other highest mountains in the globe. Any normal physical person can climb to the Summit.

Kilimanjaro trekking to the summit is through one of 6 routes, these routes are Machame, ROngai,Umbwe,Machame,Shira and Lemosho. Trekking time differs between routes – Machame,Rongai, Umbwe, Machame takes 6 routes to the summit while Shira and Lemosho takes 7 to 8 days. Aclimatization day is also included within those days.

Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania, and usually taken as first challenge before attempting to climb Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru trekking takes 3 or 4 days to the top and down.

Other Mountains are Oldonyo Lengai which is only active volcano in East African Region. Trekking is allowed if there is little eruption.

Mountain usambara welcomes walking safaris, trekking and bird watching activities. Visiting Tanzania is affordable and any body can manage. In this world economic crisis everybody is keen on budgeting.

Prices for Tanzania wildlife safaris or Kilimanjaro climbing trip varies according to various factors. Travel cost depends on accommodation type you choose- lodge, budget camping safari or luxury mobile camps. Number of people traveling also affects price. If two or more people traveling share some costs like 4WD safari jeep, Crater fees and reduce accommodation cost. If traveling alone, all costs is for one person.

Be Careful with Cheapest travel package offers, lowest price offers tours are vulnerable and less care. Some times car breakdown can occur in middle of the trip and waste more than 5 hours before another car is replaced. When this happens, then you lost your fun and dream distorted.

Accommodation can be poor especially if using tents, and enough food will not be provided or poor food. Guides might not be paid properly and hence loose job passion.

Just look at moderate priced packages and just compare prices between operators. Then ask questions about where you will sleep food and type of car.

How ever there is another general phenomenon, it depends whether a Tourist/Traveler will book with destination country Local Tour Operator or his own country travel agent. Please read below facts on how to get reasonable price according to real cost of the tourist destination services.

Booking your holiday direct with a local company based in the country you are visiting has several advantages:

Expertise: The people who organize your trip live in the country you are visiting. They don’t visit once a year with a clip board or research it on the internet. They read the local papers, watch the local TV, talk to their friends and colleagues around the country and know what is going on. If you have a special interest, they can advise on what’s best to see, when its best to see it and the best way to get to it.

Save money: By booking direct with local Tour Operator you are cutting out the middlemen, and therefore save money. Most tour operators/Travel Agent in your own country will use local operators to provide them with the “Ground handling arrangements” of the tours they offer. If you book your holiday through a Travel Agent by booking direct you can cut out the commissions of both the Travel Agent and the Tour Operator for exactly the same holiday. It’s the same as booking a villa direct with owner – they will know the property best and will charge less for it!

-Support the local countries and communities: Your money goes straight into the local economy by using locally based companies. If you book through a specialist operator based in one town or region, your money will all go here and not have chunks of it siphoned off in your own country to cover office and marketing costs.

-Freedom to go anywhere, anytime, anyplace: When booking with a local company you can request whatever you like, stopping at places that interest you for as long as you like. There is no set itinerary you must stick to because of travelling in a big group so when you arrange your trip you can plan to see whatever interests you.

DEF: Local Tour Operator/Agencies are Tour Operator in the country you are visiting- destination country.

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