Mussoorie, India

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“The Log House” a promised luxurious home designed on British decor theme which provides a comfortable and luxury stay you always have dreamt of, combined with the freelance to any activities which you can experience like, barbecue night.

The Log House, khách sạn giá rẻ 1 ảnh


INR 1,800.00 người mỗi đêm

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We have property located right on Jhula Ghar, Mall Road, Mussoorie, the first on the road with 30 bunk beds ideal for backpackers, students, trekkers, adventurous families and like. The rooms have been categorized by the number of beds, for example, we ha

Bunkotel 6 ảnh


INR 2,500.00 phòng mỗi đêm

Khách sạn

Nirvana Lodge & Lounge (A Boutique Hotel), Mussoorie


INR 6,000.00 phòng mỗi đêm

Phương sách

Karma Vilas Resort, Mussoorie is rated amongst the best heritage resorts in Uttarakhand India.

Karma Vilas Resort 8 ảnh


$95.00 phòng mỗi đêm

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A traditional himalayan homestay


$110.00 phòng mỗi đêm

Khách sạn

A Beautiful Hill Resort in the former British town of Mussoorie overlooking Dheradun. Vey Close to Delhi , Chandigarh